Antone's Kitchen

1913 Niles Cortland Rd NE, Warren
(234) 830-0050

Recent Reviews

Tilden Tatebe

Food is good and so are the portionsI had crab stuffed flounder and it was really good. Monkey salad is always a good add.Food: 4/5

Coy Westbay

Nobody finished and nobody wanted a box.How much sugar is in the sauce??? Also who TF puts red sauce on a fish???

The Grey Spectre

This was the second time I’ve tried this place and to be honest, it’s really not that great; both times were just not appealing. The meatballs were like rubber and the sauce just wasn’t very good. Wouldn’t be surprised if things were pre-cooked and just microwaved when ordered, because that’s pretty much what it tastes like.

Elizabeth O'Malley

I could have overlooked the very overcooked pasta and 'meh" red sauce, but wraping the $13 salad in the same bag as the hot dish, turning it into iceburg mush, is a fast food rookie mistake. 1961, eh?Food: 1/5

Eric Schrecengost

Really good food and nice staff! Their pink vodka sauce is so good and the Chee-Cha pizza was delicious.

Jordan Biel

Excellent food and value. Lasagna was huge and full of meat and cheese …so good!

Lynda Kale

Howland Antones . I have been going there almost every Thurs for the crabby chicken ,however the last time I got it the chicken was hard and dried out I am going to hold off on going back for awhile …In there defense I didn’t complain which I should have done they can’t fix it if they don’t know .

T Levi

Ordered 2 pasta dinners and a chicken and greens sandwich, and an order of garlic parm fries. Sandwich was a 1 star, grease logged fries 0 star. Stick to the pasta if you eat here! Lots of room for improvement!!!

Michele P

Ordered family chicken Parm with rigatoni, which came with large salad and rolls...was delicious, my son and I had it for 2 days..both chicken and rigatoni were cooked perfectly, and their sauce is just awesome...the only complaint I have is the garlic rolls were very stale...or I would of given 5 stars..thanks antone's, will order again, but make sure my rolls are fresh and soft..

John Macali

Went there for lunch. I ordered the sausage sandwich. It was terrible. The cook micro waved it to cook it. The skin on the sausage was white. It should be transparant. It is if you fry or baked it. Took one bite. Hard as a rock. Total turn off. I asked for the bill's paid it and left a 20% tip because it was not the servers fault. The two female servers were great. They greeted me when I walked in. The service was good. Forget the sandwiches and stick to the pasta dishes. Meatballs were tasty and the sauce is very good. Pricey.

Missy McNees

This was our first time here, but we'll definitely return. We had the wedding soup, house salad, fried cheese entree, Little Sicily, and the chicken francaise.We really enjoyed the Dippy Oil that was available for the bread.Food came out quickly, which is always nice.My SIL really enjoyed the fried cheese. The red sauce was also great (it's surprisingly difficult to find good sauce).We felt the wedding soup was average. I loved the house salad dressing, but the lettuce seemed a few days old.My husband had the Sicily, which had great ingredients, but was bland. We were hoping for a bigger garlic flavor, there was hardly any.I had the Francaise. Honestly, the chicken was a little tough and dry. It looked like it hadn't been pounded out, which would have solved both issues. But what actually makes this a four star review instead of three, is the sauce. Hands down, this is the best francaise sauce I've had. I could have eaten with a spoon. I actually wish it had been on my pasta instead of the red sauce.Can't wait to return to try more items.

Deborah Johnson

Stuffed flounder...swimming in juice other guests had no juice? Soggy....french fries over cooked...mac and cheese ok...others said fried haddock good...others that ordered flounder said theirs was good theirs wasn't swimming...they even questioned why mine was.. ?

Falon Seals

They have gone down hill tremendously. Got burnt bread on my sandwich, my "fried" cheese wasn't fried at all -the cheese was still hard- and it was DRENCHED in sauce, making it extremely soggy. I mean, the whole container it came in was full of sauce. The small sodas we got were completely flat and the monkey salads were dry. The alfredo pasta barely had any sauce on it, but it was probably the best thing we ordered. Great chance I won't be back.

Chad S.

Excellent food! Great service! And they do a fantastic job with catering and takeout orders! If you are looking for a fantastic local Italian restaurant try these guys out.

Sherry G.

OK so I would say I was very disappointed I ordered chicken français and I don't care if I have a lot of food I just want the taste to be very good my chicken français the chicken wasn't pounded out to be thin and the sauce or the français sauce was so sick it wasn't late like it should be And I thought I asked for angel hair pasta and I thought it would be in the sauce but it wasn't they gave me a spaghetti and a red sauce that just does not go together for being an Italian restaurant they should know better I'm sorry I did not enjoy at all I was very disappointed

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