Oak City Pizza Co.

23 W 1st St Suite 140, Edmond
(405) 920-6218

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James Rucker

Had a really good veggie pizza. Nice crust coming out of the brick oven.

Renata Lair

Pizza was amazing!! We got the veggie and added Mikes Hot Honey ? also got the pesto, minus tomatoes for a picky eater. Can’t wait to go back and try some more of their creations!

Tina Burnett

I can not say enough good things about the PESTO pizza! The pesto sauce, sun-dried tomato’s, bacon and mozzarella is the best combination of ingredients on any pizza I have ever had. One thing that would make it better is baked garlic buds, but that’s wishful thinking!Can’t wait to visit the new stand alone Oak City Pizza restaurant!The pizza is the bomb!

Roger Graves

Solid wood fired pizza that probably wouldn’t win any awards in Italy but is really good for its location.

Veronica Thornton

The pesto pizza is *chefs kiss* absolutely delicious. The flavors compliment each other so well, especially with the homemade pesto. My Friday night go-to pizza order

Grayson S.

I usually love wood fired pizza, and the pizza wasn't terrible, but the toppings tasted cheap. The cheese was not good and the pepperonis were weird. The crust was really good though. The staff was really nice and worked efficiently, but I would say this pizza was just okay.


Great pizza, friendly staff. Crust is perfectly wood-fired, sauce was nice and tangy.Highly recommend

Joanna Copeland

Hands down the best gluten free crust pizza!! Normally I eat two gf pizzas(don't judge ?), however, this crust was so perfect that I was content after one! I'm visiting from Arizona (used to live here) and this place was worth the trip! They also have regular crust, but this gf is homemade! Thank you Matt for a good quality gf pizza!!

Judy S.

I'm pretty picky about margarita pizzas...but that was a delish pizza. With care and precision to cook it perfectly. Sometimes brick o en places let it char too much...this was PERFECT!

Jim D.

We ordered White Oak and Meat and both were fantastic! The service was excellent--very nice people--and because the oven runs about 800 degrees, the pizza was out to us relatively quickly. Also, the prices are not bad! We highly recommend this place if you are looking for some good pizza!

Peter V.

I always get a bit skeptical when ordering delivery from a wood fired pizza place. Ordered the Angry Bee with a side of garlic cheese bread. Delivery via DoorDash was easy and took a reasonable amount of time. I was really pleased to see the pizza and bread (on the same pizza crust) were both completely intact, hot and crispy. Both were well cooked with an excellent crust. Pizza sauce and toppings on the pizza were really nice. I enjoyed it so much, I ordered it again for lunch the following day. This time a pepperoni with onion and basil and a side of the hot honey sauce. It was perfect. Well done! Really happy I found these guys and will definitely be coming back on my next business trip.

Patrick “Oklamode”

Went over and above on customer service! And the pizza is AMAZING! The sauce is so good! Highly recommend this place!

Paul T.

Fantastic pizza joint in the new Edmond Rail yard which is a cool place on its own. Spoke with Matt, one of the owners, super nice guy, staff was friendly and of course the pizza was delicious. You can tell the by the taste that they use quality ingredients including their flour. The crust is flavorful and delicious. I got the meat 10". Highly recommend.

Cynthia B.

Let me preface this by saying I have never, in over five years, left a bad review of any place. I honestly don't know what to think of this. I placed a delivery order, through GrubHub. I waited until an hour after it was supposed to be here to call the pizza place to ask where it is. I was informed that it was made, given to the delivery driver, and once that happens, there's absolutely nothing they can do. They honestly did not care that the delivery driver hadn't delivered my pizza at all! I was never offered a refund, or even coupons! There was no sympathy whatsoever, and the person working there acted like it was no big deal, and that it happened every day. The only thing they did do was give me the delivery drivers phone number. I called the delivery driver, found out he had delivered to an office address, and left it there, without even contacting me. The delivery driver offered to go back to the office building, pick up my pizza from the ground, and deliver it to me, almost 2 hours late! He then gave me a sob story about how he had accidentally hit a police car earlier that day and has to pay $700 out of pocket. The delivery driver then said that he would have offered to pay for my pizza, and gone and gotten me a new one, but that he was low on cash. The driver went back to the office building, picked up my pizza from the ground, and then delivered it to me. When I contacted The GrubHub representative, he was rude and argumentative, and even had the gall to tell me that it was my fault because their location services didn't put in North in the address! I have never been treated so poorly!!! I have no idea if the pizza was worth the 20 bucks I paid!!!! I can't tell you how it tasted, but it was rather small for $20 of pizza, even artisan pizza

Chris Ninja (CNinja)

I had high hopes for Oak City Pizza. They were very busy. Ordered 3 pizzas carry out. The inner crust was very thin, soaked wet with oil and floppy. It was difficult to eat and didn't turn out well. I don't think I'll ever go back. Just my one experience,not necessarily representative of other's.

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