Pizza Joe's

Champion Plaza, 4437 Mahoning Ave NW, Warren
(330) 847-7244

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Donna Blaney

They must have been super busy cause we had a long wait. Pizza was really good, but the garlic knots were swimming in butterFood: 4/5

Henry B

I am really disappointed that I will never eat here again. After eating here for years and noticed the quality going down hill. Rubber half done wings, pizza so doughy in the middle it was uneatable, and the part that broke me. 3 long hairs cooked into my pizza! The pic shows the hair with the piece of pizza hanging off that stuck to it. Just let this place fade away. Going to be lazy hogs. You sure shouldn't be serving food.

Barb Hewitt

Normally I love Champion Pizza Joe's. However, I ordered a large veggie pizza and was disappointed that it was not cooked thoroughly.

Alexis Pacai

They always have good pizza, but the last few times I've ordered their veggie pizza it's not been too good.

T Lomax

If I could leave 0 stars I would. I never leave bad reviews but this one deserves it. We ordered a pizza at 6:56 was told 30 mins. I was late picking it up when I get there they don’t have my name or a pizza for us. But they have the exact pizza i ordered small veggi. For a different name ordered at exactly the same time. So they wouldn’t give us the pizza went to the parking lot orderd the pizza again. Literally watched them switch the pizza out from the one sitting above the oven that was for the other guy. Instead of admitting they made a mistake and just giving me my pizza i was made to wait a total of 1-1/2 hours for them to just give me the same pizza. We will never come back and I hope the rest of you don’t either.

Eric Wilson

I love pizza Joe's, this one is the only one near me about 30 mins away. This is the fifth and last time I order from there. It's not much to ask for light cheese, but apparently too much to ask for at this location. They didn't do it twice I let it go. Third time I ordered 2 light cheese pizzas, boneless wings, and bread sticks, and I got heavy cheese on the pizzas as usual, bone in wings, and cheese sticks with more cheese than bread. Called for a credit after spending over 50 dollars, received I believe 12 dollars in credit (ridiculous) and when I cashed in on my credit, they did the same thing. Today I reluctantly ordered again, one more chance for light cheese and they couldn't handle it. Asked for a remake and got it replaced with 2 pizzas that were basically the same. I have literally ordered regular pizzas and gotten less cheese, I ask for LIGHT cheese and they pile it on, I don't understand and am never ordering from here again.

Susan Benton

Just bought a pizza in the Champion store. While waiting for the guy to box it watched him wipe his nose up his hand three times and the again when he handed me the receipt to sign which was dirty and covered with sauce. No gloves on anyone handling food. A definite lower standard than the past. So disappointed. Paid for the pizza and tossed it in the trash outside the door. If there had been a manager would have asked for a refund.

Carrie -Carebear Zamarripa

One of my favorites from "home" area... Always fresh and delicious - ALWAYS priced right-never skimp on toppings-ALWAYS satisfied... Locally born and bred and STAFF ALWAYS great AT each location I've visited

Tresea J. Duffield

40 dollars is a lot of money, but once in while it's nice to have a treat. Two 9 cut pizza's, under cooked, barely any meat. But a whole lotta dough. Never again.

jenny smallsreed

Ordered two pizzas, dough on both were not cooked through, almost burnt on the bottom and raw dough in the center. Called, staff said they would remake them. Waited another 30 minutes to pick it up, got there and only one of the two pizzas was made. Waited another 20 minutes for the second one. Checked them in the parking lot, seemed to be okay. Get home to both pizzas doughy again, almost burnt on the bottom. One pizza was missing ordered toppings and the other pizza had burnt toppings.

Lisa Overly

We bought pizzas there and they were completely doughy and raw, a family member got a pizza there hers was burnt to a crisp on the bottom and around. Plus wrong size pizza! Come on with the price of food these days READ and PAY ATTENTION! 2 more customers you have lost and we used to love the taco and veggie pizza oh well I’ll find somewhere else

matt m.

Great pizza . Thank you for the military discount. Love ordering from you guys . Never had any problems.

Amber Hollins

The pizza we ordered was not done they did make it again for us brought it back home and the dough was still slimmy the same way as it was the first time .I'm not serving this to my kids I'm very disappointed. I think they may need to look at the burners in the oven maybe one is out or something. The top of the pizza is done but when you start to serve it you look under the cheese and it's not done at all its gross .waiting until Monday and I will be calling the manager bc we did spend a good amount of money on food that we couldn't even eat .I wouldn't even give them a 1 Star but I had to just to leave a review.

Lemony Snickets

They NEVER get my order right. Poor customer service. Ordered pizza, paid for it and sat down. 30 minutes later, after the teen staff was bored enough to bother with me, they asked if I was waiting for something. Not bothering with this place anytime soon ??NOPE

Pat Whitsel

Just picked up a Brier Hill pizza with sausage. Was supposed to have peppers on it but guess what? No peppers! Looked at my receipt and it said " no peppers" I NEVER SAID "NO PEPPERS"! You dont have worry about another bad review from me as I will NEVER be back! Make sure you check your food before you drive all the way home for dinner.. Pergect waste of my money! Yuck!

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