2229 W Gary Blvd, Clinton
(580) 323-2030

Recent Reviews

Brett Jackson

They are just too proud of thier chicken these days. Way to much for cheapest meat on the planet

Joyce Kenney

Very good extra crispy chicken & pot pie. Polite & friendly employees.

Douglas Cavanaugh

burn the place to the ground and start over.

Kestra Yay

More than once my order was either missing items or had the wrong items. Tacos are mostly lettuce. The chicken is never fresh. I've never been able to get original recipe on my visits because they had none cooked at those times. I even tried to call my order in ahead of time , no one would pick up the call. Over all poor experiences every time

Ron Hornsby

One of the nicest KFC'S I've ever been in.

Jannette Plain

Food is good eve though u don't always get what u order.

Debbie Weller

Friendly cashier. Food was hot and done.

Patricia Smith

Chicken was good but sides weren't

Kimberly Jolowicz

Good food and great service. Friendly staff. Convenient if traveling on Route 66.


I drove up to order and they were out of Chicken.There always out of something so they must have a poor Manager.If they have food it taste like a typical KFC.

Aaron Allen

Slow & lazy service. I asked if I could substitute a side on my sandwich combo I was even willing to pay a little extra for the substitution. I was promptly and firmly shot down to that idea when I have done it many times at other KFC locations. At least they did one thing quickly on this visit. Iâ??m pretty sure my chicken had been under a heat lamp since George W. Was in office. The chicken was not anywhere close to fresh. Customer service sure isnâ??t a top priority here.

Michael Gollihugh

Good food good staff

Gary Schenewolf

This is suppose to be fast food. I don't think they understand what fast means.

Bria Nee

Passing through here on a road trip and we were really hungry... Decided to stop here and get both taco bell and KFC.

Billy Ray

Was really shocked! I have heard of original or extra crispy, but burnt is crazy! Won't go back.


Service is usually pretty slow. The food is good though


Service slow, food overcooked. The cashier didn't offer me the Famous Bowl combo which would have cost $.01 more for a drink and cookie.

Gabby F.

The chicken is burn from how many times they re-heat it in the oil. We went to ask for fresh chicken because it was a dark brown and burnt and they said all the chicken looks that way.Tables and floors were dirty. No condiments. We waited 45 minutes for our simple food orders to be ready...and they came cold. They don't give you a full order. *famous bowl*Restrooms were filthy and disgusting. They need serious management or close the place down before they get someone sick.

danielle heskew

This place is absolute garbage. The staff is terrible, the food is terrible, and they never have anything in stock (or at least that's what they say so they don't have to cook it)

amber devoy

Bathrooms had no toilet paper and my husband got served a hard chalupa

NATIVE SON Weadrlbear


Cindy Cabaniss

First we ordered original and they gave us crispy chicken. The chicken was extremely dry, like it had been laying around all day. It was cold also, and they didn't even give us our entire order. My mother's potatoes & gravy was missing from her box. We did wait at the window for approximately 5 to 8 minutes to get our food. We live in Arapaho so we didn't know about the poor quality of the food until we were already home. I then tried calling them which was a failure, because the phone number listed (323-2030) did nothing but beep. It never would ring. Needless to say we will NOT be going back to the Clinton location again!!ð??¡

Martha Najera

The corn I ordered was old old old I was very mad, my pot pie had no more flavor been setting to long in the warmer ð??¬

Tammy Ochoa

This visit was awful, place was dirty ,we had to look for a clean table, and the first worker looked as if he would of taken are order right, but I guess he couldn't work over. Problem this time was it was very slow at this time we went. So I don't understand the dirty tables and employees attitudes.

Amber Cox

We have given this restaurant numerous chances. It is awful! The chicken was greasy, to the point of nauseating.

William Evans

New management is making this a good eatery once again.


We dropped here for a lunch disappointed, finding the Rt 66 museum next door closed for the first week of Jan. Apart from usual popcorn chicken and wings our kids like, I ordered a spicy bowl which was offered for a limited time as advertised.The bowl is very tasty and big, I've tried it for the first time, consisting of chicken pieces, mushed potatoes and corn - very spicy (also you can order the regular one).

Deborah Bursley

Staff is great, but not all stores serve grilled chicken which sucks for those that do not eat breaded or fried.

Penny Schaefer

When we visited KFC today, there was construction going in in the lobby. It was difficult to determine what part if the building was open. I finally just went to the drive thru area to order our food. The food was good, however. I think KFC chicken is the best! My favorite!

Judi Freeman

This is the only location in all the years I've been ordering the famous bowl that messed it up. I ordered 2 bowls. 1 with cheese and extra gravy and 1 no cheese and extra gravy. Neither had extra gravy. In fact there was hardly any gravy at all. Was very dry. Would have brought it back but we were traveling and already checked into our hotel

Aaron J.

This place sucks. Horrible service. The guy never even looked at us. Could barely hear him even after telling him to speak up. Waited over 20 minutes in drive through for our food. When we got home, they didn't give us our cookies in the meals we ordered.

Crystal C.

We came here because of its close proximity to the Route 66 Museum and how usually this chain is pretty consistent. When ordering they did not have pot pies despite being on the menu.... ok I ordered Nashville Hot Chicken and my dad ordered a two piece which comes with potatoes and a cookie. When our orders came the Nashville Hot tenders were over cooked nearly to the point it made them hard to chew. My dad's chicken was perfect but they left out the cookie. When he asked if he could have one they said they didn't have them so he mentioned the sign says it comes with one and they looked at him and again said they don't have them there The cashier attempted to make right and substituted a small lemon cake, which was nice of him and much appreciated. Not the best KFC by far but the cashiers heather saved them from 1 star because he was truly trying.

Cassidy L.

The website claims they do not close until 11:00 pm. I went at 10:30, and they place is abandoned. Why have hours posted if you are not going to commit to those hours? Waste of time.

Incorruptme O.

Wow. That's what I say. Holy jeepers. Nasty, just nasty. Every thing felt like grease. Sticky floors, almost lost a shoe. Restroom was absolutely disgusting. Food was cold and greasy do to the fourty minute wait. We were given cups but there were no lids for them. Not going back to this location ever. Health Departmen t should investigate the smell.

Beth S.

Wow - must be way understaffed. Everything needs stocked, restrooms are a disaster. Hopefully food is ok.

Sid V.

"Sorry, we are out of chicken". Need I say more? Wish I could give a negative number. Fortunately the other restaurant we tried had food!

Natasha Thomas Miller

I Never leave bad reviews bc let?s be honest people are just hard to please in general... but let me tell you I?ve been there 6 times in the last 2 weeks.. every time I?ve been there it?s been different times of the day, hoping I might get lucky and get a chicken pot pie and all 6 times they?ve told me they are out! I finally gave in an ordered tacos bc to be honest I was tired of waiting in line for 20 minutes just to get told no once again and the girl that took my order was very rude! I had to say thank you and you?re welcome for her bc she obviously doesn?t know how to. Get better management. Make sure you have what is offered on the menu. I?m ashamed to say it?s like this every time I go there!!!

RN Swanson

Sometimes they're good sometimes they are really bad. This time I was extremely dissappointed because this is the second time I've went and they were "out of chicken". How can you be out of chicken?? it's literally in your name?? Out of chicken on a Sunday? Really? If it's not the no chicken it's the missing items that were ordered. Sadly, I will not be going back until they clean up their act and get someone in there that knows how to order what they need and train people properly.

Charlene H.

I wish I could give this place 0 stars. Disgusting bathroom. No soap. Dirty floors. Horrible service. Our food was given to the wrong person then rebagged and given back to us. Hopefully this place will be shut down soon


Food was basic KFC. Drive through window took forever. Looked in bag to be sure we had two 'bowls', should have checked closer. When we got to motel no silverware and not even a napkin.