Little Caesars Pizza

2567 Parkman Rd NW, Warren
(330) 369-2020

Recent Reviews

Small Town Preparedness

They never pick up the phone so you can place an order. Forget this place. I'll go elsewhere.

Cassandra Grandon

Tried to call and went to the store to order and they were clised

Marcus Scott

No one in the building had on gloves,hair nets and I didn't see not one person wash there hands after making other pizzas.To me that's a health hazard and team seemed a little confused other than that they we're very polite,food was not worth it.

Mira Raine

They never answer phones. They only ever wanna do online orders. Get a cashier for God sakes who is educated to take orders and count money ??‍♀️

Yvonne Richards

Was nice to see my order made right. They did a good job.

Amber Hollins

We ordered from here last night me and all my kids are very sick.we will never order anything from here again .I wouldn't even give this place 1 star but I had to just to leave a review .

amber quinn

I called to place an order and the worker told me it was going to be a 45 minute wait because they are in a middle of a shift change so I went in and they told me there wasn't a 45 minute wait they are just tired of people thinking they can call and place any order they want. That's your job so do it. Need to say I won't go there anymore.


I travel for work so I've been to multiple little Caesars and this is honestly the worst one I've seen yet. They almost never pick up the phone!!! You litterly have to call in 3 or 4 times before someone finally picks up the phone ?.. It's unacceptable and just another example of poor management and employees that should be fired. This is overall a poor area and unfortunately poverty often creates lazy workers.

Allie Lockwood

Bruh I debated even wasting the time to leave the darn review but figured I might save someone the hassle. The service was terrible from jump,no one had a decent attitude at all. Didn't seem real busy, none of my food was completely cooked, all the crust on my pizza soft and rubbery. Threw out most of the food not a single person in my house finished thier plate. threw an entire order of crazy bread for being completely undercooked. Save you're money.

Sharon Grandinette

The food is good but do yourself a favor and order delivery or door dash it. This is not a safe area after dark.

Amanda “MissCrazyB” Huff

I know I went on a busy night being New Year's Eve and all but no one would wait on me and I had my child with me then when the women finally comes to the counter she asks what do I want then tells me they have no hot n ready pizzas that it would take an hour to even get one? I need to place an order online. Not a single time have I ever been told to wait for 1 hour and place an order online for a hot n ready pizza.

Michael Priddy

Great group of workers. Very friendly and helpful!

Num Skull

All I get is a hot & ready plus a drink, seems like these kids can't operate the register properly just to scam people out of a $1. Luckily there's another store in the opposite direction. Ashame that this location is going to pot.

Amber B

The customer service isn't friendly and they don't answer the phone hardly ever. The workers were fighting in there the last time I went in there and it was a loud ruckus. Not physical fighting but loud constant yelling. As I'm trying to give my order.

Rozanna Ferry

Cheap, good, hot, friendly service

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