Habaneros Fresh Mexican Grill

3650 Main St, Hilliard
(614) 850-7255

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Pam M

The food was great, but we had to return to the counter twice to get everything we ordered. I asked for an ingredient to be put on the side and the woman on the register kept thinking I didn't want it. Another in our party had to go back to get the chips and queso dip that he ordered but didn't get.


I ordered this food through door dash, I live less than one mile and door dash picked the food up immediately and was here in less than 15 minutes. This is absolutly not door dashes fault. The food quality was terrible. The queso they sent me was not what we paid for, or it is and its a complete rip off, the picture attached is what we paid 7$ for, a 6oz cup, the burrito was cold, It seams as if they took the food from the fridge and made it, so much so that the black beans are clumped together as if they were served COLD, then the taco we ordered came with none of the toppings, they put a lime wedge IN the taco with a hand full of cilantro. I can't believe anyone would send an order out like this. This was our first time ordering from here and it will be the last. I am extremely disappointed in this food and the quality, would not recommend at all, just horrible..To follow up I tried to call and speak with the manager, they even took my number and no one called, I called the next day and was told they would have to call me back and no one ever did.

Nicholas Jervey

This was the worst service I've had in a decade. My party of four arrived at 6:00 on Sunday night. We placed our order, paid, and sat down. They gave me the queso instead of bean dip, but whatever, mistakes happen.Ten minutes in, they brought over one of our three entrees.Twenty-five minutes in, I walked over to the register to ask if there's a problem with the order; six other people were standing around with their order numbers in hand asking the same thing. The person at the counter ignored most of us and mumbled to one person that they had a lot of orders and were working on it. Even if true, there were at least five people visible in the kitchen, not all of whom were working, and they were ignoring in-store orders to complete online delivery orders they received later.Thirty minutes in, they brought the second entree to our table. Forty-five minutes in, I walked back up to the counter to ask where my entree was; they never made it. Fifty-five minutes in, they delivered the barbacoa torta (pictured below). It was all right, 6.5/10.I have never had worse service at a sit down restaurant, ever. Everyone who worked at Habaneros on August 21st, 2022 should be embarrassed. It blows my mind that they have such good reviews.

the man segovia

Let me start by saying my cashier Johnny was very quick and friendly. The food at Habaneros is always fresh, hot and scrumptious. The portioning is great and makes it a good bang for the buck. Keep up the great work and their will be many locations before you know it! Thank you!

Kristina Ziegelmeyer

Habaneros is an amazing family ran bar/restaurant. They have amazing service and the food is delicious. I first heard about this restaurant in Hilliard and ventured to grand view to check out their newer location. Their drinks are on par and you can never go wrong with their tacos. If you are in the area it is a must to try!

Melissa Himes

We catered Habeneros for my son’s graduation party yesterday. Everything was amazing! The portions were large and we have plenty leftover! We’ll definitely be ordering again for our next event!

Nikhil Chaudhari

Good place to have Taco Tuesday. I had shrimp ? and chicken tacos. Those were $4 and $3 each. On Tuesdays the Pastor tacos are $1 each. My friend had a margarita which was really strong in his opinion. I just had water here. I paid $29 in total for 10 pastor, 3 Chicken and 2 shrimp tacos. I would definitely like to go again here.

Christopher C.

Not very fast at making food and take out if lowest priority and most of the time I have to wait and wait. As you can tell, I hate waiting on restaurants. What's the point of ordering ahead when it's just as fast to order in person?

Sara H.

It's good, when they get it right. Their online ordering system is awful. We've ordered twice and it hasn't been ready each time and the second time they couldn't even find our order. They also don't pay attention to instructions on their online orders. And they pile enough sour cream on their bowls, it's the only thing you can taste. It's too bad.

Mary Ann Bickerstaff

Ordered by phone and only received half my order. Called the restaurant and was placed on hold for over 30 minutes.The phone wasn’t hung up it was placed on the counter so I was able to hear all the conversations in the restaurant for over 30 minutes. Manager finally came on and apologized but my kids were wondering where their food was. This is not the first time this has happened with this restaurant. They might have decent food but their service is deplorable. Will never order anything from this restaurant again. I know that management doesn’t care,I’m just a customer who wasn’t happy with their experience,but this place SUCKS

Eric Shalosky

Habaneros is a hidden gem of Mexican restaurants. I often go on Tuesdays for their deals, $1 al pastor tacos is such a great deal and the house margaritas are very good. They don't cheap on the booze either, you will leave with a nice buzz from one margarita. We have not had a single taco that we don't love, the Al pastor tacos are my number one taco in central Ohio.

Eugene E Fields

It Was Great Fast Service and Friendly

Kasandra S.

Their torta's were so good we gave them a 5/5 highly recommend the steak one, as we finished it in one sitting.

Chris W.

Better Chipotle. Tastes better, actually help customers in the establishment not just door dashers. Food tastes amazing. Seems like an unknown gem.

Mincie C.

We sat at the bar for margaritas on the rocks with salt. Lunch was amazing, we had delicious pork tamales!! (However only sold on the weekend.). street tacos; a combination of shrimp, fish, and chicken. Great food and service.

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Habaneros Fresh Mexican Grill

3650 Main St, Hilliard, OH 43026
(614) 850-7255