The Garage Burgers & Beer

601 S Bryant Ave #5737, Edmond
(405) 341-5801

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I’ve been to this location several times and today was the day that I decided I will never go back. While waiting on line to place my dine-in order my daughter and another member of our party went and got tables. While we were in line the two came to us in line and told us they were asked to leave the tables. When I asked the manager about this he said that he asked them to leave the tables. When I called and spoke to the manager he told me this was a normal business policy and acted like it wasn’t a big deal. This was extremely insulting and I will never go back to the garage period. Horrible customer service.

sharon mcbride

Ok, the food was great..BUT, the booth i sat in was filthy. Food and trash was stuffed between the wall and booth, it when I noticed greasy prints on table. Mind you, I was there about 230pm. 4 cars. I moved and asked for the manager. I told him what I saw and pointed out the edge of the booth that was wood was covered in dust and food crumbs. He told me he would get someone on it when more employees come in, he then went over and dusted his hand the food from the other side of the table onto the floor. My time there's and no one managed to clean the table. In this day this restaurant should be practicing better cleanliness. I won't be back to this location. Thank goodness for fb!


My to go order was trash. French fries and onion rings were cold when I got them in the car. It was sloppy and put together worse than McDonald's. Usually these are good but this location was way off tonight

Pri Cace

dirtiest place ive seen in a very long time. the manager didn't even care enough to clean when told, it was going to wait until more help came in.


It was ok. The fish and chips not so great; tasted like Sysco. The burger was ok. They did offer gluten-free buns which was very nice! Bartenders were super friendly and attentive!

Lisa Delargy Austin

Always great food!!! Love it they are open late!!

Christy D.

Decided to try out this place. My husband ordered The Green Chile One burger , I ordered the Baja fish tacos and one hamburger kids meal. Kids enjoyed their burger so did my husband. The fish tacos were tasteless. I gave them two stars bc they were ok with me exchanging the tacos. I told the cashier I'll just go with same burger as my husband, The Green Chile One. They delivered to our table a burger that was falling apart and was a completely different burger with blue cheese. Freddys out a burger together better than this place. I sent my husband to have them bring us the right burger. Second round they did bring the right burger.. but again it was messy!! All the toppings were falling out and the bun was soggy! Idk if the cook got upset that we sent back the tacos or what. Also my 4 year old told me her "ketchup tasted different" so I decided to try it.. the ketchup tasted fermented. And to top it off the bar waitress was standing vaping behind the bar in front of customers... Definitely won't be going back.

Catherine C.

The service was really good. The cashier and waiters were attentive and made sure we had everything we needed. However, my mom and I ordered the chicken fajita tacos. The chicken was dry, and the onions and peppers made the tortillas very soggy. So the food was not the best. My grand daughter had a hot dog and fries which she enjoyed very much. We will probably take a break from visiting for a while and hope the food improves. Thanks.

Tiffany Lilley

Great tasting burgers and friendly staff. Once you try the Egg-inator burger, I may have spelled this wrong, you won't be able to eat another burger without comparing it! So good...... It's even better with their full service bar!

Earl Biggs

Burgers looked good. Fish and chips not so much!

Ethan Fisher

Sticky finger is one of the best concepts for a burger I have ever tried. Giving five stars because the girls behind the bar always take special care of my and my coworker when we stop in after our own busy dinner shift. Also if you haven't tried the America shots you're missing out.


This is a good location. Great bartender, wait staff was prompt and friendly, and the food came out super quick.

Sarvesh Ramakrishnan

The burgers here are the best in the area! They give you a good sized burger for the price and it fills you up! Definitely worth a try!

Jon Burwell

I went with a large group and the staff handled it excellently. The food was great, and everyone was pleased. Overall a great experience.

Sandy Windsor

Great place for both adults and kids. Food is great.

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