Jersey Mike's Subs

11409 Princeton Pike, Springdale
(513) 671-5960

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Very nice staff bit really could wear masks effectively and pull hair back. Bun was really narrow more like the other guys, kinda disappointing ?

Jay Stealth

Not great. Quality a concern. Wish it was better with healthier choices. Back to Subway.

Alisa L-W

First time having their subs. I had the philly sub with rosemary bread! Delicious ?.

Gregory Monaghan

The place was busy but the employees worked together. No problems. Thank you.

Monica Burchfield

The sandwich was made exactly how I like it, and it's delicious too. Yummy ?


This place is awesome. The employees are great, the food is fresh and the service is fast. To the reviewer who considers themselves the mask police, it is people like you who are trying to destroy this country. If you have such a problem with an air breathing human taking a mask break in order to catch their breath, then maybe you shouldn't be leaving the confines of your safe little house. The world is going to keep moving and progress will be made without you. You are not being a "Masked Hero" by going around writing 1 star reviews every time you see someone not following your rules. You are just being rude. Thanks for hanging in there Jersey Mikes you guys are doing an awesome job and shouldn't change a thing. The new dining room also looks great.

Tyler Dryden

First time eating at jersey mikes and I can say that I was impressed. The team that was working the lunch hour was moving the line right along and the store was clean and food was delicious!

Evan Toudy

The staff are very personable and will double check to make sure your sub is hot and correct to order. I give a 10% tip to them to make sure they are taken care of. Keep up the impressive work, guys! I think the lunch time crew is rocking it.

Stephona Hubbard

Clean, friendly and always going the extra mile. Love this place!

Paul Erskine

My wife placed a carryout order online while I was running errands. I showed up ten minutes later to pickup our food. One employee was outside sitting at a table talking to a friend, the other was sitting down at the end of the restaurant doing nothing when I walked in. My sandwiches hadn't been started yet and the employee didn't apologize. I then waited for them to make my sandwiches. As the employee was packing them up I asked if my wife had ordered chips because she normally does. She tells me no, she didn't check the slip. I get home and guess what, she'd ordered chips. Please reach out to be to return my $2.00 back to me. This place was a dumpster fire and the employees were terrible. Go to the Route 4 location.

Ohio 5pt7

Awesome and the service was great!

Claudia Edwards

Worse. Experience. Ever. The girls who took our order was hostile, and argumentative. Just awful. The other two girls down the line were clueless. There was an older lady who tried her best, smiled at all times and worked hard. Not going back.

Ben Grethel

I eat at a lot of jersey mike sub shops around Cincinnati. This one may not be updated, which I was told it will be but the manager was awesome. Very nice talkative staff and made an incredible number 9. Glad I drove out of my way to get mikes today.

Rebel Stitcher

I often go to this jersey Mike’s and love their subs. Walked in today with 2 employees not wearing a mask. We are under order by Gov. to wear masks. When confronted about lack of safety, they rudely declared we don’t need them, and did not offer to put them on. I walked out. While in parking lot, I saw 2 more would be customers leave empty handed. This is unsafe. I would like to hear from management regarding health and safety policy

dana edwards

The employees here were AWESOME

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