Moni's Pasta and Pizza

17200 N May Ave #700, Edmond
(405) 285-5991

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Danielle M Adams

Service and food were amazing. The atmosphere also.

Lauren Cantu

3.5 stars. Let's start with the good. We ordered a bottle of the Smith & Hook Cabernet Sauvignon and it was probably one of the best things we had. ? The bruschetta was pretty good, nice amount of tomatoes, onions, cheese and a balsamic reduction over top was the perfect bit of sweet to cut the acid of the tomatoes. The toast points were a great mix of crunchy yet soft. Now for the not so great...The rolls they serve at the beginning were great, but the oil and herb dipping "sauce" had way too much oil, to where you couldn't get to the herbs really - the bread was just oily after a dip. The caesar salad was not the best, the dressing was a tad bit sweet which I found to be odd. However, in an interesting turn of events, their house made tomato vinaigrette was pretty dang good, so my suggestion is order the house salad with your meal. For the main course I tried the Chicken Rollatini and classic spaghetti and meatballs. The Chicken Rollatini is a thin chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella cheese and basil then breaded and deep fried (kind of like chicken parm) and served over spaghetti with mushrooms in a pink sauce (marinara and Alfredo mix). This was delicious and I would definitely recommend! The spaghetti and meatballs on the other hand was subpar for me. The marinara needed salt desperately and the meatballs, though not bad in taste, were small and there were only three, so the ratio of pasta to meatballs was way off. I would not recommend this dish as I have had better at Olive Garden. Overall I think I will go back to Moni's, and just try other items.

Michelle Mullens

I was highly disappointed with my experience at Moni’s. I invited my boyfriend and mom for dinner and I was embarrassed leaving the restaurant since it was such horrible service. We waited 6 minutes for a hostess to walk up to the stand to seat us. The server we had very clearly hated his life/job/existence. He was rude, short, and made us feel rushed. We waited 10+ minutes for a simple refill. We spent over a $100 at this establishment and it felt like I had service from someone working at McDonald's. The food is bland for being $20 a dish. I won't ever give this business a second chance. The best part of this experience was the company I invited. I hope Moni can hire better help in the future!Update: I wish I would have done more research into this establishment. If you read the owner’s response to these reviews you will find a very rude and unprofessional owner responding back with hatred. Please be careful with this place of business! I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Mr. Brown

I felt bad after the response from the owner so I've revised my review. The food here is honestly good I just feel like it was a bit overpriced. Our server was very nice and attentive. I did eat my leftovers so I cannot lie and say the food was not good.

Kim Williams

Very sweet hidden gem ?, love it! I came here as a date night with my husband. It was very relaxing and romantic .

Jessica G.

I'm quite finicky about food so there aren't too many places that I enjoy. I'm definitely not a fan of corporate chain restaurants. This place is privately owned and it's obvious. The staff at Moni's is very attentive and eager to please. I seem to see the same faces regularly, so their turnover must be low. The food seems home made, rolls are delicious, and the calamari is so light and tender.

Donovan Clayton

Had a great dinner date with the wife here. The bread and crab mushroom appetizer was phenomenal! The atmosphere is very nice, and they have a nice looking patio area (which I didn't sit in due to hot weather) which would be very nice in the evening during summer. Overall it was a pleasant experience and we will be returning in the future.


The restaurant is in a shopping center and not too outstanding from the outside. Inside however, it has a nice atmosphere. Our waiter was very attentive. The food was excellent and the portions plenty. We had to take some home. The price was about right for the items ordered. I can see going back again.

Gregory B.

A revision of my previous review. I'd ordered the chicken rollatini previously and the chicken was a bit over cooked. John, the owner reached out to me and I reordered it a few weeks later and it was superb! Definitely looking forward to trying some other dishes on the menu. They have earned me as a repeat customer.

A. Young

Sadly a Not a good choice for a Father's Day dinner. No lasagna, no manicotti, no meat anything, and no eggplant parmesan.? And hate the menu by QR only.? Our sweet waitress, was apologetic and we left her a nice tip.*Update: We we're planning to order something to go in the next few days after raves from our neighbors, but not after this hostile comment from the owner. -Sir, you should be upset with whoever organizes meal management and not hateful to customer base. Good luck.

Christopher Tornincasa

I didn't actually realize when I first came to this place some time ago, but I know the owner personally. We went to university together (Oklahoma), and even worked at the same family camp. So, I can say that these are wonderful folks running the business. And, take it from someone with Sicilian/Italian heritage, whose family would also agree, this is the best pizza in the OKC area : )

Martha F.

This was wonderful, food was very good, and I must brag the rolls were excellent! Actually made by our granddaughter, so I may be a bit partial, but would highly recommend them! Also had dessert, the Lemoncello cake, which our granddaughter recommended, and it was out of this world good. The nice thing is the manager came out and visited with us and all the other customers as well, and I was proud to hear how well Victoria is thought of. Definitely a do again if we get back to Edmond!

Mark A.

We placed an order to go for dinner on Saturday, 6/12 using a buy one get one coupon for Shrimp Scampi. Everything was excellent! The salad, pasta and of course their bread were all as good as we've had in the OKC area. We'll definitely be back soon!

Travis H.

This place was horrible. Authentic Italian food...yeah right. The garlic bread didn't have garlic. Who can mess up spaghetti? Moni can....The food lacked favor. So disappointed.

James Womack

Service and food were both awesome. And wife loved the bread

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