Little Caesars Pizza

2500 W Edmond Rd, Edmond
(405) 340-5151

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James Patrick

One of thee worst experiences I have *EVER* had ordering and picking up fast-food. Ordered a thin-crust pizza with crazy bread at around 5:15pm, gave them my name, annunciated it, and spelled our order name. Got there at 5:35pm to pick up, told me my name and order were not in the system and to pull up out front and they would bring it out. Sat in ungodly heat with the A/C and car running until 6:05 pm and finally walked in to get the pizza (we were sitting in the very front of the storefront with a handicapped sticker on the mirror). After staring at the drive-thru person who told us our order wasn't in the system for the last 30-plus minutes she asks us our name for the order and what car we were driving that she had been looking at us through clear glass windows for the last half-our. She gave a very passive-voiced apology when it all was done. In fairness she didn't take the order, it was a male worker who I assume had the same shift. Still asking us the car after we sat there 30 minutes, after arrriving 20 minutes after taking the order. Why did I "call ahead" for pick-up to sit 30-plus minutes outside, to then go inside after they told mee they'd bring it out?? Hey I try very hard to treat food service workers with the respect they DESERVE. But ordering a pizza for pick-up and waiting 30 minutes in the hot sun *AFTER* giving them 20 minutes to have the pizza ready before we even arrived. Getting a pizza shouldn't feel like having wisdom teeth removed. If Google allowed ZERO stars they'd get it. This is the *LAST* time we will eat Little Caesars. It not worth it for one hour of hell for a mediocre pizza. I'm not dropping the "F-bombs" I feel like dropping right now, just never giving Caesars one red cent EVER again.

Abigail L.

terrible service waited an hour in edmond oklahoma guy was vv mean never recommended going here NOT HOT AND READY LONG AND COLD

Jim Fox

Simple.... thin crust pepperoni..... crispy bottom. 7.2

Zach Harris

I had a great experience at this Little Caesars. Everybody was very kind even though they were super busy. The crazy bread was amazing as well!

Kewl Bud

This location's employees are always hateful! I was just in the drive thru to get a pepperoni stuff crust and asked to add bacon, they refused to add anything to the stuffed crust! So we're going to be going to the Danforth location where they do a great job and are always respectful!

Gloria Canavan

Drive thru was easy no hassle

Esperanza Cisneros

I went through the drive thru ordered 2stuffed crust pizzas the cashier said it be a 15min wait I placed the order at 8:10pm and all the other cars are gone now its just me left in parking lot I go in and ask for my food n they said they never even started it yet they forgot about my orderIt is now8:45pm n still waiting beyond mad waiting for my food that has been paid for now for over 30mins

Fred Fred

The food is whats expected, the staff just moves about as fast as pond water.

Lisa Thornton

Very good job tonight, 2nd St. Crew!! I called in my order, they said 20 mins. My pizza was almost ready when i got there, less than a 5 min wait ( which i didnt mind). And when i got them home they still looked great and tasted great and my bread was cooked perfect!! And at 8pm on a Saturday night! You guys did great tonight!! Signed, a former Little Caesars employee.

Aaron Petzold

Best cheesy bread out of anywhere!

Perry Storkson

There is a reason the

Julia Kelly

We ordered a Hawaiian pizza we wanted cheese stuffed crust but they were out other than that it was good.

Brad Bryant

Had not had little ceasars for a long time and really surprised. They have drastically improved their pizza game!

Perry S.

There's a reason the #LittleCaesars at 2500 W. Edmond Rd Edmond, OK only has 1.5 stars on @Yelp. Here's why. I ordered for delivery tonight, using the @LittleCeasars app. When the order was 15 minutes late, I checked the app which said the orders was still at the store. I then called the drivers number provided in the app, but there was no answer and the recording said their voicemail was not setup, so I called the store. Without even asking who I was, the person who answered at the store mumbled something about running behind and said it would be right out. I asked how he could tell me that when he didn't know who I am. He then asked my name and said the order had already left the store. A few moments later, I received a call from the delivery driver, who told me it was raining too hard, so he cancelled my order. I said, "Are you kidding me? You cancelled my order without telling me? In the meantime we're sitting here waiting for our pizza!" The delivery driver told me to, "Shut the f--k up, I canceled it in the DoorDash app so you got a notice!" I don't have the DoorDash app so I never received a notification but, before I could say that, he started ranting at me, repeatedly saying "Shut the f--k up". I told him, "You're a real piece of work." and I asked for his name. He refused, saying, "Shut the f--k up you don't need my name", then he hung up on me. The whole time he was ranting and cussing me out, there was a female voice in the background laughing. I tried calling the store back to complain but nobody answered. Then, about 45 minutes later, the order was delivered by someone else, who said they remade the order. What they brought was not what we ordered. This isn't the first time I've had trouble with this store being late with an order, but I have never been treated so rudely, ever, by anyone in any service business anywhere. I also did not know that Little Caesar's uses DoorDash for delivery, and I've never personally used DoorDash before, but I will definitely never use them again.

Joyce Dickerson

Bought 2 for 10 sausage and ask for garlic butter plus salad dressing on both. Make a world of difference! Very surprising. Very good. Fast and courteous.

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