The Turnpike Tavern

33000 OK-51, Coweta
(918) 279-1934

Recent Reviews

Darin McQuay

Fun, friendly atmosphere. Great bartenders...good people!!

Tammy Long

They have the best customers. Everyone looks out for one another and we have a great time.

Sally Caveny

Great little game hidden treasure, will definitely be back!

DJ Chris

Coldest beer and friendliest staff

Bekah G.

You know, for being a dive bar this place is pretty rad! It is a beer only bar, so keep that in mind, and the variety is pretty minuscule. BUT, every single beer is 2 bucks! And the best part is, pool is 50 cents! I mean come on, where has that?! So two beers and two games of pool for 5 bucks?! I'll take it! Also, with every beer comes a beer koozie! I thought that was a funny individual touch. They've got Karaoke on Saturdays, only done it once there but it was pretty fun, and there's darts! It's not a very big place but I've never seen it get too crowded, only two pool tables also. Granted it is a biker bar and usually people are coming through on 51 and pop in. Head on out and have a smoke filled night, haha!

Evol C.

This place is in my hometown, and used to be known as a sleazy strip club that got busted for prostitution. The new owner has since taken it and turned it into a pretty decent beer bar. They're still pretty green so they don't have anything on tap, but the prices for bottles and buckets are pretty decent ($2 domestics and $11 for a sixer bucket). One of the coolest things about this bar is fifty cent pool games. I haven't seen fifty cent pool around here since the 90s. The tables are nice, and there is also electronic darts. The crowd here is a pretty friendly one; a lot of bikers and older folk. Bottom line: This is really a no frills beer bar, so if you're looking or something fancy or a mixed drink, this place isn't for you. However, If you like reasonably domestic beer and cheap pool in a homey, no drama environment with nice folk, I recommend this place.

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