Frankies Inner City

308 Main St, Toledo
(419) 698-4020

Recent Reviews

Gary Steinmetz

Nice little venue with a friendly staff and great bands coming through.

Bart Berry

I go there a couple times a year ...I actually saw Limp Biscuit there before they became popular but even though the sound quality is okay and the staff is amazing.. I just wish they would make the place a little more square instead of a very long rectangle... but I get it doesn't grow on trees ...makes it hard to enjoy show unless you want to get destroyed on the floor.. I do appreciate the little barrier they have between the bar and the floor though... that lets people that don't want to get a broken nose up close... they should probably make it about 3 ft thick though because sometimes arms and legs Swing right over and knock your drinks over:)

Greg Robinson

New vibe new look from cool owners. Rock on!

russell varwig

Rob is running that place better then its ever been, man I tell you what, I wish the sound was that great when I was playing there back in my band days. Great job rob you are doing fantastic brother! Keep it up! Your bother from another mother ?

Norma Jeane Jaworski

Loving the new vibe, it’s always been a great hangout but the new management is doing exciting things!

John Nieman

Frankie's will always be my second home been working and going to shows here since I moved to Toledo in 98.

Fermin-nellie Rubio

Loud need better crowred

Simpleman Music

Because they had a place for the smokers outside to chill. For supporting Hated By Most Music. Sly Tillidie and Kodeen100Proof set was as lit as I have ever seen them get. It was a good night. Drove all the way from Jackson Michigan, very chill, I have promoted on Facebook all over but was my first time i can remember. If i was here before.. I must of been one of those nights can no longer remember. ?#Facts #Drank2Much I was told i was here once before... But have no memory of it.. Tho felt the deja vu... Sweet open set up.. Lot of space and nostalgia hanging on the wall. Tho I wish more had dates and times for Music historical reasons.

Chaz Ferrell

I saw so many bands that sell out or fill huge venues and seeing at them Frankie's around especially around 2012-2017 it was insane because your so close to your favorite band and it was always loud as fxck how I like it but past few years seems like they stop having awesome shows...

Ashley Ann

I had a blast here at Frankies I seen Smile Empty Soul and cinder .the bartender was great and the door guy was super nice honestly a great show I will be coming back here and the prices on the beer and liquor were pretty good I was able to drink a lot and not spend a ton

Larry H.

Absolute low class scum bucket hole in the wall full of assholes with attitudes who believe their hicktown mentality rules supreme. That goes double for the employees there who love their smelly bathrooms. These morons do NOT live in the real world of common decency and mutual respect. Shitty local bands who think the same and a horrible sound system to boot Never waste a penny on this fiasco of idiocy.

T Richards

Great venue with a TON of music history. Small and intimate.


The place was amazing, but with only minor issues and that's it.

Seth Scholz

Great place to come to for shows around the area, can be like a second home if you're musically inclined.


Great place to come to for shows around the area, can be like a second home if you're musically inclined.

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