Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

2001 NW 164th St, Edmond
(405) 341-4542

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Justin Thiessen

I got an Eggnog shake and my daughter ordered a burger and fries. Everything came out correctly and my daughter said her food tasted good. The service was great and the restaurant was very clean. Outstanding!!

Crane Man

This is the 2nd time I have been at the location in the past 3 weeks only to find my order was not right again. Incompetent help that needs to read the order back and check to see that I received the correct food. Looked like the night shift manager screwed this one up. Had 3 orders and only received 2 of them. My family was not happy again!

angela coleman

I really do like Braum’s but the customer service lately has been sub-par. Went there today and once I got my burgers and fries, I was asked to pull up to the door because they were still making my cherry limeades. I thought that was odd because I’ve never had to wait on a drink like that. Anyway, I pull up and 5 minutes later an employee brings out what is supposed to be my 2 cherry limeades. There was no pink in sight but I thought maybe I needed to stir it. I get home and took a sip and it was basically seltzer water with a lime in it. It actually tasted more like the machine had run out of soda. I didn’t feel like going back so I called and the phone rang and rang and then rolled me over to voicemail. Very disappointing to say the least.

Jim Tyler

Braum's is closer than Walmart Neighborhood and carry a fairly good selection of grocery items. And they are much easier to get in and out of if I'm in a hurry.

Allie Garrett

Depending on which location you go to, depends on how big a scoop really is.However, their ice cream is always the best!

Steve Morton

I go to Braums because it has the best milk. But the customer service here was pathetic. The employee was texting and didn't speak to me other than giving me the total and "thanking me."You can survive just so long with a great product and horrible customer service.

Jill Howard

I absolutely loved the fact that I got a burger that burned my mouth! It's the first time in months I've had a hot burger from a Braum's! It's just sad that I had to eat all the way in Edmond to get that when I live in El Reno! They didn't get my order completely right, but I forgave them when my burger was so good!

Junior King

Braum's will always b my best choice n fast food because of the variety of ice cream choices and with the well cleaned lobbies. Just a great choice to me.

Happy Fullman

We go here regularly because my family likes the "bag of burgers." However, a bag of burgers is supposed to have 5 burgers in it, but sometimes we only receive 4. If you order/pay for a bag with cheese you may or may not get cheese. And if you order a bag with no cheese, you may get it anyway. Seems like an easy order, but apparently not.

Dr. Ron Ogle, Ph.D.

Braum's is ALWAYS great! I was sure to make the young man who gave me our food know that he was doing a great job, and I appreciated him for that.

Sacha B.

I've been eating Braums since I was a welad 40 years ago. Still eat Braums regularly as my fast food hamburger joint of choice. And it is consistent I always get that bacon cheeseburger without onions with fries. My boys love the chicken strips with fries. When they' where younger I came here regularly for the Braum's milk which I think is great. My only complaint with Brahms is when I grew up and I ordered the bacon cheeseburger it was 3rd pound burger now it's a 4th pound burger. That is a smaller burger with a higher price. I don't mind the higher price I just want the same size burger.

Tyson Haas

Probably my NEW favorite Ice Cream places! I love they are everywhere in OK. Wish they had them in Florida. Could have been a little better first time experience. Walk them to the counter and saw the flavors and asked if I could buy a half gallon of flavor they just said no this is the biggest size you can buy. It would have been a big help if they would have just said all the half gallons are over there in the freezer. Need to work on their customer service interactions, don't be such a robot and have an active listening conversation. But once I got past my first interaction and found all the half gallon containers in the freezer, it was heaven on earth... Everyday for the next 4 days I had to keep going back ?

KC Walos

Ordered two kids meals just now and one regular combo. On one of the kids meals I ordered a milk for my little one. He ended up drinking my water so I took a drink of his milk. I swallowed the first sip and new something was wrong. It was incredibly spoiled milk. I took it to the cashier to let her know. It was So bad that by the time I made it to my car I threw it up in the parking lot. I went back inside to warn them that they needed to throw away whatever I was just served, to which no one seemed too concerned about. If you visit this Braums today and end up sick there is a chance they chose not to throw away whatever they served us.

Justin Weatherly

I love this place. My girlfriend is insistent that we visit everytime we come to Oklahoma. The food is great and the grocery store inside is pretty cool. Good burgers and shakes.

Patrick Clark

This Braums is horrible, service is terrible and like all Braums the food quality continues to go down.(Except for the one in Eufaula, OK that was is still decent). I went through the drive thru to get a small Reese's mix and waited for 3 minutes for someone to take my order. I was the only one in line. I drove up to the first window and no one, was there. I continued to the second window, where 5-7 employees walked by and didn't stop and help me just looked at me through the glass. They then proceeded to dance with each other by the fry warmer. Finally, I had to knock on the glass and one of them opened it up and apologized for my wait, then proceeded to take my order. I would like to never step foot into another Braums. Your ownership and management teams should drive down to Chic Fi La and ask them what they do, then mirror that, I can have 400 cars in front of me and they still take my order and serve me delicious food in less than 5 minutes.

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Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

2001 NW 164th St, Edmond, OK 73012
(405) 341-4542