Neighborhood JAM

1054, 15124 Lleytons Ct #103, Edmond
(405) 242-4161

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Ryan R.

I have to simply inform the readers of this post that Neighborhood JAM is just downright special. In these trying times where some feel the need to sequester in privacy, you should make use of their curbside service or something like DoorDash. Now to get into the capabilities of this dining establishment, I can suggest that going with anything will please the most scrutinizing palette. Each dish is delightful, and artistically prepared to be lovingly consumed and thoroughly enjoyed. And I can attest to never having an off meal in the multiple years of dining here. Pre-COVID, the brick and mortar establishment was known as a first come, first serve breakfast haunt. Waiting in line for an hour was not uncommon. But if you venture out and dine in, it is worth that and more. This morning I consumed the "El Jefe", and recently I partook in consumption of "The Heap". They just have some of the most scrumptious breakfasts around. Oklahoma City is lucky to have such neat concepts such as this. Please support them and go try it out, you will not be disappointed!!!!

Brittany H.

Worth the wait! Food is incredible! Join the waitlist and go back to bed than then be there on time and the wait doesn't feel too bad!

Nina C.

Everything I have had here is phenomenal, highly recommend adding a specialty Jack to your order. So worth it!

Kurt S.

My new 'go to' breakfast spot. The Heap is the only way to go. Delicious food, attentive staff and fair pricing! What more can you expect.....

Donny N.

It's ok, twice I had scrambled eggs and ask for no runny eggs. The first time they took it back and brought more. Same way, I guess the cook doesn't understand no runny egg. Second time same thing, just left the eggs. I haven't been back. I would suggest Hatch , or Granny's Kitchen which are delicious.

Cathy M.

No matter what we try, the food is always delicious! Great variety of option, staff is pretty nice, especially the bar tenders!

Dee G.

Great brunch with the family. There were 4 of us. We got; Hot Jam Biscuit, El Jefe', The Heap and Back to the Basics and the biscuit basket. Drinks were Sam Elliot, Nitro Cold brew, orange Mimosa and Bloody Mary. Next time we'll probably skip the mimosa and bloody and get coffee. My hubs and son both loved their coffees. I'd skip the biscuits next time. There was a lot of food on each of our plates plus you can get a biscuit for your bread option. One star taken away due to the sausage patties not being cooked all the way through. They are pretty thick patties. But they needed another 3 minutes. Service was great. If you've never been, just be prepared to WAIT FOR HOURS. Also, it's SO loud in there! They really need awnings out front to shield the sun while waiting. We checked in with hostess, then sat in the car in the a/c and they texted us when our table was ready. Best advice I'd give is to plan ahead, hold a place in line on YELP! like 2 hours to 2-1/2 hour ahead of when you can be there or go super early. Food is great.

Jessica S.

Breakfast food is one of my favorites and this place did not disappoint! The wait can be long on the weekends so we typically grab it to go!

Becky Lair Evans

The food was delicious and different from other restaurants who serve breakfast. I had the Pineapple Bourbon Pancake, the Blueberry Pancake and the Cinnamon Pancake. They were all perfect for my taste. Our waiter Josh was friendly and attentive. I will definitely be back.

Lucinda Biehn

Soooo good! Classical breakfast choices with a twist of deliciousness accompanied with fresh unique dishes. When candied bacon is a table share choice you know it's about to be on!

Angel M

The food was amazing. We ordered the El Jefe breakfast (so good! will order again) and the trio pancakes, my favorite was the lemon poppy seed flavor. The staff is super nice and the seating is very comfortable. The only downside is that you must be prepared to wait, even with a reservation.

Keith Williams

I been here twice and I am never disappointed this time I got the El Jefe with scrambled eggs not poached and regular hollandaise sauce not the green chili one cause I don't do spicy. And I got the triple pay pancakes; Cinnamon roll, chocolate chip and bourbon pineapple. Ohhh it was all awesome ☺️??????

Nash Tharian

Sold food and unique Jams. The place is one of many in the city.First visit was much anticipated as it's been a few months since I wanted to try it.The restaurant layout at this location is awkward. The setup doesn't seem right with the bar by the front door, lockers attached to the back of the booth, and merch above the seving line ?Other than that the sevice was good the food came out on time based on volume, and the ambiance was ok.The drink pricing is a little ridiculous at 9 dollars a mimosa.Check out this chain if you haven't yet!

Keith W.

Great food is awesome and an unique combination of food fusion. I've been there twice and I have never been disappointed . I would highly recommended it.

Nicholas Jon Eubanks

great food and great service.

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