Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

1225 E 2nd St, Edmond
(405) 844-4192

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Ryan Weaver

I write this after having eaten Caines for years. I love Raising Caines, the customer service and food are always good and you never have to wait very long.

Carla S.

They are frying 'em up right at this location! Simple, crunchy, thin breading..chicken super juicy and tender. Tenders especially good dipped in that addictive signature sauce of theirs. Just be prepared to salt those crinkle cut fries (and buy extra sauces to dip them in). Texas toast and Arnold Palmer also super yummy. Coleslaw is skippable (sub it for more fries!). Pro tip: you can subtract drinks from combos for better value, and sub sides to customize. Sometimes they will get part of an order wrong, but that's not a huge problem at this location. Dining room is large and clean. A/C is cranked up freezing cold, a problem compounded by those all metal chairs. Like every other location, they play that 90's pop music pretty loud, so if you want to chat SPEAK UP ;)...and enjoy!

Stephen Erichson

Consistent tasty fingers. The dipping sauce is extremely addictive.

John Teasley

normally a good place to eat, but they closed on a Sunday without at sign or anyway of telling anyone at the drive through

Alex Ortiz

Best chicken fingers you can get in a drive through & made fresh everytime

Bartholomew Clark

This is a very generous three stars. The attitudes of the employees were great. They were all very friendly, seemed knowledgeable and were happily energetic. The part where I get disappointed is with is the quality of the food. Everything was great but the chicken tasted old or refried. Being that it was after lunch I can understand that extra food was cooked and in an attempt to not be wasteful they just threw it back into the fryer. It was saturated in oil. The cleanliness of the restaurant was decent but was nothing to call home about. There is still work to be done there. Being that I just moved to Edmond I will be back but I hope I will have a better experience next time. Good employees but food and cleanliness that could use some work.


Really good food. Wish we had you in Wichita Ks.

Product Of Toast

They have the BEST chicken Tenders I have ever tasted.. ??‍♂️Their good‼️..but that's just ME.? I sometimes make a salad with them..??‍♂️..but again that's ME.?

Cyle M

Great chicken and their sauce is amazing! Great place to go with a simple menu to make decisions very easy.

Mandy G

Always quick, always friendly, always my teenager's favorite. If you have a teenager, they are Cainac for Cain's. Krinkle fries, nice bread on the chicken, garlic bread is decent, slaw is always traded for extra cain sauce or extra fries. Does anyone ever get one Cain's Sauce? Not my teenagers. I just wish my metabolism and body could afford to eat at Cain's.

Honeybadger CCTV TV

Food was fresh, delicious as always but both myself and my roommate got stomach aches and made several trips to the restroom. Never happened before and hopefully won't again because we both love Cane's!

Anthony Cooper

Wonderful service from the employees, especially Evelyn. The inside is always clean and welcoming with staff members that care for their customers. However, if you are unable to eat inside, especially due to covid restrictions, and lucky enough to have your order taken by Evelyn, you'll have a fun and creative greeting waiting to lift your spirits. Today's example: "Hi, welcome to Caines, with the fresh and crispy chicken! What combo are you pickin?" I'm not sure if I got the quote 100% accurate, but the greetings always make me feel like a welcome and valued customer.

Michael Wadzinski

Chicken fingers were juicy. Dining area isn't open, but you can order at the counter.

John L

Great food, poor customer service at the 1225 E 2nd St location in Edmond OK. We ordered the Caniac combo for lunch on April 6th and got home to find out they shorted us the texas toast in our combo. We came back the next day for lunch and they refused to give us the texas toast. Rare for a fast food joint to refuse to fix their own error.

Jenijo's Art-capades Online Gallery

This was my first time and I couldn't get enough. Amazing.

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Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

1225 E 2nd St, Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 844-4192