Main Moon Chinese Restaurant

119 Ridge Rd # D, Newton Falls
(330) 872-1833

Recent Reviews

Kelly Herron

I used to frequent this restaurant often and had taken a break from it because the quality seemed to be taking a dive. Decided to try it again tonight and the prices have risen quite a bit( like everything else right now) the combination plate seemed to be way more rice than meat. And the rice was severely undercooked. It seems to be lacking something, whether that's flavor or freshness. I'm not sure if I'll go back after tonight.

Keith Hovey

Good food good prices. Love this place!!

Eric Ginkinger

I ordered chicken and broccoli shorty after eating I started to get a headache and then feeling sick, stomachache, dizziness loss of appetite, dehydration, going from feeling hot to cold and had blood in stool. This lasted for five days.

Cyndi Hale

Food was very bland. Fried rice was not good at all. Steamed rice seemed old and the egg rolls were very very grease.

Michael Minnillo

I was very disappointed.I got something as traditional as General Tso’s Chicken.I supposedly ordered white meat chicken and it was 99% breading.Looked like scraps of breading.The wonton soup was very bland.The pork fried rice was average at bestThe pork eggroll was boring as well.Maybe I ordered the wrong thing.Long story short: do not order the the white meat breaded chicken.If I had anything good to say about this place, it would be that the price for lunch is very reasonable 9 dollars for the lunch combo, up-charged white meat, and pork eggroll.

Melanie Goforth

Amazing food ! Whenever i visit my daughter its no question that we are ordering main moon . so fresh and they are SO friendly !

Tery Oskar

Chicken wasn't that great, veggies were a little under cooked, they put a whole onion chopped up in my combo, and the egg rolls are small. Garretsville is 10 times better

Ken Hovey

This was some of the best Chinese I've had...I will definitely be back???

Toe K.

I've had two different orders at this place and they don't care about serving you burnt the deep fryer food. These people can't cook. I give up and will order from the Austintown location

Woopty Doo

Food was delicious! Best I have had for awhile from a chinese restaurant

Ashleigh McCaulley

I don't know what happened! We used to absolutely love getting dinner here but the last two times (over the last two months) we have been pretty disappointed. It's not terrible or gross or anything; just not as good as it used to be. It's more like mediocre now. I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to be going out of my way to order from here anymore.

Sigo Sanders

Their service is great the people there are very friendly the food is wonderful clean and the staff remembers a lot of the people that come in there by name and know what they want to eat

Justice Denzler

Great Food great service Love it everytime!

Kristy Savarino

The food was really good until I found a chicken bone in my vegetable lo mein. Customer service was awful. Ordered 2 separate orders on the phone. Then I had to separate it again when I went in to pay. Girl I ordered from on the phone had a attitude. The older lady I picked up from also had a attitude because they didn’t have the orders separate and I helped her redo it. Not sure if I’ll order from this place again and definitely won’t recommend anyone to go here.

Jason Schmidt

Always a good go too for the family

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