3111 Maple Ave, Zanesville
(740) 452-8380

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John Lamourine

Had to change my review to 1 star. 8/7/22 i went through the drive-thru and oh boy the young blond working the window has a huge attitude problem.

Autism Speaks

They definitely up thier game when it comes to the taste of the food and not just wanting to go there just for the frosty's. I absolutely love the fact that you can still get salads here as alot of fast food has done away with, however if your looking for something tasty, filling and not so healthy then I suggest getting a Baconator; if that for some reason is not enough thier chicken nuggets with cheese sauce and a sweet tea or one of the lemonades make it into a great meal. I also very much enjoy that it's the only fast food that I know of the serves bake potatoes, however they are very pricey (which actually goes for alot of things on thier menu); infact that and also the fact that they turn away our business a few times when we went in to try to get take out because they didn't lock the door in time... is why they got only a 3 star rating from me.


made all of my orders singles sandwiches when i asked for large and had to go back and explained i wanted meals and they still made me pay 11 bucks for 3 fries i already should’ve gotten with the previous 40 dollar order i just placed. thanks wendy’s you’re great.

Kelly Aber

I was skeptical and had not ate here for a long time. We decided to try it again and had a great meal, friendly staff and the 5 meals were delivered as ordered.

Jesse Goodall

Ordered 4 of the six piece spicy nuggets with ranch as the sauce. I also requested extra ranch. As I was paying, the worker at the bag of food on the counter. Another worker accidently knocked the bag off of the counter and onto the floor. We were asked to pull up and wait as they made us fresh food. I was patient and not upset at all. I understand that accidents happen. When the brought out our food I thanked the worker and they apologized for the wait. I was satisfied with the service and pulled away. My wife checked the bag before we left the parking lot and noticed that we had sweet and sour sauce instead of ranch. There were only 2 sauces. So even if they had misheard which sauce I requested they still didn't mark that I wanted extra sauce. I parked the car and walked inside to wait in line. The worker inside was polite and apologized for the inconvenience.

Ryan Gibson

I went through the drive through and ordered two $5 biggie bags with dipping sauces, one extra small fry and one extra jr. bacon cheeseburger. They forgot three items and messed up one other! How does that happen! One mistake from time to time is understandable, but four! Honestly this place never gets my order completely right and I should have been letting them know everytime, because today, I nearly lost it on the manager, however, I did stay calm and respectful but I let her know i was upset! I'll be going to a different Wendy's from now on (or may even a different restaurant completely).

Shelby Vickers

I ordered a chive and sour cream baked potatoWhen i got home it was cheese?baked potatoSo talked to mgr and went back next dayWell it was a chive baked potato but looked liked it was cut open and a real mess plus cold on sides of itI will never get a thing from them employees dont check orders? only thing good is a Frosty

Frances Roush

Stopped from out of town at 7:00pm ,they were getting ready to close.7:00pm on a Friday night. My sandwich was not good and the fries were probably was the last cooked in the basket.,couldn't even eat the fries. Threw the fries and most of the sandwich away. When in a hurry to close up and get out of there, I still feel like I should get fresh food. I wasted $8.00 and won't be back any time soon....

Rick Hoeflick

Wendy's is a great place for burgers and fries. If you LOVE bacon, then you will want to get either their baconator or son of baconator. I believe they also have their fries with bacon and melted cheddar. I also like their frosty's, chocolate and vanilla. I wish they'd get strawberry-flavored frosty's.

Deborah Lett

My sister and I headed to Wendy's a few nights ago and it was about 5 minutes till 10:00 , they close at 10:00.. we called ahead and was able to put our order in and by the time we pulled up just about 10:00 they had our order ready they was very polite and friendly and we really appreciated that they was able to do that for us.. awesome crew..

stephen miller

Food was good but the cashier definitely wasn't overly friendly. I really felt as though we weren't really wanted. ?

Briar Stimer

Very Rudy person working the drive thru. Didn't give me a fork to eat my salad and chicken nuggets were way under cooked.

Mike Anderson

Maple ave Zanesville. Extreamly slow service. Outside not lighted up at night time. It apeared that they had alot of bearly trained kinds. It looked like total caous in there were they were working at the drive thru window. No one was wearing masks. No one was hearing hair nets and there hair wasent covered by a hat. I had to scream in the speaker to get the kid to hear my order.I was there on 2/20/2022 around 8 pm. Please fix the problems there or close that location. Clearly that locations concern isnt the customer.Please remedy.Mike

Tracy F

Everything was good except my double burger, the one hamburger patty wasnt cooked all the way. But everything else was real good and hot. The lettuce was nice and crisp.

Jamie Shannon

My final straw with this restaurant was staff yelling profanities at each other. Slow service, served cold food. Won't be back.

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