Panda Express

309 S Bryant Ave, Edmond
(405) 359-1396

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Kaya Shamara

I used to work at this location a little over a month ago for a year. the teriyaki chicken was undercooked on more than one occasion, allllwayyysss served food that had been sitting out on the steam table for far too long. we'd literally serve yall mushy food that had been sitting there for 45+ minutes.we'd wash the dining room tables/steam serving tables down with a rag that would be sitting in a dirty water bucket the entire day. handed out food on plates that had been dropped on the floor, we wouldn't wear gloves/hairnets. lots of cross-contamination. we got one free meal a day when I worked at panda, & I've never felt so sick eating the food of my own job before. The cooks don't wear gloves, & will go from texting on their phone to cooking your food. every cashier will ask for a donation, and every other worker will take your money and add a donation even if you say no just to meet the weekly donation quota, I could go on. this place is disgusting.

Karla Bedran

I can't see the shrimps on my bowl. Everyday the lady at the counter gave me less and less shrimps. The price still the same, the porridge is awful ?Food: 1/5

Marty Thomason

The workers would not stay caught up with you throw your food on the plate and turn around and start talking to somebody else when you weren't through with your order checked out no napkins no silverware no condiments running through like cattle

Better with Boost

Came in with a group at 915pm. 45 minutes till close and staff acted as if we inconvenienced them for everything. They were out of honey walnut shrimp so I told them I would wait for more to be made. They didn't like this. Guess they didn't want to make more of anything because options were sparce. Bad attitudes. Food was edible tho.

Kendall Wick

I love that at Panda Express. It's fast food but yet quality food and you can go in and see what's The freshest at the moment. This particular location always has amazing employees again five stars

Davien Cook

The associates Kaya and Cyrus were very helpful, had to wait quite a bit on food but it's alright. My family and I like panda.

Leslie Duran

Extremely rude employees! My daughter & I were served by an associate named Kaya. My daughter ordered “Impossible Orange Chicken”. The associate dished out the regular orange chicken. My daughter seeing this told her “I’m sorry, but it’s the impossible orange chicken, not the plain one”The associate did not verbally respond but sighed deeply, rolled her eyes and then violently threw the plate she was preparing at the trash can (missing and spilling the food all over the floor) she proceeded to glare silently as she dished out a new plate of food. The manager who watched and did not step in to diffuse this associates bad behavior is just as guilty in this scenario. I will not return to this location, and as a retail manager I will share this experience with my own employees as a training exercise of exactly how not to treat a polite customer!

maty w.

Had the absolute worst experience at this location tonight. My boyfriend was greeted right away and I was standing next to him. The gentleman working the counter spoke over me standing in front of him to yell at his friends who had just come in. He THEN asked them what THEY would like??? HIS FRIENDS SAID SHE IS TRYING TO ORDER! WTF! He THEN actually looks at me, does NOT apologize for the lack of awareness and fills my bowl halfway up. Fuck this place! Never going back!

Brian Thomas

Absolute nightmare of an experience. Huge order they refused to deliver even after charging a delivery fee on the website and the staff was incredibly rude when trying to ask to have the fee refunded. If your choice is between starving or ordering from here, choose the starving.

Issa Noriyasu

I ordered 3 bowls from there the order was supposed to be ready by 10:45am I showed up around 10:30 and went to check on my order but when I went to open the of the employees walked out and said due to staffing issues they weren't going to open till 11:30... I got my food an hour after it was supposed to be ready

Sean A.

I regularly eat at and take out from Panda in my hometown and while traveling. Typically pretty consistent. So, I have to say my recent visit to the Panda in Edmond OK (corner of Bryant Ave and Second St) was a first!! I pulled up at 9:25 (iPhone time) and went up to the door but it was locked. They're not supposed to close until 9:30 and all the lights were all on, and employees were moving around the restaurant. So I tried the other door and one the employees waved their arm as if to say "go away." Needless to say I was irritated and very hungry - so I wrote this review. Owner of this Panda needs some help with manager and employee training.

Latu Pauni

All my rice is crunchy, underneath what’s shown in the picture is just more crunchy pieces everywhere. There was a wait on chow mein why couldn’t the rice just be made fresh as well since i was going to wait for that anyway? We waited 5 min and when the chow mein was ready the employees helped new customers and made their plates first before finishing old orders. Didn’t make sense to me ??‍♂️ if you are scraping the bottom of the pan you can see, feel that it’s hard, if you don’t like hard rice why sell it???????

Dimples Media

3 years I’ve attempted to give this place a shot. It’s time corporate get involved and have a chat with whoever owns this place. If I ate this Panda for the first time, I’d never come back. Thankfully I’ve been a patron since 2003 and know better. Stay far away from this place!

Cari Carmona

No tea, Soggy broccoli, hard crusty chicken. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s been years of this. You shame Panda Express franchise.

Kendall L.

I love panda express!! but... this location.. absolutely terrible. that was some of the worst service I have ever experienced. I ordered and was completely ignored.. 7 people ordered after me and was serviced. the manager, Bryan, had no idea what he was doing and neither did any of the employees. y'all suck

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