20 N Canal St, Newton Falls
(330) 872-1641

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GS Railfann

This place sucks, I mean I don’t expect to much from fast food but wow. Cold food and bad service. Can’t you get one of them right after a 20 min wait?

Katie DeMaria

Very unprofessional and the general manager treats her employees very poorly. Dined in and saw and heard the way she spoke to her employes awful! Very unfortunate for the employees who work there

GalaxyOddAlian toots

They never add creamer or sugar to my coffee. Food is usually cold and you have to repeat your order usually 10x. After you go theough your order they say one moment. Then do it all again just to have nasty food and drinks wrong. A waste of money...

Drew Dunlap

This location should be shut down. Orders are always wrong, or cold and stale. Save yourself the time and money and just go somewhere else, seriously.

Molly Dempsey

The female manager who works here is horrible. I witnessed her screaming at and berating the employees and then she tried to argue with me about my order. Every time she’s working, the drive thru is backed up and you’re going to be waiting a long time for anything because she doesn’t know how to manage a restaurant. She is very lazy and won’t refill syrups, so expect drinks to be bad. She’ll then argue that she made it correctly and refuse to refund you. It’s honestly worth driving to the next town over if you want McDonalds anymore.

Sammie Abel

I ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese extra pickles a small fry and a large sprite. Charged me $9.05. I payed with 4 $2 bills and 4 quarters and a nickle. She hands me my quarters back says sorry and gives me a dollar bill back with my receipt. I'm very confused and pull up. Got my spite then waited in the parking lot for 10 minutes. Lady comes to the window asks if I was the "medium and large fry order" I was like "no I was the extra pickles". And she goes "no this is your order" I get home and there's only 2 pickles and it's just a regular burger. 0 stars if I could.

Bradley B.

Very very bad service slow expect to be in line for 30 mins and pray they don't mess the order up

Zachery McClain

Drive thru was not fast nor was it absolutely slow. Food was decent, iced coffee had not too much good flavor. If there is another McDonalds down the road I'd suggest you go down to that one.

Nathan R. Leaver

Make sure to ask for the grease on your sandwich to be soaked in a napkin. I had enough oil left on my fingers to make my own fries. Should have known to hand the bag back when I saw it

bravo company10

Service was extremely slow. 15 minutes for fresh fries at 8 pm on a Wednesday in the summer? Then they forget my food besides the fries. Keep hiring managers and trainers with zero experience.

G Gates

The good ol’ Newton Falls McDonald’s hasn’t changed a bit since I moved away from Ohio twenty years ago. There’s slow service, a less than professional staff, and some random dude (who was baked out of his mind) was sleeping in the lobby. If you’re looking for excellence, this isn’t the place. But if you’re ok with mediocrity, and don’t expect much, it’s an ok place to go. Be nice to the staff, and they’ll be nice to you.

Simso Atara

went in to switch out my order because they screwed it up BIG TIME. mean dude named bill took bag and THREW it at trash can aggressively and mean. rude. 0/10 customer service, made me feel uncomfortable. not going back anymore out of concern for my health and safety.

William Dempsey

Dazed and confused. Usually they are consistent here, I know things can get fast paced during a rush, but please remember the difference between sweet tea and unsweet tea.

Tabbitha M.

If you want hot food this is not the place to go. I will only go when certain managers and workers are working. Save your money.

Chuck Jones

I was hopeful that with a new franchise owner at this location it would bring better cleanliness and customer service. this store is old and I understand that but that doesn't mean it has to dirty. dust and grime around the point of sale stations on in the corners of the serving counter. Every surface that isn't constantly touched has a level of dust and grease on it that is unconsciously disgusting. makes you really wonder about their food handling practices and cleanliness of kitchen surfaces. workers texting at the front counter while the manager watches them do it with customers waiting. The valley McDonald's stores have not been properly run since Sam Covelli operated them. sad state of affairs!

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