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Zora Pannell

Summary: I won't be back, I should have listened to the other reviews but wanted to give a place a chance.1. No lids for the sides so the bag was swimming in juice.2. Greens and Mac were so salty I could not eat them3. Mac was burned to heck on the bottom, and ofc soggy from the yam juice (I know some people like this but I don't. I asked for my sides to be packaged separately. )4. Cabbage was so-so5. Black eyed peas were good, slightly over done but still good6. Yams were delicious7. Catfish was so-so, partly because they use all flour and I prefer cornmeal, but mostly because it was fried waaaayyyy too hard and not seasoned well.7a. Tartar sauce was spoiled (packets, not homemade)8. Corn muffin was also good

Edsel Horowitz

Great food and nice people.rating should be 5 stars.I'm confused on the 3.6 stars?

Dominic Coletta

1st time here.. Was recommended this place by a coworker. When I got there I was recommended the beef roast and got greens and Mac n cheese for my sides. Omg them greens were the best I've had in a very long time. The beef was so juicy n melts in ur mouth. Definitely going back for other meals.

Everett Harrington

Home cooked Soul food, worth the money, enough for 2 meals. ❤❤❤


I loved my first visit to the Concord mall location food was good and hit the spot its hard to find good soul food ..nice clean operation keep it up. Ill be returning

Devon Griffin

Omg the best soul food!! I had an oxtail dinner EVERYTHING was PERFECT LITERALLY ?

Ciara W.

Vey good food! Took 15 mins. Food was VERY FRESH and hot. The corn muffins moist and overall great good. I think the Mac n cheese was rushed but overall great taste!

Tweela Azeez

Everything was reeeeaaalllyyy good ... especially that cat fish ????

Mr. Lamont D. Dodson

The food was excellent! The Yams were thick and sweet! The Mac & Cheese was our of this world.

Ashley M.

Absolutely not! Not following covid protocol! You order online and they font know who's order is which. The lady was opening all the boxes of other peoples food to find ours. They need organization and to a visit from the health department!

Armand R.

I saw someone post Ella Mae's food on Instagram and it looks amazing! When came back to visit home, I made sure to stop by! I got the fried catfish, Mac and cheese aka SMACKaroni, dressing, and greens. My girl got the baked chicken, SMACKaroni, yams, and greens. That baked chicken fell off the bone with ease and probably was the best baked chicken I've ever had!! The food was seasoned and, unlike other soul food spots, they too risk beyond salt and pepper and it paid off. You can tell the food was made with love and the women who run the restaurant are some of the nicest people you'll meet. You won't regret it!

Leondra Taylor

Order 3 dinners for my grandparents and I. 1. Pot Roast dinner with mac and yams. 2. Perch dinner with black eye peas and corn 3. Rib dinner with black eye peas and yams and one side of greens. Nice portions of food, was able to eat off the meal twice. Macaroni and Cheese was my favorite but overall everything tasted alright. But everything and I mean everything was wayyyyyy to Salty.

Tia Tried It

NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE.To be fair, I've been patronizing this place since it's opening. The portions used to be more than fair for the price. Catfish dinners would come with 2 big pieces of fish, mac n cheese was delicious. So delicious I usually would order double mac with my dinner. I recommended this place to family and friends.Unfortunately, my most recent visit was not the same, they "fell off"! This ain't it sis! This mac n cheese is now trash ?. I seen others complain on reviews, now I see what they meant.Take a look at the photos I've uploaded and compare them to the reposted and recycled pics from their IG. There is no way those are same-day photos because this mac was not the same as what was posted the day I ordered this. Those pictures are from when the food tasted better. I never knew mac n cheese could lack enough noodles until now, like a cheesy noodle soup. I like cheese but this was all wrong, soupy, wet, with few noodles. In addition, the seasoning was off, noodles themselves felt overcooked. The 2 pieces of fish were not the normal big Catfish pieces I've come to know from this place for $15. The taste of the fish was fine however.One last thing to note... if u call in, be prepared to call a few times because it's hard to get through. Very hard, but I recommend calling in advance if you do decide to try this place. I may try them 1 more time before I give up on them.To owners: Come on yall, we were all rooting for you! We need good soulfood in our communities. Turn this place back around please.#tiatriedit

Heather H.

Oh my God this literally makes you want to slap your mama meat places in California has said they can make soul food this is the one don't need to try anything else I'm from Louisiana and when I tell you this is the best it is the best

Aretha Johnson

The candid yams where way to thick and sweet the Mac and Cheese was too salty and way to much cheese it wasn’t any noodles thou the collard greens was very tasteful too many stems for me the chicken was also cold in old grease may give it another try but no time soon!

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