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Jenny Blaine

Our waiter was a nice older gentleman, I cannot remember his name, but he worked Sunday morning around 10ish on the westside of the Hop. Friendly, clean, and great service. He went above and beyond with his service and I appreciated every bit and bite! I know people and food aren't an easy business to handle on the daily. I'd definitely go back and enjoy the food with friends, and friendly service.

Sherrie Jones

Well let's start off by saying me and my best friend were up here visiting my son at Langston for homecoming. When we got to ihop,the person seating people was no where to be found. Next they made sure everyone was on the wait list. Eon seats a Caucasian male and apologies for the wait. He then seats me and my best friend and said nothing. Moments later, he seats a Hispanic couple and apologizes for the wait. I felt discriminated on. When I asked for his name he didn't want to give it to me readily and didn't want to shake my hand. I really discriminated against. I will not return to that location and I highly recommend that other black or Hispanic females do not go to that restaurant. No one should ever be shown this type of attention. I do not want ihop to give me anything, I just will not return and will tell everyone about my experience. Do not go here when Eon is on duty. He didn't help clean tables and he obviously does not like black or Hispanic females. He really hesitated to shake my hand.

Chuck Riney

Waitress had her hands full, She was the only one there but did a great job. Listening in on her Remembering a 6 top order was pretty incredible. I want pablano peppers on/in my pablano omelet next time though..?Food: 3/5

Mila Jackson

Picked up some food a couple times here for clients. The staff here are very friendly no matter the time and they work hard. Atmosphere is pretty chill. Loved how easygoing staff were.Food: 5/5

Maricel J.

Long wait and food sucks except for pancake. The fish was disgusting with uncooked broccoli. Beef tips with mushroom was uneven in flavor. Some parts are sickly sweet, some were bland. Beef were so tough and nasty. Also served with uncooked broccoli with rotten tips. Don't order anything bur pancake.

Sheri Hopkins

We came in and were the only ones here. They seated us and we waited a good 10 to 15 min on our drinks. She took our order and I ordered Biscuit and gravy. She asked a fellow worker if they had then and she said yes. About 15 min later a manager comes out and states they don't have Biscuits anymore. As we are sitting right by the waitress station. My waitress carries on a conversation about her work pants about 5 min before she comes to tell me there are no biscuits. I proceed to tell her I just want my fruit bowl. While all this is going on a older couple has come in ordered and receives their food. Here we are 30 min in and no food. There are 2 tables in the whole building that have people.

Brenda O'Connor

My granddaughter and I waited quite some time to get waited on after being seated. The server was given extra tables cuz short staff. He was overwhelmed, but he did his best. The chicken strips were not good quality. The rest of our food was delicious. I love IHOP and will return

Wanda Dewell

Was seated promptly. Took about 15 min before we were asked what to drink. My son's milk shake came out 5 min after everyone else's drinks we got an omelet and a pulled pork sandwich 2 split specials.. had to keep asking for coffee carafe to b filled 45 min later we got our food. Very cold and my son got the wrong sandwich had to have them make the correct one and it even came out cold. The eggs were over medium instead of over easy. Our waitress was on her phone more than anything and there was only 4 tables with customers. When went to pay the only person we could find was the cook. Not waitresses or hostess were to b found.

Chase Sanders

We walked in at 11:30am, non-peak time, was not very busy at all. Along with us, was 6 other people waiting and no one had even acknowledged us in the waiting area. So we left after waiting for 15 min and went to Sunnyside Diner, as soon as we walked in our order was taken with in a min, best decision of the day.

Missy Dabney

If I could give zero stars I would. The male host and the Manger are not customer friendly. We had a group of 5 and immediately put our name on list. Was told 10 to 15 minutes wait time...... hour and half later and countless groups that came in after us have been seated. When looked there was several tables open and some to be cleaned and so we asked what was taking so long and asked Manager and was told they weren't seating anyone at that time.... the host who was taking names after us was very very rude and unprofessional. The Manger should have been more understanding. We even voiced we had 2 diabetics. Bo cate concern or reassurance. Very very disappointing. Worse IHOP I've ever seen. UPDATE: WENT TO ONE ON MEMORIAL RD WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF WAITING ALREADY SEATED WITH SMILES AND DRINKS AND FOOD ORDER PLACED. for those who love ihop for breakfast would definitely recommend dont waist time going to 2nd street ihop.


The female manager will not last at this location. And you can wait by the front door and unless ur there to sit down to eat then they will not help you. I sat there and placed an order on my phone becuase every time I ask to place an order to go. They would say hold on a minute then walk away and not help. This IHOP is slow and the foods not that good anymore.

Tiffany R.

Late night craving for waffles?? This is your place! Early morning desire for french toast and bacon?? Right here!!! How about a burger for a lunch break? Absolutely!! And these are just the tiny tip of the ice burg.... Come on by for a bite!!

Eddie L.

DoorDash food was 45 mins late. Everything tasted like it came out the fridge. Seriously if u were at the restaurant u would just walk out. That bad....Dasher couldn't figure out 4 digits on gate code.... Never in history have we had that problem. IHOP show me why we should come back please. Thank u

Victoria Padua

Let me start off by stating that this is not me trying to attack the staff in any type of way.. they are always so kind and have upbeat attitudes and I know they are trying their hardest to stay afloat, but tonight was definitely our last time ordering from this location..I understand businesses are struggling to find staff, but EVERY time we order from here, it takes such an incredibly long time (we always call in our order, show up after the quoted time, and usually end up having to wait an additional 20+ mins once we get there) annnnd usually there will be something wrong with our order.. tonight, I called in my order in at 22:50, (was quoted 15-20 mins), got to the restaurant at 23:15, and didn’t get my order until 23:35. I only live 1.1 mile away and when I got home, our food was cold. Not even lukewarm, but legitimately cold. I also had tres leches pancakes as part of my order and instead of caramel, it was some sort of salsa ? . (thankfully I didn’t pour it all over the pancakes!)I’m always disappointed and frustrated when I come here.Again, I appreciate the kindness of the staff. They really are trying their best to work with what they have, but this place really needs help in a multitude of areas in my opinion.

Trey Hunsucker

Serving up room temperature food with a smile. Get ready to bet let down!Food would be okay if it was served fresh or hot. The waitress bailed after delivering food. Good thing we didn't need more to drink.

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