Hott Wings

23 W 1st St, Edmond
(405) 482-2168

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Matt Corson

Terrible services. We would call the edmond Rail location and they would just pick up the phone and hang up over and over. Food is good but the service there is horrible. The place could use a new staff and not the lazy staff that is there

Kristina Lynn

This place makes the best wings around and they're always fresh! The only bad experience I've had is take out. First time I had take out I had food poisoning and the second time my food had been ready for 10 minutes, sitting room temperature without anyone telling me.

Katie Rosenhamer McCormick

We’ve had Hott Wings both delivered and in the restaurant. Every time the food we’ve ordered has been nothing short of excellent.

Tara Hall

Wings were very meaty and delicious! Cheese fries were really good!

joe giammona

First I have to say that the texture of the wings wasn't bad. However I ordered 4 different flavors of wings with that 2lb bundle. I ordered reaper sauce, Nashville, jalapeño, and regular. My wife and I were excited to try the reaper because we love hot food. We went and picked up the food brought it home. We were surprised to see all of our wings piled into one big to go container so sorting them out was impossible. We just figured we would dig in and figure out which one was the hottest one! BUT to our surprise go figure none of them were hot. All of them had a bland and dull flavor except for what I think is the Nashville because it had dry rub on it. I'm sorry bit I've made better wings with Frank's red hot and Tyson premade.

J Permenter

Hott Wings is true to their name and they taste great! Docking a star for the lack of update to prices both on Google here as well as Facebook. Just called to place an order and the cost for wings has gone up. Overall, this isn't a huge issue, however, the lack of menu updates lead to sticker shock. Overall, it's the principle of the matter.

Braxton Bates

UPDATE - immediately emailed management on 7/31 and received no response.Former frequent customer - service is terrible. Items were forgotten (not a huge deal) and had to drive back another 20 minutes to pick up the wings. Other items were ice cold by the time we got home. Left my phone number to speak with manager about refunding the wings that they forgot and have not heard back. Will not return.

Jackson Clark

Great service amazing atmosphere, salt and vinegar wings 10/10

Roy Houston

Great as always. Got a pound of traditional and white cheddar tots. Big fat drummettes slathered up in Sweet Hot Asian and Hott Sauce. Mmmmmm

Brittany M.

I received soggy unseasoned fries. On the menu they are called seasoned fries. When I asked for fresh seasoned fries, I had to argue with the staff. They said they come soggy and everyone loves them. After much back and forth they agreed to remake them but I will not be picking them up. Their attitudes gave off the "I'm going to spit in your food vibe".

Stephen E.

My son and I hit the wings at Hott Wings at the Edmond Rail Yard for lunch. We did a pound of the a Pickle Wings (1/2 plain the other 1/2 Okie Hot) and another pound of traditional wings (1/2 sweet asian and the other 1/2 dessert heat). Amazingly good. The pickle wings???? Yep... brined overnight in pickle juice... it's more than just a clever name. You can taste the pickle flavor - which is amazing if you (like us) dig pickles! The okie dust was pretty hot. Really enjoyable. Give it a try.

Brenda Coddington Leonard

The food is outstanding, but the last two times we were in, the service was horrendous. One of the two times, we stayed and endured the service. It wasn't busy, so I'm not sure why the service was so incredibly slow.

Steve B.

Fairly expensive. Fried pickle appetizer is extremely salty. Way too much. Wings were decent although several were dry in places where the sauce did not cover completely. Had house salads with wings instead of fries. Salad had several brown leaves. Although we had appetizer and the salads felt like the $70 bill after tax and tip was steep for three people.

Chris C

Our search for the best wings in OKC is over. We've found them at Hott Wings. Great, meaty wings. Good sizes (they even give you enough ranch/blue cheese!). We love the grilled style and their great flavors.Shown below is buffalo and the chipotle dry rub. The Asian-sweet sauces was also a good choice.Add friendly service in a cool venue and you have Hott Wings!

Brent Corbett

Friendly owner, great wings, and cold beer and mixed drinks.

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