Taco Bell

3460 Airport Hwy, Toledo
(419) 380-0027

Recent Reviews

Heather Beasley

If I could give this taco Bell a 0 star I would! Each time that my husband and I went(giving another chance) it's always been something or another. First time it was they were out of shredded chicken so couldn't do my shredded chicken taco, second time our order was so messed up, extra this and that, gave us something we didn't order and didn't give us a few things we did order and there's tonight once again, ordered our food and missing a item! SMH. We will not be returning to this lousy Location!

Holy Ghost

Without a doubt Taco Bell has been great to the Mexican culture and wants you to know that we are not just a representative of Mexican culture but all of the United Mexican Restaurants. While being the Holy Ghost of the Google Guides program I have noticed that the Mexican Culture is Beyond just us and wants to invite you into seeing not just us but our brothers and sisters of Ohio. When an if Possible please inspire us with stories an Photos of many restaurants in our local area who want to share their story about how we have inspired America with our Beauty.

Jenni Austin

Fast service and fresh food ordered $5 box I was satisfied with it

Melissa Bryan

I went to the one on airport, decided to go inside and everyone behind gave a big hello, however the lady who took my order didn't speak didn't ask if she could take my order.. nothing..so I finally asked r u tired, she said no I just hate it here! I said oh! So uh yeah other that it's taco Bell what can I say

Nicole Rising

Love eating here it's the best place to eat after you've been drinking

Kareem Duwop

If u love it then thats you

Jennifer Toth

Love Taco Bell we always go drive through No Problem!! The True meaning of Fast food!! Thanks Taco Bell!!

Annette Bedford

I love love love their 5.00 boxes expecially the Nacho Grande box!!!!

Jenny T.

Love Taco Bell we always go drive through No Problem!! The True meaning of Fast food!! Thanks Taco Bell!! ð???ð???ð???

james merriweather

Nice & clean. But service slow sometimes.

James Justjames

Thus location had surprisingly good food today and faster than normal service and the staff is usually always nice

Katherine Hazen

I love taco bell. We dont live in Toledo anymore but this one is always on top of things and never messes up an order. And my order is a bit complicated!

Zoe Wilson

The store manager there was fantastic! Super helpful and nice.

Thurrgood Mcswain

Employee "some" disrespectful.. most of the employees are nice.. night shift are not so nice.. just saying...

Marc Allen

The food is good and they get your order right. Also this Taco Bell doesn't charge you extra for a drink with your $5 box combo like a lot of the other ones.

Donald Davis

Good service and the night crew was friendly.

Saroya King

The price is right and the customer service is great. Nice folks ð??!

Diana Cindle

Drive thru is always great.... The new inside not so much. The staff is great but the kiosk takes forever to communicate with the register and they had to rering the order. Such a pia

Andrew Mikolajczyk

probably the worst and slowest Taco bell in town. Unfortunately, it's also the closest to home. Don't think I've ever successfully made it through the drive thru with a complete and accurate order.

Rebecca Herrold

$5.00 Grande nachos with a drink was a good value. Order taker forgot to ask if I wanted chicken or beef. I was glad to get beef. I did forget to order the taco sauce to go with it, usually they ask, so I was disappointed that it was dry.

Laurie Ransey

A little slow but the order was perfect

Antoine Henry

I want I'm courteous kind and generous loving I'm going back


The food was good my order was right there workers were great

Jake Fleming

Took forever to get order, guy gives me bag and says you're good to go.... missing both my boxes and line was so backed up I didnt wait to go around

Rev Paul Aduba

Great day for variety of meals especially this spring/ summer season.Many people visiting that place

Michael Banks

Restrooms were clean. Staff was friendly and welcoming. When asked for extra Time to order, staff was very accommodating.

Natalie Ramer

Good food, good service, busy intersection

Lady with Kids

Would have given it a 5 if my order was correct

jeffrey potter

Surprisingly clean and great breakfast....

Lori Taylor

Perfect every time! And a lower cost than other Taco Bells!

Chiquita Neese

I love their food every time I go

Mark Cunningham

Its decent food but always a wait

Andy Matthews

Good fast friendly service. Food was good and well made.

Mzvickiebaby4 Vance0567

The $5 box is pretty standard if u just like tacos and burritos those cinabons like melt in ur mouth delish

Sammy PodCasts

Good clean restaurant but I miss my meal deals. No longer on there menu. But still a good restaurant.

Alexa F.

I wouldn't recommend going to this Taco Bell to anyone. Honestly worth the drive to Perrysburg to get fast and accurate service. This location literally is awful. It's short staffed and lacking on all parts. Placed an online order to go and still ended up waiting 45 minutes for "fast food". Only to have them mess up my boyfriends food, and forget part of my order. Their slushee machine was broken so I had to get the wrong flavor of slushee. I get that it's not the employees fault that they are short staffed but I'm still not a happy customer. I won't be going back to this location. I'll drive an extra 20 minutes to be served as soon as I get there and have it right the first time.

Annette Lake

Taco Bell genoa,,don't bother,,lazy workers,bad service

Gloria McCleary

Was a nice clean restaurant, with friendly service good food and fast service .

Andrew Irelan

The crew was friendly and service was quick. The restaurant was a little on the cold side while my kids and I ate. The two things (easily remedied) that really effected my rating were the trash was full and not emptied while we were there, and there was a soapy film on the card reader machines at the register.

Julia Dartt

My tacos are better but taco Bell is great when you're looking for something quick or having a late night craving for Mexican food.