3111 Maple Ave, Zanesville
(740) 452-8380

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Tyler Herron

When your employees don’t wear masks you send a clear message to your customers that YOU DONT CARE ABOUT OUR HEALTH AND SAFETY. My grandparents used to frequent this location - since seeing how little you care about their health, I’ve instructed them to immediately stop going here.


Poor Customer service the girl at the register was more concerned in hiding another employees hat then she was in takeing care of her customers I waited 15 minutes for our food even tho we were the only ones in the restaurant because the girl playing around and hideing the other guys hat insisted on makeing our food and then Our food wasent even right I know it's hard to fine people that wanna work right now but Your customers should always come first.

Jill J

The food was ready fairly quick since I ordered through the app, but they forgot the pecans for my salad. That's what makes the salad so good. I just wish they would double check orders before handing them out of the window. I hate holding up the line to double check my order. I guess I will have to next time.

Tamera Smith

They have really good French fries ? as long as they are hot fresh cooked yummy yummy ?

Kyle Hogue

Food was hot and service was fast despite the long line in the drive thru.

Bert Fiitzer

Went through drive thru last night 545pm, two gals working the window, a pretty, petite black girl with a pretty petite white girl. They were making fun of me, openly, one said something to the other, she looked at me and laughed, and when they realized I could hear them, they shut the window and continued laughing and talking about me. I would really like to talk to whomever is running that place.I stopped thru the drive thru today, ordered lunch and asked the Mgr if she had a minute to speak with me about Saturday. I told her what happened and she was very nice. She explained the problems about hiring help, especially younger, immature employees--and promised me she would address the problem that I had with the two girls. I really appreciated her kindness, candor and professionalism.

Tyler Collins

They are fast and have great food and my experience was the best in the food I enjoy thank you .

Emmet Lore Rey

Wendys is one of the few places I eat out at, usually get my order right but on occasion they do get it wrong. Not a big deal since it's usually close enough for me to be satisfied. Customer service is usually very friendly and quick.


Food quality is getting worse as the years go by. I asked the drive thru associate if I could have a drink carrier, she ignored me.

Devon Walters

This Wendy’s is the worst around the Zanesville Ohio area!!!! To start off the manager Brandy is rude I asked her to replace my food and it was messed up again the second time but didn’t realize it till after I got back home almost 15-20 mins away and she has the nerve to say bring it back how about not I spend 26$ for garbage

Shanda Moody

Most not all employees are very rude an dispresctful drive through

Brian Roessler

The food was pretty fresh but this is the second time the kid at the window has been rude. 1st time he tried to tell me they didn't have something that was on their menu right in front of me. He got kinda smart. Don't think he will last long there, pretty sure he is somewhat new.

Tyler O'Donnell

Honestly, surprisingly fast on most occasions. My only complaints are that they rarely put napkins in the bag and a lot of times the lids have pop on top of them.

brittany hatfield

Very nice employees, especially mr Lavell. I asked for a new sandwich because my bun was a little stale. He was so polite and kind! This is what makes people come back.

David anthony

Nice people thereVery cleanI park near the trees on the north sideTurn right when you exitFresh food there. Nice manager there

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