Jefferson Express

1220 Jefferson Ave, Toledo
(419) 245-0390

Recent Reviews

Barber Al419

Can't lie I love their breakfast food and it's very inexpensive !

Dynasty Crawford

Fast friendly service. Great food. Good prices.

kelsey blazik

You must get the big So omelette if you go here it is the best onletfe anywhere in town

Sanchez Thomas

Awesome Experience Looking Forward To Visiting Again Soon

Alvia McCarver

Best breakfast in the city great servers and service

Nunncorp J.

Great place. The food was hot and good. I had the Western Omelette the owners were the best. Very clean place. They have an open kitchen. Golden homemade hash browns with sautéed onions and green peppers. Great for families or after church breakfast!

Ebonie Bannister

Very clean, good food, and good polite and fast service.

Reagan Ponton

Despite living near no shortage of pizza joints in Little Italy, I'd still say Vero has my favorite pies in all of the Land. If you come here, at least one of the three honey pizzas is a must try! Would recommend the Mad Max for meat lovers

Mackenzie Kutzke

Small inside but food came out quite fast! Food was delicious and service was great.

Bryan Hawkins

The food and service was and always is amazing the price is just right..

Marcus Gilmer

Good food great service

christopher griffith

Stopped in for a late lunch and was blown away by the food and service. Best service I have had in a long time. I will now frequent this hidden gem. You should do the same.

king david

Decent place, i think, but i dont really remember coming there at all lol so idk. Maybe a fluke

Lynda Easley

Greatest deal for an awesome breakfast

Unwanted Jokester

The breakfast sandwich are really good wish I knew how to make it

Johnathan B.

Amazing food. Quick service and a friendly atmosphere for anyone! If you want something that reminds you of home cooking but a little better.. this is the place to go!

Idk Squad

The breakfast sandwich are really good wish I knew how to make it

Jewel Rhone

I love him and his wife

Rachel Snell

Great service and good food. The place was small, but the prices are decent for the amount of food you get.

David Baker

Old School diner, small but great food and service.

Patrick Patterson

Good foods and service

DalethYah YisraEl

Love this place and that they offer a section of non pork breakfast items.

Denell Lewis

Great food all the time with great service

Michael Warren

Very good food nice people who serve you there! :-) :-) :-)

calvin soulgod vinson- el

The waitresses for professional and and beautiful. Soulgodel will eat there again I'm from Detroit.

Here for phone so yea

Food was amazing, meat n cheese sandwich and the 3 meat omelette both were delicious. My only complaint is I hate American cheese..

Same Ol G

Food was amazing, meat n cheese sandwich and the 3 meat omelette both were delicious. My only complaint is I hate American cheese..

Kevin Sanders

Not much room to sit and eat but Al makes the best breakfast in town. Everything is good.

Reecie Cupp

Horrible service. The young lady waitress brought the check to pay right after i started eating, and asked me to pay. She didnt ask if i wanted a refill on my coffee or how was the meal. Although the food was good, the service was disgusting.

shiquonna dotson

They have the best all meat omelets.

Shyeeka Sargent

Great food , great music, good people...

andrew ruiz

Cash only breakfast spot open from 7-2

Deon Mitchell

The staff is always friendly, fast & kind. The food is very good compared to other restaurants in Toledo please check them out.

Carlos Walker

Great service and great food


Great. Love eat THERE.

diane glover

the food is great I love coming down here and enjoying the company of some of the older people that come in there young was is okay just hearing all the old conversations reminiscing memories.

Byron Mitchell

The food & the waitresses are great. If u haven't met the waitress Redd yet, you have to visit this greasy spoon. Whether shes blond or brunette, she will make ur day.

Monica Lopez

A whole in the wall, best breakfast, easy on the wallet in nwo. Go early before the rush but worth the wait !

Summer D.

I never been before but had it bookmarked for years. There's maybe three 2 person tables. The rest is counter service. Maybe 10-12 seats. We arrived around 1pm and had to stand around a few minutes to get 2 seats. Like everyone says. All the waitresses are good looking and young. Its just something you notice. Friendly but slow service. Theres only 1 cook then there's a girl who toasts the bread etc. Worth the wait so pass the time talking to who you're with. Really good breakfast meats and omelettes. Those home fries are delicious. Its the thinly sliced potatoes. Not those cube looking potatoes I can't stand. Options to do half order for just about everything. Cheap prices but its cash only. $18 for breakfast for 2. Definitely worth checking out

Mike P.

This is an excellent little diner that's been here for about 60 years. It's been here for 60 years, yet my dumb ass wasn't insightful enough to eat here until last Wednesday. I am remiss. After having a fantastic and FILLING breakfast (Mike's omelette, toast, and home-fries) a few days ago, I told myself that I'd come back soon and try a burger. I told myself that the burger was good, I'd write a review. Well, I did, it was, and I am...I'm sitting here in the parking lot writing this. So, I had the cheese burger...and it was excellent. Like a BumBum Brazil contest, this burger starts out with great meat. It's perfectly cooked (which, for me, means a little pink in the middle and a little crispy around the edges), it's perfectly dressed, and it comes WITHOUT too much bread. Speaking of bread, I paid $6.95 (plus a nice tip for the great waitresses) for two sandwiches and a cup of coffee. Sweet deal. Two sandwiches? I also tried the sausage burger (cheese and pickles on top). It, too, was great. The service was great. The place has a classic diner feel; it shows it's age, but it's perfectly clean...even the dumper. I will definitely be back. 4 stars! The extra (fifth) star is because the juke box is pretty good. Also, Jefferson Express's cabaret-style Ms. Pac-Man machine isn't rigged...and the joystick works...56,000 points baby.