Upper Crust Pizza & Chicken

15320 Detroit Ave, Lakewood
(216) 226-8888

Recent Reviews

Chasity Langdon

Best deep dish pizza hands down! Friendly staff and the food is always so good! Highly recommend!

Ervis Toska

The food taste good I really like it I’ve been eating here from the first day they open from Bo Go pizza ? to Uper Crust But this location Was really good 6-7 months ago now they messed up my order almost every time they need a better communication in the kitchen

John Werling

First time customer and they're already 20 minutes over the 45 minutes they needed to make a 4 PC fried chicken and 4 tenders...I mean wow!!!!

Steven McCarthy

If you live in Lakewood, you have a lot of options for pizza. Good, bad.... but then again, is pizza ever *really* bad? Regardless, I had found a deal on Facebook and added one extra item. Total came with one medium pizza, boneless wings, fries, and breadsticks for less than $30. Having had Upper Crust before, I only ordered the deal because we needed dinner and hadn't eaten there in a while.I could go on about the incredible size of the boneless wings, the thicc slices of the *medium* pizza, perfectly cut fries, or nicely twisted breadsticks, but... I won't. I'll just say I have not been satisfied truly with some of my recent pizza orders from other locations in the area, both chain and "mom and pop." However, I'm sitting here, and between my wife and I we have lunch for work on Monday.And it's Saturday.Good.


The best pizza I've had in long time.. chicken was incredible....if you like good food order..... plus the girl on phone was fantastic..good customer service

Marty K.

Hands down the best Detroit-style pizza shop in Cleveland. They really nail the style. I see people complaining in the other reviews about the price but i truly believe the quality of ingredients warrant the price for these pies. Never have had a bad pizza from Upper Crust

Sheena W.

I've been looking for a new fried chicken spot around town and decided to give Upper Crust a try after seeing a really tasting looking photo posted on Yelp. It was easy to order online and they do have several meal deals available which is great if you're trying to feed a family or group of friends. I easily found street parking, but I do think they have a lot behind their store. I did have to wait about 15 extra minutes before my order was ready, but I was not in a hurry and staff was very pleasant. It being my first time there they were helpful and patient while discussing the menu. I went with the four piece mixed fried chicken dinner that includes jojo's with it for $9.50. I also got their four slice deep crunch style pizza, I think it was a version of margartia for $12. The thick crust reminded me of Jets Pizza which I really enjoy so I was excited to give it a try as well. As for taste though, this is where I settle on an A-Ok three star review. While the chicken was juicy I thought the breading was too salty. I tried two of the housemade sauces, creamy garlic and upper crust sauce, and I didn't care for either of those. I did like the marinara sauce, and thought the thick pizza would be good to dip with, but it was actually already super saucy and a bit messy to eat. Some people might be thrilled with the crispy cheese crust, but it was something I could go without. All in all not bad, but not sure I would try them again. They do have lots of people who love their food, and I hear their chicken fingers are great, so I do recommend everyone check them out on their own and form their own opinion.

Liz Spais

Upper Crust in Lakewood is amazing!!! We have never been disappointed, their broasted chicken is AMAZING, great wings, mad greek pizza is our favorite. The staff is ALWAYS friendly. Molly is ALWAYS friendly on the phone. Love this place.

Allison S.

Wow. I'm kicking myself for not trying it sooner!!! I was craving some fried chicken which led me to Upper Crust.. I got a pizza too.. both are fantastic. The food was ready when I arrived a bit early, and the service was fast and pleasant. Everything tastes fresh and hot. Most of all I'm impressed that it was so affordable! GOOD JOB UPPER CRUST!

anna miller

My family and I love Upper Crust’s food!! Chicken Tuesday’s are our favorite!! By far the best food that we’ve had!! Absolutely love!!

Carl C.

First and only pizza I have ever had that had zero flavor. Got the chicken, bacon, ranch. Lots of dry chicken and chewy bacon with little ranch. Tried extra ranch to make it easier to swallow but even that didn't help. I would not recommend.

Lori Lyons Kennedy

Great staff, food is always hot and tasty. Nice specials!

Spencer Reynolds

1 hour 45 minutes from order and still no delivery? Have tried for 30 to contact the store, we get hold music and than after a few minutes the call is disconnected? Order #62435771


We were told delivery would be an hour. After an hour and twenty minutes, we called to check and were told they put our order in for pickup not delivery and were no "rushing it out the door." We live less than 10 minutes away. When they hadnt arrived 25 minutes later, we called again and were told "They were working on it." No clue what happened to the order they were rushing out the door earlier. Another 25 minutes later and over 2 hours after we ordered we still didnt have any food. My husband called again and this time they sent him to voicemail. I called on my cell number and they picked right up - and when I asked after our foo was told, again. That the food had just left the building. We finally got our order 2 hours and 20 minutes after ordering. They should have been honest initially and not lied and let us make an informed decision. We have a 5 year old we were trying to feed. We will never eat there again.

Chris McMarlin

This is like the fourth time I ordered something and they did not send it. After working all day at a clinic the last thing I wanted to do was cook. But looks like I should have since I paid for food that was not delivered and paid for delivery. SMH. No more.

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