Jack's Bar & Grille

1877 Niles Cortland Rd NE, Warren
(330) 856-6719

Recent Reviews

James Lord

I like this joint and I love Dawn. Here's the but. That steak sandwich is brutal. Maybe it was a bad day. But that thing was rough. Anyhow, cold beer and hot wings you can't go wrong

Mark Grooms

When Toby Keith wrote the song "I love this bar." I feel like he was talking about this place.

Michael Fredrick

Gerald is the best bartender ever, thank you

Barbara Matheson

Always a Great stop. Great drink prices & Delish food!

Mike Curtician

Awesome place . Very nice people . I’ll definitely go there again.

Kevin Crocker

Obviously a locals hangout. The bartender was busy talking to all her regulars and ignored us till we gently demanded to put in a beer order. Then she was still rude.

Lihle Mnash

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JAMES Taylor

Food was way over cooked. Fish had a heavy smell which means it was bad. Gyro pita was rock hard. Burger was extra well done and dry. Service was terrible. My son was done with his burnt blt before I got my food. Probably need to find a new cook and server. We won't be back.

Richard McCafferty

The best omelet in town! Ask anyone.

Jake Prill

Stopped in for lunch. Nice place friendly people and very clean!

Frances Beckes

Wicked season !! Great band. Played a lot of Foo Fighters ! My fav. Drummer boy of band is totally awesome !! Loved the experience. Great service great appitizers great prices !!

Anna Wilthew

Good service, great appetizers, shrimp, burgers and ribs!

Bryan Morrison

Food was delicious and the staff was friendly jam night was totally enjoyable.

Davin Stilson

Cool little bar with cheap drinks and live music

Donald Basile

Nice people and pretty good food.

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