421 S Broadway, Edmond
(405) 348-2871

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spencer basoco

@Whataburger your Edmond restaurants are terrible. The one specifically I'm referring too is off Broadway. For over 1 month they have not had shakes or one flavor only. No signs stating an issue. I really wanted a peach shake and once again I waited for nothing. Put up a sign at least!!!

Melissa Thomas

All of the food was cold. Do better.

Ed Stayer

I love Whataburger. They left Colorado many years ago. I was so happy to find one in Oklahoma City! Still as good as I remember it!

Brian Trice

Quick friendly and delicious. Milkshakes are good size for the price

John Gay

Meals were good flavor.The amount of sauce could be reduced. The staff was cordial the food was good. We will be back.


Broadway Blvd Edmond location excellent! Burger warm, fries hot, clean restaurant and very nice employees. Everything Whataburger is supposed to be.

Michael Chapa-Field

The staff here are always professional and super nice. The food has never been anything but fresh. We've never had a bad meal here.Keep up the good work.

Kristina Watson

Excellent every single time.. For that everyone of the workers deserve a raise especially now days. Thank you very much. Much love.

Mark Parkhurst

One of my favorite places to go for breakfast and lunch.

Katrina Loos

Their spicy chicken sandwich and fries was the perfect way to end a great Saturday night. The team was great, the food was fresh, and I really enjoyed coming here last night. Thank y'all so much for all that you do! :-D

Terry Manees

I am visiting from Florida and always have to get a Whataburger when I'm in Oklahoma. It's just as great this time as usual.

Keenan Barnes (ghost)

My main complaint is that the management wasn't very helpful and was bossing people around to do things during a rush hour instead of helping the employees.The food was pretty great though.

Grady E.

Went through the drivethru today. Wanted a soda for me and my sister. Got two large dr peppers. Get to the bank where she works. One of them had trash in it as pictured. I gave her the other one that didn't. Brought this one back to the location and showed them. They acted as if it wasn't an issue. I politely told them I am not drinking something that had trash in it. They eventually gave me a refund. Im not going back until this place is clean, and passes a health inspection. If that was in my drink, whats being cooked in the food?

Steve S.

I use the app to order curbside and it's much smoother than going through the drive thru. The drive thru has always been painfully slow for some reason, so I find myself coming here more often, thanks to the app. Not good for the diet though! Good food!

Robert Smith

I wasn’t able to get my food from the drive through because the line was too long for my lunch period. When I came back 5 hours later they remade my meal for me without charging me again. Hey, everyone makes mistakes! Good to see that at least one restaurant cares more for helping their customers than bleeding them dry. I’ll certainly be looking for a Whataburger first thing next time.

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