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835 Delaware Ave, Marysville
(937) 644-3424

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Pixel Cutie

I appreciate the staff wearing masks.??Although, I don't like my order being thrown together. Meaning the Tacos are not fully wrapped up, so when you take them out of your bag they start to fall apart instantly. We've gotten perfect orders from here before, it's been more of a recent thing that this had happened. We're not going here for awhile until this hopefully clears up.


I would most certainly not recommend this establishment/business to anyone, especially anyone with PTSD. Staff, more accurately night staff, are rude & antagonistic. Most notably, the manager in training Michelle. She reminded me a lot of my mother; very abusive & manipulative attitude with a victim mentality that makes her feel better about how she treats others. Michelle says very inappropriate things to customers, including minor children, & then will sadistically feed off of your frustration. She is beyond unprofessional.I will not be returning but I would highly recommend extensive customer service training so no one has a similar experience.Day crew I am sorry for this review, you all have always been wonderful.


WORST SERVICE!!! If I could give them a zero I would and I will be calling corporate. I was there trying to do my job two employees one being a manager were both rude and nasty. They told me I could not wait at the speaker which I was not doing, I was trying to pick up an order that they said they never got even though they confirmed it. If you don't want to do your job then take it up with corporate they make the decisions on what goes on in their business as to what companies they deal with.

Solar YT (SolarYT)

Manager on this night 4/30/22 at 11pm was treating employees like dogs, yelling and screaming rather than showing leadership by example and showing them.Begins mocking their employees while I’m at the window. Hiring a Karen as a manager is possibly the worst decision a franchise can make.

Brian Trent

Worst customer service on night shift. The lady night manager is disrespectful, unprofessional, and extremely rude. She even told me I was lying about my order, as I could hear the staff laughing over the speaker cause she didn't turn off her headset. The lot/curb appeal is always dirty, and the drive threw staff is usually goofing off while you're waiting 10-15mins for an order you ordered online and already pre-paid for. I use the online ordering system in hopes of not having a long wait, but I guess that doesn't apply to the night crew at the Marysville, Ohio location. No issues during the day staff, you can get your online order within 2-3 minutes of arrival. This location needs to look at the night crew staff/management - purge and retrain selected staff members - maybe even hire a whole new night staff and fire this staff - you'll more than likely have happier customers and much better reviews for night staff. Just looking at what I can see for reviews on Google, night staff rates at 2.0 stars - that's not good and not something to be proud of. Something needs to change here! Probably should start with getting a couple really good night managers that care about customer service, appearance, quality of food, food safety issues (cause there's definitely those to looking threw drive threw window) and cleanliness. The General Manager really needs to look at these reviews and health issues!

Isaiah Garrison

The staff were obviously intoxicated. It was 10:50 on 3/12/2022. They completely missed my girlfriend’s order after asking multiple times to reinsurer they understand correctly and it wasn’t anything complicated or off menu. We won’t be going back ever.

Tim Duerler

Ordered a Chalupa Cravings Box and the items I received did not match the items listed online. "No big deal, they must've just given me the wrong box" I thought, so I drove back around to have them correct it. Instead of simply correcting the order, the staff told me the Chalupa Cravings Box in store contains different items than online (because having 2 identically named boxes containing completely different items isn't confusing at all) and treated me like I was dumb for not knowing that.After some back and forth trying to reason with them and them trying to refuse to make it right, I asked for the items I thought I was ordering or a refund.The manager, Sarah (whose name I got from the other manager on duty), got an attitude and said, "You want to give me back the other box then?" I said sure and handed her the box.As she handed me my "corrected" order, Sarah made the completely unnecessary and unprofessional comment of, "Just so you know, next time we won't fix this for you." To which I replied, "And just so you know, I will make sure your customer service team hears about this."Sarah then informed me she "doesn't care" and when asked for her name shrugged and said, "Doesn't matter. I don't know." When asked again she closed the window in my face and walked away!The second manager (whose name I did not get) was much more professional.The store is not responsible for the app being wrong (I understand that, and told them as such multiple times), but neither is the customer. What the store IS responsible for how they handle it. As a manager Sarah should know that.

Dave Perry

Horrible food... it's like a monkey wrapped the food, didn't ask if we wanted any sauces at the window and no napkins. This taco bell seems to be the worst one around.

Lauren Jakubowski

Ordered Taco Bell online. Husband went to pick them up, he got to the drive thru window and the woman told him, “this isn’t how it works. Drive back around. We don’t start making your order until you tell us you’re here through the drive thru machine.” So after my husband was waiting, he had to go back around just to tell them he was there. Maybe that is how it works here, but usually you start making something as an order pops up? Especially online orders? We weren’t given any sauces after asking for them. Also had ordered the cinnamon deserts, only for them to come without the cinnamon on them? Usually not bad experiences, but not so happy with how we were treated tonight.

brandon kelly

Orders consistently incorrect. Underfilled burritos, and they never answer their phone. The line is a mile long and moves at a snails pace at all times.

Michael Raymond

Very bad service, acted as if we a inconvenience, ask for sauces were told that they were in the bag they were not, not even one. No napkins, wrapped food coming out of rappers. Would I go back to this Taco Bell unfortunately the answer would be no. Marysville, Ohio store. about 7:30 pm on Wednesday. sincerely very disappointed.


Always good and as many times as I've stopped they only mess up my order every couple time. Which is more than I can say for dashing from McDonald's.

Triple 7s

Poor service they don't listen to what you want better make sure all your foods in the bag before you pull off

Amanda Herriott

Always a long line. No fault of workers, it's just the place to be. Really wish they could open the inside, though.

Android Play

This taco bell delivered the best breakfast crunch wrap I've had and I've had a lot. It was a great experience.

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