2611 Parkman Rd NW, Warren
(330) 469-9093

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Tiim GooRu Smith

Good eating...good fries fresh food! Can't lose!Food: 5/5

Jennifer Davensizer

It was the first time eat there food and it was fresh and good and fries are like fair fries so good!!

Rochell Curry

I appreciate a place with good flavor in their food. Im not a Warren Native so i wasn't aware of this place until i door dashed from them. Decided to try it and loved it! The rice bowls are wonderful!


It is the best sub in my life ever

Lindsey Dillenbeck

Hands down the best sub place I have ever been to. The customer service was great. Super clean and organized kitchen. The food was Amazing. I will be a regular for sure!!

chris jackson

Dam dam spend 95.00 for 100 wingdings andfrie call 700,pm receive 910pm and it was terrible wing so hard I almost loss a tooth fries was so dark and hard please step y'all game up my subcity in my town is ?

Josh N.

This place makes a fantastic sub. Recently I had the Italian sub. Perfect. It was on flat bread so you didn't fill up on bread and less toppings. It's not just a sub shop though. Appetizers- shrimp, chicken and or a steak quesadilla Subs- chicken Philly, city cheesesteak, shrimp philly, Italian and the Clevelander sub and more to choose from. They have bowls just like chipotle. They also have wraps which looked amazing. Over 20 different flavors of wings and hearty salads. They also have a really nice vegetarian menu. During the time of my visit it was strictly carry out. Most likely because of Covid. The staff was perfect. Very friendly and very professional and fast. I absolutely cannot wait to go back here. The Philly cheesesteak is up next.

Michael Moorhead

I have not found nothing negative about this place there food is Consistent very good everytime I go there and it have so much flavor every time I go there and everyone who work there treat you like family if you haven't went there yet your missing out

Jessica Jenkins

Family loves this place. Food is great. Don't have to ask my 13 yr old son where he wants dinner from it's now his favorite HE said to say their GARLIC HONEY Wings Sauce is Awesome! lol we've tried the subs,chicken Rice Bowls steak and shrimp fries wings, my 3 yr old says Mmm to every bite of her chicken Tender Strips too. Prices are reasonable too*

Jessica Jenkins

We alwayz Door Dash SubCity The Food Is really Good My kids love it too. My 13 year old son Loves the Garlic Honey Gold Wing Sauce it's now his favorite place to order from. I've ordered wings subs chicken Rice Bowls, steak and shrimp fries & all of it has been we're full b4 our food is gone

Imani Bennett

Good food. Nice staff. Soak the fries before they’re fried so they don’t turn so brown.

Angela DelGarbino

my boyfriend went and got our food yesterday and it was awesome!! 10/10 would have again and can’t wait to try everything else. he didn’t have enough nice things to say about the hospitality , as well!!

Mandi Schlaegel

This is amazing the loaded fries and steak sandwich were super good. I will be back to this place. I had to come try after I met the owner today at my job !

Alexander prouty

Just had this place for the first time, and it was absolutely phenomenal. Staff members were so nice and the food was great. The fries put others in ohio to shame. ??


I never ordered from sub city before, as I live in Howland, but I seen a local ad so i placed a to go order for a Philly cheese. I sat In the parking lot, ate my food and walked right back in to give my thanks, and a tip, to the workers. HANDS DOWN best food on the west side.

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