670 N Stewart Rd, Mansfield
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This McDonalds used to be the golden standard by which I judged all other McDonalds throughout my life. Grew up like 5 minutes away and as a broke teen it was the perfect place to grab a bite. Now I just get soggy, uncooked fries with my meal. I pulled forward soI’m assuming they are just pulling the fries before they are even done. They are still white, drenched in oil. Have some standards. I cannot recommend this location any longer.

Aaron Cooper

Okay so this McDonald's gets one-star because I can't give 0 Stars the reason I give zero stars is simply because my wife and I stopped at this location several times and they always get our order wrong on some of the simplest things like I always order a large chocolate shake with no whip cream and they always put whipped cream on it and on top of that they always get are the rest of our drink order wrong to and our food order most of time as well

Jimmy Trine

Had to give one star, cuz there is no place for 0. Completefail on the assembly of Big Mac and Filet O Fish. If only I could share the pic. One napkin in the bag would have been helpful.Parking: While parking to eat, it would nice if you had at least ONE trash can near where people sit to eat,


Went to drive thru. They forgot an item so I went in. The folks were super nice and fast and corrected the mistake instantly and made sure I was satisfied otherwise. No one is perfect, all I ask is to make it right, and they did. Great job!Food: 5/5

Jacob Borders

This is the worst mc donalds in town, food is almost always made wrong, it takes 30 minutes or more usually to get.ypur order remade, employees get an attitude if you ask to have your meal made properly.. it's their job! Parking lot is always dirty along with the inside. This store needs shut down and new managers and employees that aren't busy on their phones at the drive thru window !

deashun mason

Breakfast sandwiches were made fantastic this morning great job crew. ? They were hot as well.Food: 5/5

Timothy McCoy

Ordered thru DoorDash food was cold I live 3 mins from the store so, ordered 3 hash browns didn’t get a single one. And I didn’t get whipped cream on my iced coffee

Brad Baker

So I order at the order board get to the window the go ask me two times what I ordered I told her quarter pounder deluxe meal medium size and 10 piece nuggets I pay. She gives me my food I look in a bag it's all there get home the box says quarter pounder with cheese open it up It's a freaking chicken sandwich got to be kidding me tried calling three times no answer they need to get their act together.

Matthew Porter

When we pulled up to the window, we were asked what we had ordered. Once stating everything, with them staring at us, the girl responded that they had a screen that told them what we had, but did so VERY COCKILY AND RUDELY. They also slammed the window after forgetting to give us our coffees, trying to send us on.

Cora Story

I love that they have a play place but wish there was plexiglass like at Chick-fil-A or Burger King, had to constantly hear the kids playing and screaming - if you're ready for that, great, bring your headphones and such, but they can do better - billion dollar company, you can get the plexiglass so we can eat in quiet.Food: 4/5

Lisa Bauer

My order was given to the car in front of me, so I had to re order at the pick up window, then pull around front. There I was offered the wrong order belonging to someone else. When my order finally came out an item was missing and. The guy who brought it out tried to argue with me about it. This location has to do better! It's 2 minutes from my home and we seldom go there due to the incompetence.

Kevin Charles

If I could give this so called restaurant zero stars I would! Most unprofessional, most incompetent staff running a so-called fast food restaurant I've ever seen. And being in the Armed Forces and around the world, this one's the worst. Even when you go in, to get your money back they get even worse. Called in to file a complaint and the owners made excuses for the behavior and the service. NEVER AGAIN at this joke of a restaurant. So, BEWARE, you've been warned.


I had the worse expierence last night at this facility. I went through the drive thru last Nighy at about 6:45 PM. I paid for my food and was told to pull over and wait. About 10 minutes later A young kid brought my food over I was missing both of my pops; a sandwich, and my receipt which I needed. After about 10 more minutes of waiting I went in the restaurant to just get the rest of my stuff. It was an absolute circus inside that kitchen. Staff was running around with no clue what to do, there was no management in sight. Workers were in hoodies, leggings, jeans, boots, flip flop sandals, and on cell phones to name a few things. Not appropriate fast food attire at all! One kid I talked to had no clue how to print a receipt or even work the front register. Then an argument broke out amongst the workers and I finally seen management step in. If management is even what you want to call it. By this time it's about 7:15pm and I'm still waiting on my stuff. Customers were piling up in the dining room, Cars were piling up outside waiting for food... It was a disaster. I finally walked out at about 7:20pm. My original food that was brought out to me was disgusting and cold. All I was trying to do was get a quick dinner for my family after work, and not have it be a 40 minute ordeal. Thus McDonald's needs to get it together.

Jarrell Joshua

This is the best one in my opinion they never have gotten my order wrong and they have always been nice very good job team keep up the good work?

Caleb Wills

You could literally order an ice water from this place and they’d still give you the wrong stuff. They should all lose their jobs and tear down the entire building. -5/10

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