11595 Princeton Pike, Springdale
(513) 671-0634

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Andrew Phillips

Very expedient service and the coffee is always good. However, the breakfast sandwiches, more specifically the wake up wraps are hit or miss. I’ve had quite a few that got a bit well done and others that were just right. The parking lot is also a bit tight, but that’s more due to it being attached to a gas station. Overall, a good Dunkin.

Angela Walker

Classic Dunkin we all know and love

Deepak P

Dunkin coffee instead of dunkin donut??? There was no donut available of any variety seemed strange and it was not even closing time.. Ended up getting a hashbrown and coffee.

brittani lowry

Ordered a matcha latte. I’m not sure what they gave me but matcha isn’t brown.

Robin Brucker

Breakfast for champions. Love me some Dunkin!

Ray Story

Good. But don't offer blueberry bagels anymore.


always hands me my coffee unmixed. also i got a coffee today and i have short hair, but under the lid and inside the coffee was a long black hair. revolting

Ann Grimes

Ghost pepper donut is amazing, friendly staff, great food & coffee

Frank Trapanotto

This is Dunkin Donuts PC #351008 Springdale OH - time 7:30aI went through drive thru and ordered a dozen bagels. At the window I paid $9.99, got my box and went to work. At work, I open up the box and there's 10 bagels. I understand you're busy but it's a 12 count of bagels. It's on the recipt and on your screens inside. I do have pictures of the opened box and recipt. Is Dunkin Donuts suppose to be reputable place for food or not?

tracie carr

Love it know that Nikita is back

Renee Snell

They had MO coins at allI sold them some of my change.

Bekkie Barbosa

The new Apple Cider munchkin leave a lot to be desired. However, I still love DD

Bar Bosa

The new Apple Cider munchkin leave a lot to be desired. However, I still love DD

Annie I.

I go here at least once a week. I basically order the same thing each time, lg iced matcha, ham and cheese wraps and hash browns....this morning I made my order, she even verified...I had to pull up as it wasn’t finished yet and when I get to the office I have two egg and cheese wraps (I hate the eggs) and no ham in sight! Very frustrating that this wasn’t even close to what I ordered!

Robert Hanks

Coffee is good breakfast sandwich was horrible.

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