Branch Hill Coffee Co

371 Bridge St, Loveland
(513) 774-7774

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Corwin McAvoy

I live in the apartment complex right past branchill, I go there 2-3 times a week. The service is always great and the food is a 10/10 everytime. Highly recommend for anyone passing through Loveland


Upon entering the store I stood in front of the counter for more than 5 minutes without a single word from anybody working there even though they were just a few feet away from me. Not a single word, not a greeting, or a “I’ll be with you in a minute”. Nothing.Well okay not a huge deal, I’ve worked in retail, it can get busy. But after a while I even started to look around thinking maybe I did something wrong, or to see if I’m in the right place. Eventually a guy came up to the counter and without saying or doing anything just stared at me. I’m serious this guy didn’t utter a word, so I just ordered my food and drink guessing that was why he was looking at me. They brought out the food and drinks without saying a word or responding to anything I said to them and then I left without a word. Definitely not the homey, cozy experience they’re desperately trying to create with their interior decor. It was a pretty strange experience but I can’t say I’m too surprised, this seems to be where service is going all around the country. This is certainly the “new norm”. Oh well, I won’t be back

Madison Rubel

Such a great gem! Their coffee is amazing. Great prices. Love that they have a drive thru.

Brandi Booker

Their website shows items they don't have. I ordered a chicken caesar wrap and quite frankly I got chicken and romaine but it was extremely bland. Website says chips and a pickle. Didn't get it. Won't be back.

Trav Cav

Quick service and friendly staff. Really relaxing atmosphere to hang out at.Parking: Only 9 spots.

Jessica Langmeyer Specht

I just had a delicious, mild spiced buffalo chicken wrap in a spinach tortilla.

Jessica Specht

I just had a delicious, mild spiced buffalo chicken wrap in a spinach tortilla.

Jen M

My mother and I visited for the first time this morning and were delighted with the experience. The coffee and baked goods were delicious. I had a white chocolate scone and mom and cinnamon streusel muffin. We especially liked the eclectic look and feel. There is a record player with a wide selection of vinyl to choose from. (Marvin Gaye, Billie Eilish, Fiddler on the Roof Original Soundtrack to name a few.) Free and easy parking. (The pic is of one of the many interesting pieces there - the morning light casted a shadow and it caught my eye.)

Cody Fields

fantastic coffee, and if you bring your dog, they will prepare quite the treat for them for free!

Nancy C.

Have stopped several times with biking friends who know it well..... I am writing a review although it's against my better judgement. You see, as "Yelpers"; we are not supposed to benefit from our favorable review and I bought my friend Susie a Tea and then I was .30 cents short of being able to afford my coffee AND her tea. But the kids working there, not only smiled and treated us, but one young man ran the tea out to Susie when we tried to just leave with just my coffee. This is the kind of nice, local place you want to see "make it"! I hope they are aware, service and kindness are both important to those of us who remember when everyone had the same good quality coffee. It was service and personality that set a good place apart from the rest. We, bikers have to leave the Loveland Bike Trail to find Branch Hill Coffee. So often we stop and order through the "bikers" window out on the patio. This visit was a rare time when we went inside and clip clopped around in our bike shoes. They were super friendly and made as feel much less ridiculous than we look in our bike helmets and sweaty jerseys. So Bikers AND Yelpers, hear my praise. I think if we love on this little spot; it will love us back! Oh, and by the coffee was magnificent! And so was Susie's tea. She expressed its quality by posing for a picture with it. Try the sweets and baked goods in the case. They looked incredible. And we ARE planning a trip back to do that very thing. Thank you Branch Hill Coffee for the email/coupon and thanks for providing me with a great experience to share, even if we were there too early to use our coupon. We will be back soon.

Sarah Dotson

Best coffee in Cincy!!!


OMG first visit it was amazing... Smooth coffee and great service. Much better than Starbucks.

Amber H.

Went into Branch Hill on the way to Blooms and Berries Fall on the Farm. I'm so glad we did. The decor and ambiance was perfect for Fall. The food and drinks were amazing! The staff was absolutely perfect! I had a veggie sandwich, my kids had egg and cheese on croissant, and my husband had the burrito made without meat. Our lattes were great and tasty. I had the special- honey cinnamon I think. Anyway, go there and enjoy the food, drinks, and vibes.

Laura Evans

Stopped by on my way to work this morning to grab a breakfast sandwich, which was a delicious BLTE. I also ordered a salad for my lunch and I must say it was the best greens salad I've ever had! It was not only pleasing to the palet but it was very colorful as well as full of flavor. Would definitely stop here again.

Adam S.

This place seems to go downhill with every new ownership. I try this place every time there's new ownership. This is by far the worst quality I've seen and will not be returning. Drinks are watered down and their iced drinks (frappe, smoothies, etc) are literally just flavored ice, you can't even drink it because there's no liquid as other reviews mentioned- there are little ingredients just blended ice mostly and bland. More time should be spent on quality control and training. Service was slow as usual too. Worker was friendly so I am throwing a sympathy 2nd star :) I would recommend Mile 42 for anyone looking for good quality coffee.

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