1885 Niles Cortland Rd SE, Warren
(330) 652-1300

Recent Reviews

Monica Edmonds

First time visiting Niles, OH location. Great food, fast and professional service. The drive-through/parking is very tight here but doable.Food: 5/5

John Cassity

Terrible service, and location, pain to get up to it then you have to wait and deal with bad customer service, wouldn’t recommend at any cost.

Kristen Ronyak

Pretty good food for fast food. My sandwich was a little salty but fresh. However the kale side salad had moldy kale in it. I bought 2. If i didn't live 20 minutes away i would have taken it back. Just want worth the gas honestlyFood: 4/5

Delmer Woolensack

The sandwich was great, service was slow and I could feel their evil.god judging me as I waited for my order... Plus what if I crave them on Sunday? They actually think there's an all powerful being that cares if they make chicken on Sundays? Get real...Food: 5/5

Marilyn Bukovi

The staff are always friendly and helpful! We always order on the app and the food is perfect every time. They have a little play place for kids. The dining area is always clean and well stocked.Food: 5/5

Subnotical Outdoorsman

Everything about this place is amazing. Food is great, employees are held to a high standard and very professional. Love itFood: 5/5

William & Diane Dismukes

It's great they service grill chicken with gluten free buns. I can take the whole family out and everyone can enjoy their mealFood: 5/5

Kim A

The food was great, and even though the line was very long it was moving very fast. I have a gluten intolerance so I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with the gluten-free bun and that bun is the best gluten free bread option that I have found.Dietary restrictions: They offer a gluten-free bun and it is absolutely delicious.

Michael Hodil II

Stopped here last night while on break from GrubHub. Drive thru was pretty busy so I figured it'd be a bit before I got my food, and understandably so. I was actually pleasantly surprised that I got it as quickly as I did. Thanks for the friendly service and good food as always.

Kayli Howard

Food is always served hot and fresh and service is fast. Wally in the dining room is the sweetest guy ever! He always takes great care of us

jen dargan

The staff at this Chick-fil-A are wonderful. The fact that they have delicious gluten free options available is important to me. The grilled chicken sandwich served with a gluten free bun is the best! The buns are separately packaged. Highly recommend to those with wheat allergies or gluten sensitivities.Dietary restrictions: Delicious gluten free options, bun packaged separately. ?

Matthew Sapp

The experience in Chick FIL A is always as expected delightful. The staff is always welcoming and never makes you feel like a bother. The only thing that made me sad is wally wasn't working that day. It's always nice to see him working and interacting with customers.

Doug Garasic

Our boys love breakfasts here! From the friendly staff to the play area, we feel like we’ve raised our kids at this location. (Our oldest boy was actually the first kids to play in the play area when they opened)

Kim Chupa

This place runs like a well oiled machine..Only thing I would change is displaying the menu for thise who are not sure what to orderOr who don't have a smart phone to pull up menu b4 they goAs always.. Mac an cheese was amazing

Michelle Whitehouse

All the employees are super friendly, the food is always great, and the cheese sauce is my favorite! I wish the Chick-fil-A restaurants in PA had cheese sauce

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