3 Tequilas

315 S Broadway, Edmond
(405) 216-0500

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Angela Bradley

This was my first time at 3 Tequilas. The food was delicious perfection. Our server was stellar and the House Margarita was fantastic.

Tanya Young

Great place. Wonderful staff. Loved all the different salsas and extras.

Anne Branscum

This isn't a bad place to eat but it wouldn't be some place I would go out of my way to go eat. Meh.

Brenda S.

We placed a two dinner take-out directly at the restaurant and brought them home. My dinner which was the two enchilada dinner cheese and chicken was cold and the cheese enchilada was just a flour tortilla wrapped in cheese with nothing else on it like where is the sauce? My husbands dinner was also cold . There are better Mexican restaurants out there and would not recommend this place. HIgh prices for lousy food.

Tamar H.

I must have ordered the wrong thing. Shrimp and spinach and enchiladas. Very bland but hubs ordered the el tehano, that was tasty and son ordered the 2 ft burrito and it was delish.

Michael Chapa-Field

This place has always been really good. Staff is very good and we never run out of drinks, chips or salsa. Keep up the good work.On another note. Can't wait to see the final remodel.

Jamie P.

SO DISAPPOINTED! We were excited after seeing so many great reviews and also that they had authentic dishes. Boy were we let down! First our to-go order was wrong. A nice surprise to find out when we had it home. One dish came with tortillas and we ordered extra. We did not receive ANY tortillas. I asked for the sauce on the side of my chimichanga. They did not do that- more on the chimi later... We put our disappointments aside and were just eager to try the food with an open mind. The salsa isn't what I would call salsa- it is runny and tasted like it came right out of a jar. I couldn't believe that it tasted exactly like grocery store bottled salsa. Ok, moving on, maybe the entrees will be good. Remember that chimi from earlier??? Well, I asked for the sauce to be on the side so I could get a golden crisp chimi and dip it. Naw, didn't happen. It did not look like there was sauce on it, but instead like someone spread a little cheese-like sauce that blended with the tortilla and made it super soggy. I was very upset. It was soggy- not crisp whatsoever. This did not meet the definition of a chimi. A chimi is deep-fried. This was panfried in oil. The fact the ends were not tucked was a giveaway (if it had been fried, the ingredients would have spilled out- you tuck a chimi's ends in order to fry it). That is fine, but don't call it a chimichanga, because it is not. It was a soggy mess. We did order a side of their cheese sauce. It was very good. I wish I had the tortillas I ordered to try with it because their chips were not good. They were saturated in oil, the likes of which I have never seen. I was curious if maybe that is where the oil from the Exon Valdez went??? I expect an oil spot or two, but the bag was so saturated that you could see the chips through it! And the chips tasted like it- thick and rigid with just saturated oil. Credit where credit is due- the rice was good.

Michael Ferguson

Food was cold when I picked it up at the time the online ordering said the food would be ready. No tortillas or shredded cheese given for the fajitas. Refried beans were watered down. Bag of chips soaked through and left oil on my table within an hour.

Jayde E.

3 tequilas has held a spot in my heart for a while now. This is one of the only locations in Edmond/OKC that has GOOD white queso. They also boast a terrific salsa - a quaint bit of spice and ample texture. The margaritas are always a must and the staff is always incredibly friendly. If you're looking for a new Mexican restaurant to claim as your go to...this is the spot.

M Haddock

Great food and excellent service! So good that every time I visit Oklahoma I make sure to eat here. They have mild, hot and knock-your-socks off salsa! The fajitas are amazing and the Chile rellenos are yummy! The portion are generous and they make a great margarita!!! Don't miss this place!

Mary Lou M.

Really good food, fun and lively, noisy during busy times, but not too loud for us to hear one another.

April Hendricks

I had 5 stars when we first went there. We are frequent customers, but their salsa changed in the last month or so and its too salty now. It makes me not want to go there as often.

Molly Batchelor

This place is very good! Loved the food and drinks! A little crowded but what good restaurants aren't! ?

Josh J.

Messes up orders and blames it on the system. They rushed it instead of completing all the entrees and sent out a half-filled order without so much as even a text or call.

Laura Chambers

Amazing food and drinks. Excellent service!

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