13898 Cedar Rd, University Heights
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Delores Jones

So I’ve been here a few times, a lot with doordash orders, and I’ve ordered a few times. I think the food is great! Def has that soulfood taste! The only issue with this place is the lack of great service. They do not care for door dash orders….like why even sign up as a merchant if your not built for it.

Tee Carter

I placed a order with door dash for pick up. The order was suppose to be ready at 12:53pm. I got there at1:22 and the order was not ready. I had to wait about 20 to 30 more minutes. They were out of corn and I substituted one out of 14 dinners for something else and all of my chicken dinners was incorrect. I called there and the owner could care less about customer service to accommodate me and I told her I had my receipt she told me too deal with door dash basically it wasn't her problem. She did not try to meet me in the middle or anything. Another business that gets your money and oh well if something isn't right. Shame on me. One of my company three locations order from the frequently. Never again with they get out money.

Libby Hollingshead

I ordered the roast beef dinner with collard greens and dressing. I swear, it tasted like they took the whole box of salt and poured it into the food!! everyone in the comments had said that the food was too salty, but I decided to make my own opinion on it; and my opinion is , I just threw $33 in the garbage and I will never go to this restaurant again. They’re trying to kill everybody with high blood pressure; way too salty, way too salty!!!!!!

Scherrie James

I came here today and spent over $100. The food is extremely too salty. The yam's way too sweet. I threw my food away. I'm very disappointed. The other people I bought food for had mixed reviews. We all had a different variety. To make a long story short.

Naomi Stone

Came here and I absolutely loved it! But my Mother was a little put off with all the sweetness in all the sides. I will definitely be back but if you’re not into super sweet choose something that they wouldn’t add sugar or cinnamon to.

Alnita Campbell

I've visited this place two times, during the normal business hours they have posted and they were closed. I live 30 minutes away and with the cost of gas as it is now, there is no time or money to waste. I heard the food is really good but unfortunately, I may never know.

Gamer Girl

This place is a hidden gem! Best soul food in the city, and they forgot one of my dressings but I don’t even care cause the food was amazing! Hands down waaaay better than any I could ever imagine! Please go you won’t be disappointed

Shenae C

Today was my first time trying it. It was so good taste like somebody grandma in the kitchen. The chicken was a little salty but it wasn’t bad at all. Great customer service also. I’ll definitely be back currently my favorite soul food spot in the city.


I've been a Customer for over a year, plenty of mishaps but none like the current. I ordered an Oxtail dinner, After I consumed this "Food" immediately something was wrong?. Then 30 minutes later I was bloated because my body wouldn't digest this "Food", 2 hours ahead I was vomiting?, had diarrhea and body aches. This continued throughout the night into the next day, and I really feel as if they knowingly served me spoiled meat just to make a few bucks. I also reached out to them so they'd be aware of My illness and was told by Management "I don't know what to tell You"?. So I'm saying this to Say, If You value Your Health and the Health of Your loved ones do not support this establishment, I've lost 10 lbs in 1 night because of them and I'm goin to have to miss a day of work so far!? We need them gone from Cleveland/University Heights asap... TikTok Video coming in a Few Days, I will not stop until they're finished!?

TD Scott

This place slams, and you can’t tell me otherwise. I had the fried turkey, baked beans, and collard greens. My wife had fried catfish, mac and cheese, and green beans. Everything we had was perfectly seasoned, even the cornbread was classic. Called in the order, it was made exactly at the time they said it would be, and neither of us even finished our food because of the portion size, and it was still great the next day.Dang I’m glad I live almost within walking distance of this place, I think I’ll be needing to walk off several meals from here in the future.

Kiesha Taylor

You can’t call in to place a order I was told mind you I’m coming from Middleburg to try this place then the Mac and cheese was very different. my noddles was over done and it was more cheese then noddles. Chicken was good and I didn’t get no corn muffin with my meal lke they forgot it. Customer service bad

Candise Bivens

I’m sorry this food is always good to me! The yams are the best! Perch is good and the turkey chops are delicious

Keith Blackwell

October 2021: First time eating here. Ordered the perch dinner, which came with two sides and a corn muffin. I chose the candied yams and dressing purchasing a few chicken wings as well.Pros:* Covid cautious with the dining room area not in use. The employees wore masks.* Good food. The chicken wings were very good as well the dressing and yams.* Multiple forms of payment accepted. Cash and Visa/Mastercard credit cards are accepted.* Diverse customer base (White, Black, Latino customers). It was refreshing to see more than Black people eating soulfood.Cons:* Parking can be a challenge in the front of the building.* The fish was seasoned well and fried properly (not too hard, but well done), but battered with flour instead of corn meal. The texture seemed off to me.* I guess that customers need to call ahead and make sure that certain items are available--some things sell out quickly. Many people claim that the meatloaf is the best...I want to validate those claimsConclusion: I will return, but know not to get the fish.

Andrea Smiley

I was reluctant to try this place due to a couple bad experiences with soul food restaurants in cleveland( my granny was from the south and cooked cooked) but this food and service was amazing. I got a catfish dinner with Mac and cheese and yams and everything was exceptionally good. Definitely will go here again.

Zora Pannell

Summary: I won't be back, I should have listened to the other reviews but wanted to give a place a chance.1. No lids for the sides so the bag was swimming in juice.2. Greens and Mac were so salty I could not eat them3. Mac was burned to heck on the bottom, and ofc soggy from the yam juice (I know some people like this but I don't. I asked for my sides to be packaged separately. )4. Cabbage was so-so5. Black eyed peas were good, slightly over done but still good6. Yams were delicious7. Catfish was so-so, partly because they use all flour and I prefer cornmeal, but mostly because it was fried waaaayyyy too hard and not seasoned well.7a. Tartar sauce was spoiled (packets, not homemade)8. Corn muffin was also good

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