6641 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(513) 874-4756

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SheilaShesBeautiful Irvin

This place is great. I go early in the morning around 6 - 6:30 a.m. Andi am always greeted with a warm welcome. After placing my order, I receive it promptly and with an amazing smile from the staff, along with a beautiful fair well wave and asked to come back soon. The staff is my best experience outside of the food being well prepared and tasty. Great job staff, you are well deserving of this review. I don't think 5 Stars is enough stars for this crew if amazing and beautiful people. Love ❤️

Shaunda Barnett

I came in on a Monday May 9th to order my son's custom made cake for his Birthday! Welll I was told that the employee couldn't help me that her manager had to help. Well he wasn't in. She told me to come back Tuesday around 12p.m. So I did and the manager was there. He told me I couldn't order a custom made cake that takes Longer to make. No one told me it takes a week to make a custom made cake! So I said okay what do you have? He show me some cake and than show me a pizza pie cake with Oreos on it. Never did he say you can't change the color or anything. He never said thats how it comes. I asked if he could make the cover blue? And Write Happy 8th Birthday Charles! You see you can't even make out what it says. My husband picked it like this. If it was me I wouldn't take it. I paid for it 2 days before because they said wouldn't make it if I didn't. So I called to complain, no answer ?! So I called corporate. Well they said that it's up to Manger how they handle it. Well the owner calls me today and doesn't handle to well. He says he will give me 5 dollers off. Like what! I said thats not right. Btw this isn't the 1st time this happened to me. I let that it go the 1st time but this is not good at all. And since the owner didn't handle it well I won't order another one. It looks like a per school done it! I am really upset and rate this a 1 star ?.

Yero Ndiaye

This location full of unprofessional workers I came ask for hot water only on the cup she told me it wasn’t free I said I never said for free she started arguing me disrespectfully like I did something wrong by ordering only hot water because I have my own tea in my car I don’t suggest no one to go there the manager more unprofessional shame

Courtney Caldwell

I would give zero stars if I could! When we visited this location we placed an on the go order that was paid through the app. We went through the drive thru several times with no answer. We could see the employees sitting in the booths in the store. We went in and they told us they were on break and wouldn’t be fulfilling any orders. On the go ordering was still active, no sign indicating they were closed. One employee suggested to another customer they come back tomorrow and told us to contact Dunkin for a refund. Employees were unprofessional at best, but even worse so was customer service. I have contacted them a number of times with no resolve. Don’t place an order here and risk them stealing your money!

chris wilzon

I'm only giving a 2 star would be been a one star due to the older guy that works there (maybe manager?) is the nicest friendliest person there and does everything since this store isn't capable of hiring employees. I'm here everyday and it's a 10-20 minute wait... Seriously... Owners get some employees for this man... 20 minute wait through a drive thru... Efficiency, and more employees...

Kammie Gross

Drove 20 minutes because this is a better dunkin than Hamilton. Got up to the window where the person said he wouldn't help me because he was on his lunch break? Very disappointing. One drink? Nope.

sienna taylor

I’m not one to make complaints, but every time i come here it takes them forever to get to me in the drive thru even when it’s not busy. this time, i sat in the drive thru for 5 min before i finally drove up to see what was going on, and a teenager was hiding and pacing around instead of getting to me and a girl behind me. this location would be great if some of their workers actually did their jobs. however, there is a woman and a man who work here who are wonderful but the the teenager doesn’t do his job. he told me once that the toaster was broken and he couldn’t do bagels. hope management addresses this.

Rabena Spade

This location is always understaffed... and they usually mess up my order but I try to be understanding because they are always busy and not enough workers


I was entertained by the manager yelling at his employee, and received the wrong coffee ??‍♀️

Diane Thomas

Ordered through GrubHub and they didn't give the driver my 6-pack of donuts, they put my sandwich on the wrong bread, and my large drink was missing am entire inch of latte plus there was no straw. Worst experience ever from a Dunkin'!

James Connor

Maybe the slowest, least capable Dunkin Donuts in the country. High employee turnover. Poor equipment maintenance, resulting in lowered service levels. Uninvolved ownership creates an atmosphere of not caring. Shortages of inventory. Go down the street to anther DD if you can

Nick H

This location has been declining is service for quite some time now.They hardly ever open on time, service is below even a 1 star rating.If you can’t open at 5 am, then change the hours or find employees who can make it to work on time.

Mriganka T

Standard Dunkin fare. I took a coffee thru drive-thru. This day it looked like the store was short-staffed, and so the ordering to getting the coffee took about 10 minutes. No complaints though.

Renee Dean

I come through Dunkin’ Donuts literally twice a day one time before work one time after work Christian and Ari are so awesome they make the best drinks best customer service and there is also Jaden who works in the afternoon who is great as well but I have been getting really great service ari and Christian Thank you guys for wonderful service

Amanda Ledford

Dunkin iced coffee is our go to for coffee its the best. Its hit or miss like any other restaurant who goes thru employees constantly. Drinks should always taste the same no matter who makes them but unfortunately thats untrue with all of the dunkin donuts ive visited from ohio to south florida.

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