Skyline Chili

7105 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(513) 874-6166

Recent Reviews

Ian Alberts

I always try skyline when I visit, and i will never understand the allure of cinci style chili, the buns are unique, frank is tiny, the chili topper is just eh....i guess im spoiled on the detroit style coney (the true coney!!!)Food: 1/5

Lisa Soard

Love love them it is the only restaurant you can go thru the drive thru and your order is correct every single timeFood: 5/5

Epps 4life

Ordered 8 black beans coneys with cheese & onions on the side (4 w/habanero cheese). Upon leaving I asked how to tell the cheeses apart? Kalyn stated "oh, here you go." She had forgotten the cheese. Got home(15 minutes away)found that she forgot the onions. Called the location- katlyn suggested I drive back. I explained thar was not practical. I asked for a credit she declined. So, I should be inconvenienced for her oversight? I asked to have the GM call me - she stated that I would have to call him. I went out of my way because this location usually gives wonderful service

Fatcatcreeper _.

This is the yummiest place I ever eaten I recommend to try this to your family is the best the restaurant I ever eaten

Jesse Sawyer

Love the chili of course. So happy to see the veggie beans option. Maybe make same flavor though as the traditional chili. Service at this location so friendly.Food: 4/5


Great place to stop and have lunch. Visited for the first time everyone was friendly, the service was great, and my lunch was perfect.Food: 5/5

Greg H.

After years of hearing friends from Cinci pine over Skyline Chili, I finally had a chance to try it. To succinct, I was underwhelmed. The cheese fries were soggy with a cap of partly melted shredded cheese, gross. The 3-way chili tasted good but the portion was tiny and the chili was sparse in the spaghetti (odd combination). This place is a one and done.

Jennie Gail 81

This is the BEST skyline in the area. Always clean, fast and the waitresses and staff are awesome ?

Craig A. Reynolds

Skyline is always a good choice this restaurant was also! Very prompt efficient service at the drive thru window. I asked for hot sauce and it along with everything else I needed was already in the bag.

Amy Kish

Visiting for the day, had to see what all the fuss was about! It is definitely unique, I thought the spaghetti was okay but the cheese coney was delicious and the service was great!

Cam D

The chili was very good. Definitely tasted different than any I’ve had before but it was delicious!

Mike B

We love Cincinnati chili so we wanted to try some "authentic" CC while in town. When searching for it, Skyline Chilis showed up everywhere. I was surprised how many in town there are. After trying it, we now understand why it's so popular. We got a 4-way with onions and 2 hot dogs, both were great! Being more of a fast food place, we were expecting it to be overly salty, but it wasn't. They give you a ton of cheese on the side as well. Service was fantastic and prices made it a great value. Definitely a must-stop for anyone visiting Cincinnati.

Heather Reich

I was so excited to try Cincinnati chili but I was only passing threw so I got some to go. I guess it's my fault for not checking my order bit they forget half of it.... what am I gonna do now that I'm 3 hours away. And I guess it my fault for not checking

Bryanna Marcum

Our waitress was great and on the ball! Wonderful experience

Maggie D.

Stopped here for a quick bite to eat as a late lunch/early dinner. My waitress was a lovely woman who checked in multiple times and brought my food out within two minutes (I was also one of the only customers inside). I did take away one star because a lady walked in just to use the bathroom and when she came out she said she slipped and fell. There was a wet floor sign, but the floors by the bathroom were definitely bad. They asked multiple times if she was okay and genuinely cared, even after she left. The rest of the restaurant was clean but there were enough employees on their phone to do something about the large spill.

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