Interurban Restaurant

1301 E Danforth Rd, Edmond
(405) 348-2792

Recent Reviews

Natalie M.

Family got food poisoning after eating dinner tonight. Be careful when ordering something with ground beef.

Char W.

We eat at The Interurban in Edmond at least once a week. Price is right and service is good.

Sheryl P

We're just passing through the area and happened in on this little gem. It's tastefully decorated (although maybe in need of a little bit of sprucing up on the interior steps and paint). It's open, airy, very pleasant and has two distinctly separate sections to keep the diners on one side and the bar on the other. It feels very spacious and not noisy. Our servers (first Abby, then Sam took over) were far above average in friendliness, kindness and attentiveness. The kitchen did mess up my husband's order the first time (didn't read comments about skipping the mayo and cheese), but Abby was apologetic and had a new plate on our table in record time. No drama. Just a desire to please and to get it right. If we come through here again, we will definitely make another stop.

Douglas Hooper

My wife and I always enjoy dining at Interurban. She likes the teriyaki chicken, and I love the pulled pork enchiladas. Other restaurants have shredded beef and chicken enchiladas, which I also like, but I don't remember seeing pulled pork enchiladas elsewhere. Also, Nate is a first-rate waiter. You can't go wrong at Interurban.

Cornelia Irwin

Great service, nice steak phenomenal corn muffins!

John Milburn

We had the BEST server tonight! Brianna was amazing. The food was delicious. We will be back to dine again.

Emma Winters

We are from out of town and we like to choose places to eat that we don’t have back home. Found this cute little place and we were very pleased. Great servers that were attentive to your needs, speedy service and food coming out, delicious food, and clean, friendly atmosphere. We definitely will be back when we come through again!

Kitchen Counter Crafts

This is a no frills place to go and eat! It's been a local favorite for decades! The salmon is highly recommended (bit pricey) and the hamburgers are out of this world! Other menu items are just "okay." Stick to the recommendations from reviews and you will enjoy it! :)

Judy Kay C.

Interurban has good comfort food and a relaxing environment. It's a good place to go with family.

Sonya P.

Food is ok but seems dirty inside. Last visit the waiter was giving us a sob story which felt made up and a way to try to get a bigger tip only his service was not good. Lunch time seems better than evening.

Crystal Bisig

THEY CANNOT DO GROUPS.THEY CANNOT DO BABIES.FOOD was fantastic. The restaraunt was very clean.SERVICE, I didnt understand. I went to my hoddaughters 14th birthday lunch with my two year old biological daughter. AKA sister. I knew going into this that it was risky since my.daughter naps at 2 p.m. and i went at 1 p.m.I put my order (water for me and babe and a club sandwich and fries to share) in when they took drinks bc I knew it was going to be rough for my toddler to sit and wait an hour for food; heck, I even took her somewhere to run around before the party so she would not cause a problem or throw a tantrum.Food came out at a decent time. The food was great, perfect.Everything was going well.THE CHECK. The server asked how I would like my check? I said just myself and my my water, kids water and my one entree. I asked him to bring it now and I will go ahead and pay.I was thinking he would be right back but he wasn't. Baby started getting fussy so someone took her outside for me so I could wait and pay.20 MINUTES LATER, there's some lady, (manager?) that came to the table apologizing in a very complaining way, that the whole table (even tho I asked to be in an out bc I am the only person with the baby and thought it was doable bc it was just my water and sandwich that they had to bill me) wasn't getting their tickets right now bc "its really hard to split tickets when there is a group of people" don't they do this all day with several customers? I'm SO confused. She didn't even present herself with our checks!The waiter, finally, brought me my check and I gave him my card and he came back right away. He was nice, didn't complain about us being a group. He went off to finish helping other customers. I am starting to sign my slip and the manager lady comes and takes my receipt from me and asks if everything was correct on it???? I didn't ask her to do that. Ok, my baby was crying and I was rocking her and soothing he while I was trying to pay! The manager lady WATCHES ME AS I AM FILLING OUT THE TIP AREA.What the heck?I'm pretty confused as to why that lady works there.

Gerald Mischke

Broad selection of great food. Well treated by a seasoned staff, that remembers us from previous visits.But no one seems to know why there is a scull (row boat) attached to the dining area ceiling.And they do laugh, or at least smile, at my jokes.

Diana Schaub Karbs

Great service and the best Club Sandwich around! Can’t wait to be back for another.

David Balenti

Our server could have been more attentive. We were there before 5, so it was not busy at all. Aunt ordered water, I ordered Mic ultra. I'm sorry for assuming water comes with a bar order! We waited 25 min for our food. When another person delivered it to our table there was no salad that came with her meal. My Aunt ordered a half order of Heather's Mac n cheese. Her order had obviously sat in the window for a long time as it was very dry on top. Her salad came as an after thought. I drive an hour at least once a month to take her out to eat, and being 90 she is always happy to visit her favorite restaurant, which is yours. We will be back next month, hoping our dining experience will be as great as it has been in the past.

Cari Cook

We had dinner at Interurban in Edmond last night. We walked in about 8:15 and were immediately greeted and seated by a young man named Ryan. He was so friendly and welcoming. I hoped he would be our server and he was! Ryan was incredibly attentive and we felt that he sincerely cared about our experience. And not only ours, but every table around us. I watched as he gave the same stellar service to each of his tables and engaged in real conversations with them. Ryan has perfected the art of good customer service and it seems to come naturally to him. Ryan is a gem, Interurban, and a huge asset to your Edmond location! Treat him well!

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