Sunrise Inn of Warren

510 E Market St, Warren
(330) 392-5176

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Jasmine Breeden

Got the wings, I tried two different sauces and they tasted similar but they were good. Really liked the hot ranch. The wings were big and made to orderParking: Good amount of parking

Lisa Devenport

We went to Sunrise on advise of my MIL. We were headed to a show at The Robins Theater and wanted to try this place. With the show being sold out the restaurant was very busy. Staff was like an old school Italian ? family vibe. They weren’t overly friendly but we weren’t coming there for the show, we were there to eat, as you can see the meal didn’t disappoint. The food ? was very good especially for the price! Everything was fresh and brought out in a very reasonable time! There was a lady that stormed out while we were waiting in line about the pizza ? taking 45 min to make, well, it clearly talks all about it on the menu and that’s the deep dish that takes that long. The other pizzas suggest a possible 30 minute wait. Perfection can’t be rushed and it made complete sense to us. They advise to order in advance. Even if you’re in a hurry there were SO many other menu items you will be fine or you can do pizza by the slice for $2! Every plate we passed on the way in and the way out looked amazing. HUGE PORTIONS. The bar was full and the smiles were plentiful. The place held up to the reviews and I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING IT! We completed our sweetest day dinner with a piece of homemade old school NY cheesecake that was delicious! We will be back for sure and will bring friends next time. PS on our way out we bought some Christmas ? Gift Certificates for the MIL for the recommendation.

Rodney R.

Some friends recommended this place and I will have to thank them. I thought it was a little pricey, but the portions were huge. I had the chicken parmigiana and it was delicious. There were two bike pieces of chicken and loads of spaghetti. Stuffed myself and still had half left over to take away. Bread was ample and fresh. Another person in our party had the pizza by the slice and they were extremely satisfying. Great service and food. Highly recommend if you are in the Warren OH area.

Sandy Bucci

This place is always our go to for good plentiful food. Veal parm was my hubby's dish. It was delicious. We had pasta with chicken and greens kicked up. Pizza is also great . I could go on and on. Take the time to eat there. My son treated us for my birthday. Good times.

Vince R.

If you need a bodily cleanse try their pizza at the bar! Three of my buddies and myself went here and got it, we're all experiencing the same aftermath.

Brandon Lippert

Very good food and service. Large portions and good quality. Was recommended this place by a coworker that visited the area before and we had a business trip that brought a couple of us to the area. Only complaint is it fills up fast and only had seating at the bar. But that is a testimony to the place in itself. Would love to be back in the future. Also better be hungry if your ordering the giant reuben! Made a meal for me twice!


The hostess worked really hard to get everyone seated. It was very busy that day. The waitress was very helpful when I ordered my food since I had not eaten there before. She was very friendly and she really hustled to take care of all her tables. The food was excellent!


Was at Sunrise Inn today, waited half an hour for terrible food. I ordered eggplant parm, my eggplant was burnt and I even had some extra burnt French fries to go with it. When asked how our food was when I went to pay I told the cashier the problem, no I'm sorry that happened, she took my money and immediately turned to the ladies behind her to continue a conversation. Very terrible service.

Bridgette C S.

Str8 HIT or Miss downtown! I'll be saving my little Pennie's! Stick with the pizza for no errors! Say it with me "CHICKENNNN PHILLYYYY!"


It's been decades since we had dinner here. Walking back inside took us back 30 years. We were quickly seated. I ordered the meat ball splash sandwich with fries (very good). Lulu went with the turkey club with fries (very good). Plenty of food for the money. My sandwich was huge. In fact, the other couple across from us was watching to see if I could eat the whole thing (I couldn't). Friendly staff. Plenty of parking on both sides of the building. Will be back.

Megan T.

I came here not knowing what to expect but ordered their seafood pasta with a rose sauce. The rose sauce was like an Alfredo/ marinara mix, very delicious. I did need to add some ref pepper flakes, salt, and pepper to give it a bit more oomph but it was very good even without it. We started with fried calamari, and their version of Thai chili dipping sauce which is was one of the best I've ever had. He had the stuffed (seafood stuffing) sole filet topped with just the right amount of melted butter--seasoned perfectly and not overly buttery. The two people we were with ordered hot pizza by the slice, and I was told it was delicious. I learned sunrise is known for their pizza after we ate there. It's a bit crowded and busy inside, very much an old-school diner feel, but clean and enjoyable none-the-less. Our waitress was super busy but attentive and very kind. I will be back to try their pizza soon.

Lori K.

Food arrived to our table Very quickly. We realize when ordering fried chicken must give extra extra time, but amazing and worth the wait.


Sunrise Inn has a very unique “old world” pizza that is a must try and is unlike any pizza I have had. My family loves it. A must visit when in Warren.

Ronald L.

Went there today to grab a couple pizzas, had a beer while I waited $3.20 for a Mich Ultra, not even a 22oz mug or bigger. There are some folks IMPACTED by this supply crunch, and there are some folks TAKING ADVANTAGE BECAUSE OF THE SUPPLY crunch. These folks are taking advantage. Don't let them get rich off you.

Pamela N.

A friend of mine used to come here 60 years ago, and always encouraged me to do so too. I had never been to Warren before, but at my first opportunity I remembered what John told me.I think if he would have come here with me he would have been delighted! I had deja but walking in, because it's exactly as he described it!The ambience seeps out of every nook and cranny, and the place is packed with friendly people, staff and diners.The food is a step up from home cooking and tasted exactly right. I got the calamari and the penny vodka, and was happy as a clam. Every dish I saw served look appetizing and fresh.We sat in a two top booth along the bar and even though there were TVs, overhead music (all nice choices, too), so many people, and it was bustling, we could still carry on a conversation.There are four areas to the diner: bar area, lounge, an area beyond the bar, and large dining room. I didn't look into the lounge, but all the other areas were packed. And because of the layout, I still didn't feel crowded.Bathrooms were clean, and retro. Like the rest of the place.This is now a new favorite restaurant and we'll be returning often. A toast to John, and to the Inn!

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