1210 E 2nd St, Edmond
(405) 330-1141

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Trey Hunsucker

Great customer service and positive attitudes, which is very appreciated.Food was okay. I wasn't satisfied with the quantity of my salad, but I was very hungry.The floors were super slippery. My chair kept sliding everywhere.

Felicia Sims

Need to make sure they cook waffle fries till correct time. The waffle fries were not cooked long enough and I was unable to eat them. They went in the garbage.Food: 1/5

David So

You know what Chick-fil-A is, and this location is no different. The Customer Service is always excellent and they always get me out fast without messing up my order. The drive-through is always clean and it looks like the staff works hard at keeping it that way. No comment on the inside, as I always get my food on the go.Food: 5/5

Dr. Ron Ogle, Ph.D.

We get Chick Fil A take about once a month. They're SO busy they're needing to be very creative about the traffic flow. The VERY BEST fast food restaurant, and though closed on Sundays, they're also the most profitable! Food and service are ALWAYS GREAT!!!Food: 5/5

Tania Richards

Customer service was almost spot on, forgot to ask about sauces. Food came out before we got to our table. Unfortunately our nuggets and fries were cold. After asking for the sauces we went to give them each a try and the honey mustard was Green! The barbeque sauce tasted like fruit juice. All were outdated. The windows in the lobby were all smudged up. Totally bummed, worst experience. Will not be going out of my way to return.


Great sandwiches and fries but I'm deducting a point because they ALWAYS are stingy with the sauce. If you ask for more than 3 sauces they just give you 1 and hope you drive off before noticing. Check your bags before leaving because you won't want to get back in line after.

Shannon Gardner

There was no silverware for my salad to go, they gave the wrong toppings for it and my fries were cold. The strawberries were missing from the salad but maybe they are a seasonal thing. I love Chic-fil-a and go out of my way to eat there, and they usually are spot on with my order, but I didn't have time to go through the line again or run in to fix it so I ate my small order of cold fries for lunch and saved my salad for when I got home.

Courtney Patrick

I ordered my food before 430 got to the store at 445 and no one ever tried to help me I stood there for 30 minutes same with the guy behind me and then the lady that finally helped me tried to say I just ordered 10 minutes ago which was a complete lie and then wanted to roll her eye when I spoke up. Also never said my pleasure.

Tiffany Bankston

We ordered (2) 5 count meals that include drinks, 1 medium drink by itself, and another meal that included a drink. They gave us 3 drinks. We told them that we still needed our 4th drink. They made us pay extra for our small drink that they did not include. Very poor customer service. My husband asked to speak to a manager and they completely ignored him. I would not recommend going to this location. We have never had any other issues going to any of the other locations. LOVE Chick-fil-a! Just not this location.

What it Do123

This chick-fil-a is the worst in this area. Worst delivery. Soggy fries, order large fries. But they only fill it half way. I'm a Doordash driver too an that experience is the worst too with place. They don't acknowledge you. You sit there with employees looking at you. But walk right by an say nothing. They need a new manager. Get Taylor from 33rd too fix this place

Jeff Osburn

Food is always is always great and the service couldn't be better. I always appreciate that the staff is ready to keep your drink refilled. Indoor dining is very noisy though.Kid-friendliness: Great place to bring the kids.

Carrie Konen

11/5/2022 at 837 pm ticket #7439086Young girl taking our drive through order not friendly or fast. She chatted with the person in the blue Toyota 4Runner ahead of us so long that three cars that arrived AFTER us ordered and went through lane #1 as we were stuck in lane #2 waiting for her to stop talking.Didn’t say “my pleasure” like they normally do after you finish your transaction.And to top it all off…she entered the wrong item so our grilled spicy deluxe was entered as a spcy sand. :(This was VERY surprising since normally your store has stellar service!Do better please!

Misty A.

Visited this location today. My bill was 68.00. The chicken nuggets were not only undercooked but also not totally breaded and the fries are missing half the fries for every meal.

Cayren D.

This is my least favorite chick fil a in Edmond. Drive thru workers were SO RUDE, and was very short with me. They forgot to give us our straws and sauce.

Dan B

Worst Chick-fil-A experience, ever. First, the girls working behind the counter were laughing and shouting among themselves, we couldn't hear the guy trying to take our order. The supervisor was just standing there and made no attempt to quiet them down so we could place an order. The checkout was anything but smooth. Had to scan my app QR code several times to get it to take.same with my credit card.The food arrived fast, but my sandwich was the worst one I have ever had at any Chick-fil-A I have been to. It was so thin and overcooked. It was barely edible.Glad I don't live in the are and will never have to return to this location.

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