Taco Bell

3460 Airport Hwy, Toledo
(419) 380-0027

Recent Reviews

Jeff Howe

Treated terribly. Had a long wait. Got our order wrong, missing two tacos. The employee that brought it out said, no you're not, when told we were missing 2 tacos. The manager said to bring the whole bag is. Manager came out with the completed order and said very insincerly, have a nice day. No apology or thank you

Michelle Knott

Service was good and fast but forgot my chalupa and the tacos only had a teaspoon of meat on them. Not happy will not be back

Nakita Tinsley

They were busy. But the food is delicious ?

Edward Mikulewicz

Update: The food is acceptable but they get orders wrong often.Also if you want hot sauce you're never going to get it unless you ask multiple times. They might ask if you want any sauce through the drive through and it might be on your receipt, but it won't be in the bag no matter what you do unless you deliberately go out of your way to ask at the window for the hot sauce. I've had to stop, open my bag at the window, check, then get their attention and ask for hot sauce despite being offered it. I even accentuate how badly I want the hot sauce.

Megan Williams

They staff is friendly and manager is awesome! The parking lot is hard to maneuver because of all the crazy people flying in from all directions. I go here often though, doesn't stop me.

Mike D

Normally fine, but not a good visit. Service was slower than normal. Food wasn't very hot and found a hair in my burrito. Also one of the employees got into an argument with another and yelled back and forth from the dining area before leaving.


My order consisted of Chrunch box and cinnamon buns. I recieved complete order in a timely manner. Cashier asked if I required sauce, which he deserves A+ for.

Tamarah Lee

Love Taco Bell. My favorite it the Mexican pizza! Taco Bell has the best Pepsi I've tasted too! I love the fiesta potatoes, the cinnamon twist, and a few other items.

Chiara Tate

I will never eat here ever again. I got food poison from there and I am still sick as a dog. If I was you I would consider eating there myself is it worth taking a chance on getting food poisoning.

Flea Baguette

I placed an order through the Taco Bell app and it estimated my order to be ready in 10 minutes. I show up at the restaurant 12 minutes later and it still isn't ready. I get my drinks and napkins and stuff while I'm waiting, and the workers were literally the slowest taco makers I've ever seen. I was the only customer there and they took ten more minutes to finish my order because they would talk, make part of an item, talk more, then do a little more work. The manager sat down on a box and talked with them instead of helping while I stood there the entire time watching them. At least all of my food was correctly made, so I'll give them that.

William Fox

Shareable nachos lasted me 3 days. Great food ?

daniel walker

Always a good go to especially if youre drinking lol...

Hannah McCord

Got two tacos. Employees were friendly and did their job well. Waited about 10 mins for my tacos due to a larger order before mine. But good experience!

Bill Schermbeck

The food is as good as could be....the help needs a lot of work!!!!

Jo Potocki

This is a great place if you want a meal and you are in a rush or you only want to spend a few bucks. You can get quite a few items off the dollar menu and put together a pretty decent meal that will get you by. This particular location I think has the best bean burritos of any Taco Bell that I've eaten at.

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