The Heat Pizza (Still Humble Pie)

1319 S Broadway, Edmond
(405) 715-1818

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Katie Bounds

I'm not a big fan of pizza in general but my husband loves it, so I reluctantly agreed to try a new pizza place tonight and we drove over. Oh... my... goodness! Best pizza ever!! We both got small hand tossed pizzas, The Somaon and he had his custom made. The crust was so crispy and the cheese so gooey... absolutely delicious and we'll definitely be back!!

Emma Baird

5 stars is not enough. This place not only has phenomenal pizza, but they also have incredible service. The servers were so helpful and friendly!! I can’t wait to dine in again!!

Kim Gordon

Good Chicago style pizza. Got the Samoan, think the Supreme would have more flavor!

Matt H.

I love deep dish but I was hoping for more taste and cheese. Not bad but was hoping for more.

Nathan Cross

Best pizza in Oklahoma. Chicago or New York styles are fantastic and you can tell the owners love what they do.

Jan G.

I'm not from Chicago, but I've eaten pizza there, and yes, this was authentic Chicago style pizza. It took awhile for our supreme pizza to be made. Our server explained that, so we ordered some yummy cheese bread to nibble on while we waited. We only ordered one pizza because of the price. I was afraid the ten inch pizza might not be enough to feed the two of us. Need not have worried! It had a thick crust, which it needs to hold up all the sauce, meat, and cheese. It may have only been ten inches across, but it was three plus inches deep. Luckily, we only ate half of our cheese bread, so we could eat half the pizza before we were stuffed. Had the same meal the next day, warmed up in our microwave, and it was just as delicious! We will be back!

Jenn M.

On our most recent trip to Chicago, we went to Giordano's for deep dish and it was...well, really cheesy but, ultimately, mediocre pizza. It wasn't terrible, mind you, but it wasn't good either (memo to self: you know Lou Malnati's is the best touristy pizza place, stop trying new places). So after we got back home to OKC, my mind was fixated on deep dish; a do over for my stomach was needed. I wanted to make up for the brick of cheese that had setup shop at the end of my intestinal tract, so I convinced my wife that we needed to do another deep dish run at The Heat. And I'm glad I did because it hit almost every note on my pizza checklist. Crust. Check. Buttery, flaky, soft, with a crispy edge, all while maintaining the structural integrity of your slice. You won't need to use a fork and knife for this slice because it holds up well under pressure. It has an underside that's a bit heavy on the cornmeal but it didn't bother me enough. Cheese. Check. Good ratio of cheese. Not enough to actively slow down your arteries, but also not so little that you're not getting a thick cheese pull from each slice. Sauce. Check. Dude that sauce is so good. It has a great balance of sweetness, garlic, and herbs, and is layered on thick. The only thing I don't remember loving was the Italian Sausage. Not because it didn't taste good, but because I don't really remember seeing much of it in our pizza. We ordered a single topping pizza so I assumed we'd see a decent chunk of sausage in/around each slice but none of us eating ever really got that impression. No harm done, though, probably just an honest mistake. 10" deep dishes will feed 2-3 people, depending on how hungry you are. I think I only ate 2 slices and called it good. Like any other deep dish place, you should expect a wait time of 35-45 minutes because these things take time to cook. I've only ever ordered these pizzas to-go, and even then they travel really well. Overall, easy recommendation.

princetongirl1100 Be Yourself

06/25/20 different day so like I said before the hair thing just needs to be up there is only one person now with there hair not up she has long dark hair pretty tall and very skinny so I would tell her to put hair upOk the food was great but I found a piece of hair on the side of the pan. I've worked in a restraunt before for atleast 2 yrs. It's a health code that people should keep there hair up I've see 4 girls with there hair completely down just flying here or there and 1 girl with her hair up. You really supposed to keep your hair at all times working in a restraunt. I'm just looking out for yall cause in case a healthy code person comes in and see that.i dont want you guys written up for it. Other than that the food was fabulous.

Meghan Bretz

Service was excellent and they have Diet Dr. Pepper!

Jeffrey Taylor

This is a gem of a place. Not sure about the name change, but the money on the ceiling will give you something fun to look at while your pizza cooks.

Alex C.

Food and service was delicious. Very homey feeling going in and the staff was great at interacting and taking care of you. I had the deep dish Samoan add jalapeños and it was probably the best pizza I've had in a while! The crust was unique and the red sauce great. The "Death Star" meat ball was great too! Forgot to take a picture of the pizza

Brian Jowaisas

Came up to OKC to help my mom with trees after the ice storm. I got in late, and went to get pizza at like 9:30 or 10pm and even though it was closed, (covid hours) while we were checking the hours on the door, the owner came up and offered to open up and make us a pizza.She was so nice. The everything pizza was so good, my mouth is watering and it's literally months later. I'm not sure why I thought of it, but I decided to leave a review.She was really cool, the pizza was really good...we met the kids, had a very nice time.I think the restaurant business is hard. You can't please all of the people all of the time. But she was closed for the night then opened the restaurant for us...that's a business trying hard to make customers happy.Get pizza here, Edmond!!'ve got a better pizza restaurant here than we have down here in Houston.

James West

Great pizza. I have never been to Chicago, but this looks like authentic deep dish to me. It does take 30-40 mins to bake but it is worth it. They do also have hand tossed I'd you don't want to wait, and it is some of the best I have had in town.

Samuel Serpent

This place is a hidden gem. I have not had deep dish this good outside of Chicago. Nice bathrooms.

Jamie M.

I love this place. When my sister comes to town to visit, we always come here. It's worth the wait.

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The Heat Pizza (Still Humble Pie)

1319 S Broadway, Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 715-1818