Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

2410 W Edmond Rd, Edmond
(405) 340-9288

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Yuki Chulo

Staff is great and friendly. Love the ice cream.

Larry Woods

Went in for steak finger dinner asked for a vanilla coke which DQ used to have couldn't get vanilla coke because none knew how to put vanilla in a cup, then sat down after ordering ,,,, then they came and told us they didn't have steak fingers , so got my money back and left.

C Adams

Always a great place to shop! Employees are great help and friendly

Rockstar Pandey

This store has gotten better lately, previous experiences were not at all good.They stay busy most of the times, however they do have some teenagers that are on clock and they are more of a side slow hand than real help.The GM should spend sometime here and cut the slow moving pieces to have better labor percentage.Multiple times I have seen on clock young kids just playing around instead of helping the guest.Much improved now. Keep up the good work.

Trenton Beliel

I love Braums and frequent this location often. The last 4-5 times it’s been awful. I ordered two shakes today and they were chocolate milk consistency on one and the other was a little thicker. I hate leaving bad reviews and only do it when I have to. This location has really gotten bad.

Stephanie Keef

Love Braum’s! I ordered a favorite… a small vanilla mix with Heath Bar. I’m told by my family that this is an “old lady” order, but I don’t care. It’s good!

Latoya Lowe

I've been on a mission to find my favorite flavor ice cream which they normally have which is dream cooler. They started having it mid summer but after that nothing. I'm very disappointed...

High IQ gaming

Clean and neatAmazing staffA lot of ice cream flavors!Huge scoops of ice cream!Soft serve too!!!Plus they also have groceries!!!

Justin Rogers

Completely impossible to get a burger here with no cheese. You can beg them to not put cheese on your burger and it will have cheese every single time. I just ordered 2 burges that were so so wrong, they weren't even edible.

Robert B.

I'm co-owner of a local business and we employ roughly 90 people and our business is all about the clients we PROUDLY SERVE. If we were to treat any clients like we were treated this evening through your drive-through we would be out of business not only is it embarrassing an awful how many businesses are suffering ( closing for good) especially in the restaurant industry because of Covid. Then you have people at your organization and I don't know their name but the one that so rudely greeted me and handed me my Food was dark hair wearing a blue apron and yes you know who I'm speaking about see this all started at the drive-through when I could barely hear them and they could barely hear me so I elevate my voice to repeat what I've ordered I get an attitude as I'm asked to pull forward I pay no big deal go to the next window this young lady proceeds to hand me my food and I try to say thank you and she rolled her eyes at me I repeated myself I said thank you once again no reply I will never shop at Brahms again I will definitely never come to this promise again this is uncalled for and it's not my fault Brahms doesn't have a better intercom system where they can hearPatrons trying to order I'm born and raised in 51 years old and live in Oklahoma my life love love Brahms ice cream but I'll never eat it again because of this this is an ongoing issue and if this is the Cannes calling you guys wish to hire and retain more power to you I wanna spend my hard-earned money local at this facility ever again. I am only going to give a one star because I can't give a zero.

Connie Faga

Love their cappuccino chocolate ice cream waffle cone! Fast, courteous service in drive through!

Randhier Ramharakh

One of the best hamburger and ice cream chains you can find anywhere. Too bad they aren't nationwide.

Lauren Lavi

Good food, good is fast. Good service, 10/10 recommend for everyone. Good for kids

Joyce Dickerson

Pleasant service and fast. Frozen yogurt is great and the good size. Always friendly. Best rye bread I ever tasted. But the best is the smile on their faces.

Michael Stockman

Just avoid this location. I love Braum’s. But this location is always horrible. Poor service. Always out of everything. The manager and team members just do not care. Always dirty inside a well.

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Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

2410 W Edmond Rd, Edmond, OK 73012
(405) 340-9288