Dee's Dairy Bar

620 Hamilton St, New Richmond
(513) 553-4444

Recent Reviews

James Beman

Best ice cream in town!

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Ice Cream Cone

Ryan Goldbach

Fun classic spot. A great treat and total blast from the past.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Ice Cream Cone

Kristi M.

Over priced, food just ok

Joseph A Friedhof

After dropping off a friend who lives in New Richmond, stopped to have a snack before driving back to Norwood Ohio. I was waited on by a young lady who wore a New Richmond Baseball tee, very pleasant, had a cheeseburger,cheetos and Pepsi . Enjoyed it, nice homey atmosphere. Being a lefty, I noticed my hostess was also. If I get back that way,will stop againJoe F.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

nicole karbarz

The ice cream is good but the old lady that is usually working is rude and makes you feel uncomfortable and not welcomed.Today we went in at 7:35 pm to get ice cream and were looking at the menu and the lady stated to not look too long because they wanted to close. ( they were not even closing for 25 more minutes ).They have no sense of customer service. If you don’t care about customer service, I would recommend because the ice cream is good, but be prepared for the lady to be rude. I am not sure how there are not more reviews about this lady … ( if you look you will see some about her).However, there is an older man who works there who is AMAZING and kind. However, he doesn’t makes the ice creams or work cash register, but if he did the experience would be way better :)

Loralie Shimer

The food and ice cream here is always really good, but I always expect the service to be kind of like the ice cream - chilly. Don't even ask to use the restroom.

Bryan Whitaker

Loved it but a small and large are about the same size. But it was really good

Benjamin Humphrey

Me and my family came in there and they close at 9pm and we got there just a little pass 8pm because my family size is large this old lady that works there started complaining to the young girl who was going to take our order saying we can't be taking a big order like that cause we are done cooking in 15 minutes and closing soon so me and my family decided to just leave to go eat some where else cause they the old lady was worried about her self not the customer i don't recommend going here I won't be going back

Paul Daugherty

Good ice creamFriendly smileConvenient locationThey also have foot longs chili spaghettiSo they are alot more than just dessert!!!!

bridget meyer

Grew up going to Dees Dairy Bar as a child when our parents thought we deserved a sweet treat on a hot summer day or there was a special occasion. They haven't changed at all and their ice cream and.frozen treats are just as good possibly better than I recall them as a child. The only thing that I can think of that has changed in the slightest is the fact that they do not accept credit/debt cards as a form of payment. They are cash only and they do not have a public restroom.

Ginger Isaac

Quick and friendly service. I love ordering a vanilla cone with blue raspberry dip.

wiltv09 mom

Nice small town ice cream shop. Very good soft serve ice cream at a good price!

Kevin Johnson

Loved their Footlong Chili Dog, Banana Split and Peanut Butter Soft Serve Ice Cream.


Best home town Ice Cream Shop and great food.

Andrew Nealan

Great ice cream, always have a smile and many other choices on the menu as well.

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