Chicken Ranch

13892 Cedar Rd, University Heights
(216) 938-7645

Recent Reviews

John Polter

Food was fantastic! I had the cauliflower, Cleveland Hit Chicken, and the Mac N' Cheese. Everything was delicious. The chicken was cooked to perfection. The sauces and seasonings worked great together. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!

Miranda Wetzel

These are the biggest chicken burgers I’ve ever seen! We got the Nashville chicken and crispy chicken ranch—both were excellent. We also got the fries which were also quite tasty! The chicken sandwich was so big, I think I’ll get 3 meals out of it!

Jenny Horval

No photos because my coworker and I enjoyed every bite and grubbed away! The hot chicken sandwich was amazing and she got the thighs meal. Everything was perfectly cooked and the condiments like pickles, ranch and spicy butter were homemade and delicious! Ordered online and delivery was fast and fresh. Will be going back!

BOCA Randall

Enjoyed a sweet lunch at ??????? ????? today. I ordered the Cleveland Hot Chicken Sandwich ? a side of rice and a sour rainbow sherbet spirit. Everything was prepared pretty quickly and I enjoyed my meal. Good eats! Definitely returning next week!

Yvette Von Loh

Food was great, especially for craving a good chicken sandwich. Breading on the chicken was flavorful and crispy. Really good portions. I heard about the chicken usually not being cook all the way through so I asked them to cut my sandwich in half to make sure. Friendly staff and did my request without complaint. Will definitely go again.

Alex H

The chicken here is delightful. Tenders are big and breaded perfectly the sandwiches are absolutely delightful. The only negative I would give is the price for the tenders. Even though the tenders are big and delicious $8 for two tenders or even $11 for 3 are outrageous even for how big they are. Still worth 5 stars though.

Merrell Sheehan

First time here and really enjoyed my Korean Chicken Sandwich. Spicy, tasty and messy.

Andy Vara

Superb place to grab lunch! Enjoyed Chicken Ranch for the first time. Ordered take out online. Ordering was easy to navigate. Food was ready before the time indicated on my order! Chicken Ramch is gluten-free friendly! They use a separate fryer for the fries and end items are clearly marked for dietary needs and preferences. We had a variety of items from the menu. The chicken is tender and crisp. The cauliflower was exceptional. The dipping sauces are plentiful and tasty. This is a go-to lunch place!!

Isis Robinson

Went yesterday around 7:30, ordered a regular chicken sandwich and a Cleveland chicken sandwich fries and Mac.Mac was good with a good taste of cheeses, Cleveland chicken sandwich wasn’t all that great plus I stopped eating in the middle because my sandwich didn’t look done all the way. My girlfriend said her regular chicken sandwich was nasty.Paid $35 for it all total and wasn’t satisfied, disappointed in the hype

Quiza Russell

I really enjoyed the tasty food they serve. What an awesome place in the neighborhood that is not a fastfood chain.

Harrison Richardson

Ordered online, food was on time, and it was probably the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. Will definitely be ordering from here more frequently. I highly recommend.

Constantine Kim

Leaving only 4 stars because all of my fried chicken sandwiches was extremely greasy. They were so greasy that after biting into my sandwich it projectile squirted grease onto my shirt. It was a bloddy mess eating these. Otherwise, the sandwich was tasty. Chicken was cooked just right and sauces were outstanding. Please, make these sandwiches less greasy.

Brian Sanner

Really good fried chicken sandwiches. They are HUGE and well worth the price. The Nashville Hot is my favorite. Their chicken strips are good too, but they're slightly expensive. Their Mac and cheese is overpriced and not worth it. Despite that their chicken sandwiches are so good it makes up for it. I haven't had anything else there. Definitely go get their sandwiches!

Mariah Budin

Ordered from here a couple nights ago and received very very raw chicken. Emailed them about it and have so far been ignored - not even a simple apology for letting uncooked meat get out the door. It’s not even just a little undercooked…It’s just straight up barely cooked at all. Embarrassing business practice to serve something like this and ignore the customer when the issue is brought to their attention. I won’t be eating from here again as I’m not interested in food poisoning.

Julianna Leff

Best chili!! The Mac and cheese is extremely creamy and all the chicken sandwiches are extremely crispy! Been here 2 days in a row!

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