Upper Crust Pizza & Chicken

15320 Detroit Ave, Lakewood
(216) 226-8888

Recent Reviews

Cory Ullman

Always perfect pizza. I've never been let down. Price and quality. Please never change.

Stuart Liberman

Really good pizza and boneless wings. Adverise a $15 special on FB. Too bad you can't get it...they claim it isn't available. Food is really good and a good value

K.T. Cuffari

Great food for a good price! Love the chicken here.

yamini g

Maybe the website needs to be updated so your delivery radius is more clear instead of having to wait for 1hr and 15 min, being charged, getting a confirmation email with delivery time, calling you and ONLY THEN finding out that you in fact don't deliver to all locations.

Deborah M.

Very quick delivery and good food. Pleasant people also. I ordered fried chicken and it was some of the best I've had. Also ordered a Greek salad and it was enough for two adults!

Tim Dyks

What happened to this place? Visited numerous times in the past year and it was always great. Now I?ve had nothing but issues. Product seems to be changing, cheaper perhaps? Chicken was awful. The atmosphere is completely different. Will not be returning and will pass along to friends.


I won their free chicken Tuesday and got some JoJo's as well. Never had been here before and I must say I will gladly come back for their chicken and jojos! They were incredible! I can't wait to try your pizza!

Shanae J

Lack luster customer service and food. Employees looked like they hated being there. Pizza was very dry and sauce did not have much taste. Angelos is much better

I T.

I'll start with the good. The staff is very nice and the place looks great. The Pizza is horrible! They changed their pepperoni to this really cheap nasty pepperoni. You now have to ask for their old charred better pepperoni if you don't ask you get the cheap stuff. Plus they started putting less toppings on their Pizzas and raised the prices so you get less for more. A large two topping is $18 and its mostly dough! I will never eat this Pizza ever again they're officially like every basic Pizza place in Cleveland. All dough! It's horrible there's better in this city please look else where just don't end up at Angelo's they're just as bad.

Randall Humphreys

I just ordered 2 of the 10 tenders for $10 and I have ordered many times this time they were just nasty. Greasy and the coating was soggy just fell of the chicken so disappointing and one order was so spicy hot not everyone could eat them. Well as an update and before I saw the owners response to me. Nick called me and his response was so respectful I didn't even ask for anything in return or credit. I was coming back to document this and then I see the above post. Way to blow the best costumer service response I have had in a long while and now I will never order here again. Thank you Nick for being so professional unlike the owner!!!

Eric Gawry

Still a local fav. But what happended to your chicken recipe? Completey different from 2 months ago. Hopefully they'll go back to original recipe. Pizza was still bomb. For chxn and jojos i have to give a 3.

Jennifer giersz

Awesome pizza! The thick crust little Italy is FANTASTIC! it's perfect when i want pizza and something different at the same time!

Bobby Mullin

Just got home a little bit ago from going to pick up 2 pizzas from here. Went to grab a slice of my pepperoni pizza and almost flipped over the entire box. The pizza was cooked MAYBE halfway through, every piece was still doughy and stuck to the box. After chiseling both pizzas out of their boxes, had to put them in my oven at home for another fifteen minutes so they were no longer gooey and flimsy. They taste good but theyâ??re mangled now from all the work I had to do with them. Ordered out to avoid having dirty dishes, now I have two dirty baking sheets.

Shawn Andrews

the best just ate from them i reccommend them food fantastic

April W.

I think they're cutting costs because the quality of the food (chicken wings specifically) has significantly decreased. Significantly! Quite disappointing. When a business changes so drastically, it's usually a sign that this is their new normal.The only way for me to know if the quality will ever return to the good ol' day's would be to continue spending money and hope for the best which is nothing I'm interested in dojng. This type of inconsistency makes it pretty easy to search for food elsewhere.

Catherine C.

Wow! This pizza was absolutely delicious and worth every penny! Ordered a large veggie and me deep dish-lots of fresh, tasty toppings and caramelized, crunchy crust! Great customer service and fast delivery! Would absolutely recommend!

David B.

First time eating Upper Crust and we did take out. The wings were tiny and the sauce didn't have any flavor. Could have been plain chicken. Being a dollar a piece I expected better. They forgot our pepperoni rolls and then the dipping sauces once they gave them to us. The chicken tenders were good but those dipping sauces were forgotten as well. The BBQ pizza was okay just heavy on the sauce and all the toppings don't stay on the crust.

Jamie Short

We ordered food tonight; delivery guy showed up and called to ask which door to come to. He never showed up; we call the restaurant and were told they would track him down and call us back. They never did and phones are now rolling over to VM. Overall a very disappointing experience.

Sarah Brennan

Always great! Love the square deepdish and the fried chicken and JoJo's!! Fam favorite

J Strayer

Consistently get simple orders wrong of their own menu items, i.e forgetting cilantro on the BBQ.

Miranda Miller

I've been ordering a gluten-free pizza pretty regularly since I moved back to Lakewood in November 2018. The drivers, particularly the one who's delivered 90 percent of my pizzas, are always super nice.

Tyrone Jacobs

The family love the service and the food, its a place where we can come back to anytime of the year. Worth the travel to the westside of Cleveland. Thanks very much for treating us like a customer.

Dee Coleman

I absolutely love this place!!! Great food and service!

Yale Evans

A small little pizza joint on Detroit, it's best to order ahead for pickup or for delivery. Their pepperoni pizza is amazing with so many of those little pepperoni covering the pie. The deep dish is especially delicious with they pepperoni. Also, they usually have weekend or Tuesday chicken specials where you can get a 10-piece deal for like $20 which is a great deal for some real tasty and tender chicken. And if you like tater tots, wow get the side dish, for $5 you'll get like 1000 of them! Yummy!

Matt Mayhugh

Extremely rude and unfriendedly! I walk in and say hello, and I get a unhappy look and no reply. Plus they tried to charge me $2 for a cup of water from the fountain. Food is excellent! Wish their service matched.

Patricia Roach

I placed an order for pizza tonight for my first time at Upper Crust Lakewood and was very disappointed with the pizza. Over cooked and hard. I will never order from here again!!!

curtis lehr

I ordered here for the first time today. Ordered the Chicken, Bacon and Ranch pizza an it was fantastic! Will definitely be ordering again!

Agnes I.

UPDATED REVIEW -- I came here again on 1 December 2018 (ordered out). This time, I ordered a small Pepperoni pizza. It was super delicious. It came with 4 big slices of pizza and these little pepperoni holes. It costs $10 which isn't bad considering that I saved 2 pieces for the next day. I could only eat 2 slices and I was full. Next time, I should dine in. The space is small but comfortable. Out of all the times that I've come here to pick up an order, there was always space to sit at a table. The decor is cool too. I love the quotes on the wall and the dramatic hallway entrance from the back of the restaurant. The back entrance has beautiful mini lights against two adajacent orange walls. It's pretty cool - see my photos. If you are wondering what to order, I will recommend the pepperoni pizza as well as the chicken fingers with fries. Super tasty! The FRIES are literally soooo delicious and well seasoned. I would also recommend the CHICKEN LAW Sandwich. Service here is great too. I'm always met with smiles all the time. Even when I ordered over the phone, I got a text message with a link to show me when my order would be ready. I'll be back for sure.

Kevin Martau

I cannot say enough good things about this place Amy the store manager is always super friendly to everyone always on time when it comes to delivery the salads are on point personally I like the Mad Greek , meat lovers and the CLE also the chicken is on point trust me try it out $10 chicken 10 for 10 on Tuesdays

Bernadette Simko

We ordered pizza and chicken tenders and Jojos. The food was freshly served hot by the lady who is the assistant manager. We had great service and the staff was very friendly. And the food was really good.

Melissa Baus

Everyone loved the food, plus the employees are pleasant, kind and very helpful! Will definitely go back!

Taylor H.

Best chicken tenders I've ever had. They're huge too so what I couldn't finish was for dinner the next day. I don't know how I've never heard of this place til now. So yummy!

Sarah E.

I have nothing negative to say about this place. They are absolute perfection with a consistent experience everytime we go. First off lets start off with this amazing deal they have on tuesdays. You can carry out a 10 piece tender meal or a 10 piece mixed chicken for only $10 folks!!! Like this is the deal of the century. I say this because when I say chicken tenders these things are meaty and massive. They are the best chicken tenders I've probably ever had. Oh and don't forget to get their signature sauce to dip them in because it is the bomb. I would also recommend getting some JoJos and some friend pickles to go with it to. Then if your feeling pizza another night try the old skool or the mad greek. The crust is nice and soft and they aren't skimpy with the fresh toppings they put on it. There is a reason they are world champion pizza winners guys! Do yourself a favor and skip pizza hut and stop here instead.

Saliem Zaiem

The place is super clean and modern. The staff are nice and the pizza/ chicken tenders are just amazing. Will be back soon !

Sarah S.

Absolutely fantastic customer service, which is always what will keep my business coming back to Upper Crust. And on top of that, always fantastic pizza! You're definitely getting your money's worth. Highly recommend.

Christine H.

Doesnt know how to confirm or deliver orders. Waited th3 hour had to call said we would have to wait another hour. Never again.

Angie McCaulley

Great food and even better customer service. My extremely picky child loved the wings.

Nitha S.

You can tell they use some good quality ingredients, affordable, delicious sauce, and the crust is awesome!! What's more? The customer service is the spot on!! They know how to treat people right

Alyssa P.

First impression: atmosphere is light, fun, and modern. I love the choice of decor. Staff was very friendly and helpful in deciding what to order. I got a medium half cheese, half pineapple pizza. Pizza came out fluffy and cheesy, just the way I like it

April W.

Love, love, love Upper Crust! I've had several great experiences with delivery and dining in. One order of jumbo wings and seasoned hand cut fries is enough to satisfy two people so you'll definitely get your money's worth. I typically order the garlic parmesan flavor as they pair well with a side of ranch dressing. I have only actually had the pizza one time but appreciate that it's gluten free and made with fresh ingredients. The side salad is also an easy way to get in some additional veggies if that's what you're seeking. Highly recommend!