Chopsticks Express

8800 Day Dr, Parma
(440) 882-6209

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Rachelle Pollock

Ordered a big box meal this past Sunday. I still don't know what I received. I ordered Chicken & Broccoli, Chicken & Mushroom and Bourbon Chicken with noodles. Also two egg rolls. What I got was a bunch of noodles and a pile of "something" chicken which was all pretty much the same and not very good. There was not a broccoli to be found and I did get a few mushrooms. The worst part was the chicken had a piece of bone or hard substance in it and cracked my tooth when biting into it. The chicken was definitely not breast meat and it was very unappetizing. The only thing good were the two egg rolls; however, I only received two packets of sweet orange sauce, no hot mustard and no soy sauce. Needless to say, I am very upset about this and now have to contact the dentist too. A warning to others - check your food before going home!!

Lynn N

Best Chinese food in the area and great service!

Darryl Galloway sr

Great flavor , quick eats and affordable. This was my first time there, but won't be my last.

Shannon Romero

Have always enjoyed coming here, however the service that was provided today in the drive thru was terrible. Very rude to the point I cancelled my whole order.

Fred Akmen

Honestly was very disappointed in the chicken teriyaki when I came here. I will give it another shot tho and update review then

Nikki Martin

Chopsticks is always good!One of our favorites! Keep up the great work!

jen w

I wish they had more predictable hours for the dining room to be open but this place is never a let down. Very yummy

Joanne Gibbons

We had gone to Chipotle at 8:45 and the workers had locked the door and wouldn’t let anyone in. So after a few minutes we left and went to a couple other places which were closed. Then we went to Chopsticks by now it was almost 9 pm and they were so pleasant when asking for our order. So polite when I asked questions. And the portion size was very good and tasted good. My only comment to improve would be to make a wider variety of veggies, but the price was excellent as it is.


Egg rolls and food was bland need more seasoning little over priced meals should be $5 or $6 at the most The cashier was nice in the drive through line however I won’t be returning because it’s not worth the money. And the fried rice is actually yellow rice, the egg rolls are really small and for the price I think noddles should be included with the Teriyaki meals

Happy Birthday Landon Tyna

Love the mall type chicken teriyaki.Happy someone finally did it.By the way anyone hungry

Jorge Rodriguez

Fast and very helpful menu option, tangy and delicious chicken

Luis Jonathan M

Great food and low price..only way to explain it is mall Chinese food, but 10x better and twice the portions lol

Raquel Q.

This place is really good. I love their watermelon Lemonade it's the best ever. They have other flavors I'll try out soon. Food is good, nice portion, drivethru service as well as walk in, I give it a 8


Amazing Asian food I would highly recommend. For the pricing you get a butt ton of food. The chicken had great flavor and I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of heat from the Genery Tso’s chicken. Any other restaurant gives you chicken in a red sauce but this actually had some heat and delicious flavor. The rice and the vegetables weren’t the best, but honestly sides were overshadowed but the great flavor of the mains. I plan on returning soon.

Vanessa Clay

Yummy! This was my first time visiting this location. I ordered the shrimp teriyaki in the drive thru. Cashier was pleasant and helpful when ordering. Little to no wait for nice hot food. They give you PLENTY of food and the prices are great! I normally share my food with my 3 year old or have some leftover for another meal. 5 stars for me!

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