Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

40 W Midlothian Blvd, Youngstown
(330) 999-4581

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Alonzo Paul

Ordered 12pc chicken, got home ,only 8 pcs!They did replace the other 4pcs when I returned the next day.Food: 4/5

Tami Estep

They need to do better with out of stock items if possible. Red Beans and Rice and Mac n Cheese was out. Chicken Nuggets are AWESOME!Food: 5/5

Tiffany Ferrari

Parking lot is a JOKE! With a large sedan or small SUV the drive thru lane is laughable! *You WILL hit a curb!!Also, we ate in the parking lot after the concert and left not even half done with our food bc a truck pulled up beside us and with loud and rowdy young men in it- I got nervous and told my husband to just leave before we got mugged or shot or something!Also the one man working (middle eastern) was on his phone when we came to the 1st or 2nd window (no wonder it took forever to get our food!!)Also, it tasted mediocre in comparison to other Popeyes I've frequented. Too bad because I dont go often ?

Melissa Mooney

I don't know what happened but you guys have improved sooo much!!! We actually enjoy coming. You have things in stock, you're nice and efficient!! Way to go!!

S. H. (Reesey)

Food was edible and disappointed they didn't have any spicy chicken at the time of my visitFood: 4/5

Daniell Williams

I had a coupon for chicken or chicken tenders and it came with 2 large sides and 5 biscuits I asked for chicken and gave them the code and I didn't receive what I asked for then they failed to fix the order or give me my money back very unprofessional and I wouldn't recommend noone to go there very unorganized


So I ordered a water and a spicy chicken breast in the drive thru and a guy gives me a cup of water with no ice, no lid and no straw. He also didn’t have the spicy chicken breast, they said they had regular. My cup smells like oil.

Md Khalilor Rahman

It was too friendly place ever i seen.they are totally good people. I love the popeyes chicken. It was juicy, crispy & hot freshKid-friendliness: There are lots facilities over their.they have special facility for childParking: It was so easy parking spotWheelchair accessibility: They have more option for wheelchair facility

Carol Cambridge

Hadn't had Popeyes in a while. Didn't want chicken. Server suggest the shrimp special. It was good. Will purchase again.

Marcus Roach (Biphrania)

The worse will never return to this location on market rude as ever they lied again gave them a try and they said they didn't have wing act like the don't know English why do we let this ppl own store only America we as American got to stop eating here period since they took over legs wing got so much smaller let get them out of Popeyes and get American wings back

Ashik Dowza

This restaurant doing very good.I would say they are best.why i said that?The reason behind this is Is the behavior of Their crewmembers.I just love themAnd their quality Nine out of 10

Jolina Doship

I was really nervous about going here because with the old manager it used to be so dirty and gross. This new manager is way better then the old manager. He is a nice charming guy who is always cleaning. Never once has he come across as disrespectful like that old manager Ashley. The company is in great hands now and I suggest everybody go check out the inside now if you don’t believe me.

Matt Whittenberger

Great friendly place to enjoy chicken with your family.

Unknown Unknown

This restaurant is disgusting! Trash everywhere and just downright dirty! I would not recommend that anyone eat there. This is based on just what I saw while waiting for an order, I can only imagine what it is like beyond what I could see. Really gross folks! When the order was finished, they forced everything into one bag and smashed all the customer's items. Not sure when they last had an inspection, but hope it is soon so they clean this place up!

Matthew W.

Great friendly place. Friendly staff. Great food. Dining room now open to the public.

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