Gionino's Pizzeria

17606 Mahoning Ave, Lake Milton
(330) 654-5561

Recent Reviews

Nancy Miller

I've only had the chicken. It's very good. I could not give a 5 Starr since I don't know other menu items. Their chicken is good.

Kelly Hawksley

Do yourself a favor and go to Stone Age Pizza. Gionino's is overpriced and they can't count. They charge $17.95 for 12 wings and only give you 9. Use the excuse that there is a new cook. I guess they don't know how to count. The food also arrived ice cold.

Jamie Pohl

Amazing food. Long delivery times but it is a small town so everyone orders from them.

Cheryl Gladhill

There pizza is the best. And theyReally got me at how great there wings are. I prefer regular wings but theyHave awesome boneless wings.

Bob Frapples

wasn’t this the GREEN SUBMARINE? anyway I got a medium pie the other day done right like it should be little heavy on the red sauce but keep ‘em comin anyway I swear to Christ this place was called the green sub sandwich back in the day used to get a foot long turkey and ham and call it a day

charles gardner

Stopped in last night before fishing and grabbed a small pizza. It hit the spot. The staff was very helpful with info for the area and made it easy to find what I was looking for. Looking forward to stopping in again when I am in the area.

Jessamyn Moon

Hawaiin pizza had 1 small piece of ham on each slice. The pizza was disgusting. The cheese was rubbery and the only thing with flavor was the pineapple!! We couldn't even eat more than 1 piece it was so gross.

Linda Williams

always good service and good on delivery times. Orders are always correct and food is delicious. I think, though, that it is time for some side items, etc. the menu is starting to get stale. Time to reinvent a little. Also, wish you would go back to coke instead of pepsi, and would love fountain pop instead of plastic bottles. thank you

Matt R.

First, I want to provide a little background. My wife and I traveled to lake Milton to hit the beach, but unfortunately it started raining as soon as we got in town. We also had our newborn with us so the beach was out. We figured we might as well get some food. After some deliberation we fell on Gionino's. This place was without a doubt worth the 30 minute drive. Being from around the Youngstown area it becomes tough to find pizza to get excited about. We've all had great pizza and we've all had a lot of it. That being said, I plan on telling people about Gionino's Pizza. The sauce was great. The perfect amount of sweet and the perfect ratio of sauce to cheese to dough. Meshed very well. We got sausage on the pizza too, which was a great accompaniment. Would travel to Gionino's a second time for the Pizza alone. But we did not get the pizza alone. We also hit some wings. Spicy garlic parm wings to be exact. They also did not disappoint. They also made the trip worth it. Very flavorful wings. Also up there with Youngstown's finest, and that's no small feat. Very impressed with this place. Would definitely recommend and would love to try it again Matt R

candice zuponcic

We have used Lake Milton Gionino’s for a long time, before the fire I would always order a Buffalo chicken salad, no tomatoes and no banana peppers. I would ask them to add spinach to the salad, it was never an issue. Now that they have reopened I’ve ordered the same thing twice now and was told both times they couldn’t do that…. Ok, no problem… can you make it a side I will pay for it and add it myself…… ok no problem! Tonight I ordered my same salad with spinach on the side and was told they will not do it anymore! We have put up with a lot from them! We try to support the local business. We have called at 8:00 pm and have been told numerous times that they will only make certain things because they were closing.? But they are supposed to be open till 9? We’ve dealt with that not saying anything.. the last salad I got they made awesome but took an hour and a half to be delivered. For 1 salad. We are done using you guys! Hopefully your service will be like it use to be in the future! Again paying extra was never a problem!


4/20/22 After being closed for what seemed like months due to Covid quarantine/lockdown then for store remodeling I thought "Let's give them another try". So today I order a medium Briar Hill, add sausage and EXTRA parmesan cheese, thin crust and well done that cost $16 and a small pepperoni pizza. The total bill was $24.31. I picked it up in store and checked the pizza prior to leaving and there was NO parmesan cheese at all on the Briar Hill. I asked where was the cheese, they all are like "good question" and take the pizza that's been sitting on a wire rack next to the register that has NO HEAT source and add the cheese. I look at the pizza and said wait you arent going to heat it up a little and where is the extra cheese, that you charged a $1.70 extra for?? Their reply was "that is the extra cheese and we add it after its cooked" and I said but you add it when the pizza is HOT and its stone COLD. I told the girls that I've ordered this before and you couldn't barely see the red sauce for how much grated cheese and toppings were on it. This time there is so little red sauce you can see the crust through the toppings and I ask in amazement, "This is extra cheese?". I love how the young girls working look at me like I'm an unreasonable customer and her solution was to give a couple of packets of parmesan. Look at the pictures, those paint the pizza's picture better than I can. Here I am adding more parmesan and heating it up since its cold. I try the first piece and there is so little sauce it's like eating cardboard and the peppers have no flavor. Seriously I would of gotten a better slice of pizza at my local gas station. So entire pizza just went in the trash. Last time I had an issue I emailed the corporate email from their website and never even received a reply. After multiple times of having problems, they offer a 10% discount so I asked for one of the owners to call me, never got a return call. If you are going to order from here better check the order and pray it's right because if you do complain or have a problem you're treated like you're being unreasonable or they will offer a discount of 10% or just tell you you are wrong. Think this review will warrant a phone call this time? I doubt it!! Last time and I mean it last time I order from here.

Adam Gutierrez

I have nothing but nice things to say about this place first time I've been here and man they have the BEST garlic bread I've ever had in my life the chicken was good and so were the jo jo fries also the pizza and sub was delicious definitely give this place a visit I'll be coming back for sure!!

Khristy Garvin

We were ordering from Edinburg and the last 4 times we ordered, the food was late and cold, it was a wrong order, the wrong price was charged. The shop they'd fix it, but, we were just so disappointed that we've not ordered again. But Lake Milton's Pizzeria was just right.

Marie O.

Gionino's Pizza is delicious.... Great crust, crispy outside and soft on inside! Shout out to Johanna, employee who was very hospitable and helpful, making my pizza to order, toppings to the edge! #SatisfiedCustomer

Dianne Buehner

Pizza was just nearly warm not what I expected. It was suppose to be a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese very little pepperoni and Definatly not extra cheese.

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