Gambier Deli

110 Gaskin Ave, Gambier
(740) 233-3031

Recent Reviews

Kristy Ruhl

Great deli with an amazing selection. The food was delicious and the owner and staff were friendly and wonderful. Highly recommend!

Gem S

The Everything Bagel egg sandwich is very tasty! The Denver omlette made w/egg whites and toast is very good. We also got a side of bacon that was cooked well. This was our first time here, but we will be a repeat customer.

Amy McCloskey

Part nostalgia, part good food prepared well with love. Can say nothing bad about this place.

Sidney L.

Food is a 10/10. The lady in charge and usually at the front counter... more like a 0/10. She has been unnecessarily rude on MULTIPLE occasions now and my business has finally been lost. Basic questions are answered with rude, passive aggressive, and snarky comments. Today, I went in to the shop at 2:04pm. The sign on the front door says 8am-3pm, as well as their website and Facebook page. The older woman who is always rude and never accommodating, yelled multiple times in front of other customers who were still eating in the deli "we're closed, we're closed, we're closed." This is the 5th negative encounter I have had with this woman and I will not be returning. Rude and terrible customer service.

Kyle Beatty

Great staff and good veggie options.

Carol Bucher

Food came out quickly and was delicious! We had the #25, #74, potato salad and fruit salad. Good luck to the #KenyonCollege ladies' lacrosse team who were lunching the same time we were!

Aaron Zaremsky

Best deli ever. Food is just amazing. Friendly and responsive service, comfortable atmosphere and, well, delicious food!Many fond memories of sandwiches and breakfasts here over the years.Highly recommended.


We had sandwiches and chips. All very tasty. Will return when we are in the area. My only wish was for more dessert choices.

Susan Thompson

Our sandwiches were delicious! Outdoor seating on a beautiful fall day.

Dale Perram

Average food served cafeteria style

Colin Gardner

Cobb salad was incredible, really great deli options.


Excellent sandwiches. Had outside seating and inside seating.


The breakfast items, sandwiches and bagels here are great. Convenient location, friendly service and outdoor seating were a big plus too.

Danielle George

So, we ordered 2 meals right?. It came with 1 fork and 1 sauce. Like why? Little common sense. Also my burger was burned. Last time we ordered there was hair in my coleslaw.

Elizabeth Bevan

Service was terrible

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