2113 Maysville Ave, Zanesville
(740) 454-0181

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April Hamrick

It took FOREVER in the drive thru. Finally got my bucket of chicken, and it's awful. I used to love kfc not anymore with the cheap ingredients. Tastes like bad cheap flour.Food: 2/5


Best fast food in south Zanesville and one of the best KFC locations I've eaten at.Food: 5/5

Chris Bailey

We pulled into the drive-thru and there was about 7 cars in front of us. I decided to go in to place a to go order. I had my food quick! The staff were polite and efficient. By the time we're were leaving they how somehow manage to clear the drive-thru.

K Bunting

Food was hot and came out very quicklyKid-friendliness: Kids meals availableParking: Lots of parking

Jacob Ross

What can i say its kfc... Everyone knows whats coming when they order their food. Top notch. They were really fast getting my order to me considering how busy they were. Place was about as clean as it possibly could be. Staff was pleasant and welcoming... And the food ... I only regret not ordering modeParking: At first glance it appears to be a bad headache trying to pull out of the lot. Provided youre not in the drivethru go around the outside of the drivethru lane theres an ally between kfc and the bank that will allow you to cut across a bit of the banks parking lot to a side street with a light so you dont have to try and fight the traffic on maysville pike trying to get home

Jeffery Chandler

Mac n cheese bowl is awful. Won't be getting it ever again.

Brandy Yocum

Drive thru got my order wrong when I told them my receipt wasn’t right they over charged me for meals I didn’t want. She said she would get a manager I agreed she came back gave me my food and walked away. Got home and the chicken sandwiches I ordered was so hard they could have broke your teeth and had very little sauce. Called to talk to manager she made every excuse under the sun. Will never go again they are trash and so is the food they serve!

Tina Sayatovich

This management team was Awesome! Staff was great. Their app was horrible. I called in my order do to being a large order. Everything was ready, hot was hot and cold food was cold. Will be back! Thank you for taking care of your customers ❤️

Angela Moore (Angie)

They still owe us a piece of chicken, was close to closing time. The app is a joke. No good deals for food.st ordering off the menu and removing the app


So far I’ve never had a bad experience with the maysville pike kfc. Food is great and employees have always been great!

Travis Eppley

The employees showed exemplary customer service, unusual to experience with fast food places.... specifically the dinner crew...

Rock South Town

KFC started selling whole wing's, really good. They're getting smaller about evy 3 week's. Damn hard making $$ from buying close to premium food to sell. Just keeps getting smaller. Mays pk KFC typically has good food. 3 1/2 might've been 4 but last order of wing's kicked it back to 3

Kenny Robinson

Friendly customer service experience very nice and pleasant food was fresh and hot

Chris Barnhart

We went to the restaurant arrived at 8:23pm on Tuesday 5/17/2022 and received evil glares from a couple of the employees so got the impression that they were mad about us being there so we didn't even go in we left.

Russell McCarty

If no stars was an option I’d give it. Ordered of $50 in food and was asked to pull up waiting on sides. After sitting 20 minutes in the drive thru and when I asked where my food was, 4 high school girls and a tattooed women sat there staring like dear in the headlights for several minutes before they told me they had no food to fill my order and how crazy busy they were. They claimed they didn’t realize I was sitting there, I was pulled forward blocking there drive thru in plain view for 30 minutes. I reached out to the store manager and never received so much as a ‘our bad.’ Terrible management and accountability or lack there of.

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