Flyers Pizza Hilliard

5466 Roberts Rd, Hilliard
(614) 529-0123

Recent Reviews

Chris Tackett

Chicken garlic pizza was good. Service was good also.Food: 5/5

Jim Brown

Pizza was great! Got the bomber. They are a little pricey, but still a good pizza spot!Food: 5/5

It is Me

Their pizza may be my favorite in the area, but everytime I order, my card is charged a few times. Last time it took more than 7 days for my money to be returned. Asked a GM why they don't change the payment method if this happens so often to many. I didn't get a valid response.

Nichole Reese

The pizza is always delicious and the staff are always friendly! My dogs especially love to ride with me to pick up because they always get a treat.

John Thompson

Excellent food and service. Good variety of coupons that helps with the price but I wish they'd have more that were just pizza and sub related. My go-to for convivence and price in the area!


Decent pizza and good selection of appetizers. Califlower dough is one of the best tasting and you can tell its califlower.


Dang it!!!! I'm upset, that we don't have a pizza place this good in Texas! This company should definitely come out to dallas or Houston. They would kill the competition.

BlkMale 7

Meat on monster sub not cooked thoroughly. Very pink on inside. I threw it away and took the loss. Won't be returning

Christina Turner (ChrissyPoo516)

Horrible customer service!This location gave my order away to another customer, said that they could fix another pizza in 10 minutes, and then wanted to rectify the situation by giving me a free coupon for the next time I come in. Who does that!? I asked the manager why a free coupon for the next order and what can be done to take care of the matter today, and he said, verbatim, "baby, how else can I guarantee you will come back to visit us!?" Seriously!?!? I told him that a discount or taking the pizza off the order would only suffice; which they did oblige based on the receipt. I will never ever support Flyers pizza again based on that experience. That is not good customer service to fix a problem by giving a coupon away for a future visit; Flyers should've immediately offered to take the pizza off for THEIR error and the fact that I had to wait with three hungry kids SMH.

Greg Sheriff

Best pizza place hands down for the past 25 years. Stopped eating gluten about 4 months ago. Being able to have Flyers pizza still is amazing and the gluten-free and cauliflower crusts are both off the charts.

Carrie Mikesell

Quality has definitely gone downhill. We order about once a month and 50% of the time the toppings are skimpy and sparse. When you can see only the sauce all the way around edge and no cheese and the pizza is lightweight (even wirh 4 toppings), you know you have been cheated. Not sure if they are trying to save money or just have kids working that don't pay attention to what they are doing, but either way I think I'm done ordering from Flyers. It tastes great when it's made right, but their quality is extremely inconsistent.

Robert Parkey

Lived in Hilliard for 23 years and to this day, have gotten amazing quality pizza every single time

Steve Wohlwend

Flyers is one of my favorite pizza places, and I eat a fair amount of pizza. They are generous with the cheese and have a thick, delicious crust. Their pizza is very filling - don't let the seemingly high prices mislead you, you're getting a lot of pizza per square inch.

Beve Neil

Love their Hawaiian pizza, and. Cauliflower crust with chicken and white sauce with veggies

Nicole Justice

Pizza was delivered promptly, and everything was hot and tasted great! The girl who delivered our order was super friendly and sweet, exactly what we need in the industry. Thanks for the great service all around!

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