Flattire Burger

100 N University Dr, Edmond
(405) 359-2006

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Gerald C

I was searching for an excellent burger and I found it at Flatire Burgers. The place is very clean and resembles a sports bar. The server, Kate, was excellent. Very professional and prompt. And my food came out quickly. As for the burger, I ordered the Hells Kitchen burger on a jalapeño bun. The burger was reasonably priced and delicious. I would definitely recommend Flatire Burgers and I would definitely give them my return business.


My husband I went to Flatire about 3:30 pm on Saturday afternoon with high anticipation of eating a great burger as we have done so many times before. A sweet young lady greeted us at the door and directed us to sit anywhere. There was one large group of people there and two other tables occupied. We seated ourselves and absolutely no one even acknowledged we were there. We watched as the two tables around us got drink refills and other beverages, but we might as well have been invisible. I kept trying to get the attention of someone, but no one noticed. After 15 minutes, we left. No one even noticed. Guess where we will never go again? You can't review food if you never get to order it and taste it!

Jan G.

Never had a sandwich or burger here. The first time we went in, I was craving chicken tenders. Now I'm spoiled! Their tenders are huge and so well done. The batter is crunchy and the chicken juicy, not over done! There is so much food, I've taken leftovers home every time. They also have tater tots, which I love. Even though I've never had anything else but the tenders, my daughter has. She had a turkey sandwich once, and a burger another time. She claimed they were both very good. Flatire Burgers has become a regular spot for us.

Brittany T.

Oh my goodness! My husband and I could not believe we have lived here this long and have not had a flatire burger! There were numerous delicious options along with amazing appetizers. They also have lots of customizations on your type of protein, bun, sides. My husband got the juicy Lucy and loved it. I got juicy Lucy's cousin and it was tasty as well. I couldn't taste the cream cheese because it blends in with the meat, so I probably would make another choice next time. We started with the mac and cheese balls and they were quite delicious. Their Mac and cheese is super good and we loved their fries as well. The cherry on top was that we came on bingo night and it was all song related. My husband loves music and that was a lot of fun to play together, even though neither of us won. They did have prizes for the winners though which is awesome. We will definitely be returning soon and most likely bringing friends with us for an amazing experience!

Adam M.

Poorly managed, owner/mgr should be embarrassed. If you only have 3 servers, don't allow all your tables to get seated. Then maybe you can take orders and serve your customers in less than 2 hours. At the very least give your patrons a heads up when they arrive that orders are taking longer than normal. Additionally, don't blame the kitchen for being backed up and then deliver cold burgers and congealed Mac and cheese that's clearly been sitting out for a while. Will never be back thanks to the attitude of one of the servers and terrible quality of food.

Zane W.

I wish I had a pic of my food but I failed to take one. I've eaten here a handful of times and I have yet to be disappointed. Ordered a number 2 with mustard and raw jalapeños and home made potato chips and a coke. This place is just my favorite place to grab a burger in Oklahoma. It's just that good. If your in Edmond take a chance and try them out. It really is that good.

Dylan H.

The guacamole burger was fantastic! The fries were crispy, & the small cheese fries appetizer was the perfect size for two. Highly recommended for a Friday night dinner!

Motor K.

Great service, the food is creative and flavorful.  Large menu with a full bar. Several signature cocktails. The best fries I've ever had. At 46 I've had a lot of fries.

dadbeh j

Holy mother of juicy burger.This burger joint is the best in the area and should be renamed “ the exemplary joint” *A note to owners; whomever you have working in the kitchen , making the hamburgers Monday-Friday around 12 or 1pm.... give them a big raise and do anything you can to keep them, unless you, the owner are making them, which would explain the quality and display of care*. This has been one the very few places I have been to which offers a consistently high quality and actually appetizing looking hamburgers. As you see in my gorgeous photos, this is the third time I have gone there ( Thursday or Friday around 12 or 1pm) and they have been consistently A+. Long live the chef and the wonderful server, Kate the great as they call her.One small small small downside is the lack of quality ventilation in the dining area which is not an issue with most people due to High demand for take out, but if you enjoy “hamburger eau de Cologne” ... c’est top.

J.R. P.

Queso some of the best I've had. My wife had the beer battered fish tacos and she said it was absolutely fantastic. I had a juicy Lucy and I was not disappointed. For the quality of food I was served on a Sunday afternoon it deserves five stars.


The food was very good. The service was good. The atmosphere was lively, it was trivia night. The peanut butter, banana shake was fantastic.


We went here around the 5 o'clock hour on a nice evening to have a beer and a burger on their patio. Tables were not all at 6 ft. apart, and furniture was old looking plastic chairs. We noticed a large plastic child's play toy area on the patio, which turned out to bang quite loud. There was no hand sanitizer to be seen, and there was a used mask and other refuse under one of our chairs. The initial waitress could not give us a beer menu, and only offered their most expensive beers on tap. She did not mention any specials or happy hour, and the beer was overpriced for the location and atmosphere. The good news was that the burgers and french fries were good, although the guacamole on the guacamole burger was thin. I would consider this restaurant better for take-out., and will not return for dine in.


Savoring the first bite heightens the anticipation that you’ve chosen the right dish. From first to last my Mac and Cheese Burger delivered. Grilled sweet onions and jalapenos, bacon and cheese and the mac and cheese all complemented so well I can’t help but say this is a big thumbs up recommendation down to the last bite. Hickory Burger with BBQ sauce, cheddar, pickles and mayo another winner. The beef patties on both were cooked perfectly with grilled flavor elevating these burgers for pleasing taste. I noticed Flat Tire has 4 meat choices and even substitute Ahi Tuna for 4.99 , options for a pretzel or gluten free bun. 11 dipping sauces available for .39 including chipotle mayo or tartar , chorizo gravy, green chile aioli, Jamaican relish Appetizer Fried Pickles were perfect, tasty with nice crisp crust. Mac and Cheese Balls, crispy outside, flavorful mac and cheese inside is worth a recommendation to try out for something different.


Oh my goodness last night was so good! Donkey Kong Shake which contains Nutella, bananas, toasted walnuts & whipped cream ? Paired with bacon cheeseburger & sweet potato fries. I don’t get by here enough, but every time I do the food is always delicious! ? ? service was great & live music on the patio is always a plus ?

Diana D.

I had burger #4 the one with mushrooms and goat cheese, it was really good. Not impressed with the drinks and there were flies everywhere!!!!

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