421 S Broadway, Edmond
(405) 348-2871

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Lonnie Cross

My favorite burger joint. The best chain place no doubt.

Dave Amos

My son from NJ wanted to get a WhataBurger, so we stopped. Uneventful really. Bun seemed stale, meat was typical fast food type - little taste, fries were thin and sad, but the toppings were fine.

James Patrick

I would like to say something nice and give some appreciation to this Whataburger on Broadway. We got a breakfast platter, medium coffee, and "biscuits and gravy". We MIS-HEARD what they said on drive-thru speaker, we thought they said $6.65, but the correct total was $8.65. We (the customer) underpaid them, and only realized it later. In other words WE "the customer" were wrong. But they gave us ALL our food and didn't get angry or anything. What I want to say is we hope the register girl, a pretty girl with braces, it was about 9:38pm Wednesday (today), we hope the register/drive-thru girl isn't punished because of our mistake. She was very kind, and we will come back to this Broadway location as a *REPEAT* customer, because of the kindness of the staff. God bless.

Mike IC

No problems with this location. They are actually not skimpy with food like a lot of Whataburgers I've visited. Orders taking correctly. They clean well. They are friendly.

dominic pham

I have always frequented this establishment and the food is always good. I had one issue and the food was cold but when I returned the manager Cameron apologized, was polite and corrected the mistake immediately.A good business and a good manager goes a long way and I am glad I can continue to frequent this Whataburger!

Justin Magee

Best location in the city. It's the staff that makes this place five-star. My son love eating Whataburger after baseball practices and often stop in and eat there. When we're on the go we also utilize the app to order food to pick up in the designated pick-up zones outside. The parking lot is incredibly small and jam packed, but that's not a reflection of the staff or eating experience.

Lydia Gates

My bacon cheese burger was good. But forgot to say no lettuce. Mustard stuck to lettuce. So had to get new mustard. Burger is big.. could only eat half. Onion rings were delicious. Friend had cranberry, chicken apple salad. Huge. Caveat...no crackers. One tub of dressing not enough to cover the entire salad. So we asked for more... Staff said one container dressing free..more costs. But have free mayonnaise. I was a bit disappointed after hearing others glowing reviews.

Chris H.

Came through last night order two meals only got one meal and part of the other meal. Even after it was read back to us. The guy at the window we couldn't hear him at all. We get to the window and he was kinda rude To top it off you guys weren't very busy

Josh W

Read all reviews and chose this WB over the one off I-35 Frontage. Glad I did, I was in drive through for less than 2 minutes, staff was friendly and food was good. Trust the reviews, this is a good WB! Visited around 8:30pm so they were still somewhat busy and still quick.

Jimmie Lewis

Staff was incredible and I love coming here for lunch since my job is not far away at all. But sometimes attention to detail is lost. Had a order missing items before and once I was given the wrong mobile order but any issues were quickly resloved respectfully. So nothing that would deter me from eating here again. But that attention to detail is all this place needs to jump over the hump especially for someone who might not immediately check the contents of their order.

Cameron Thomas

This is a good Whataburger. I am always amazed at the difference between this Whataburger and the one on I-35. The staff a friendly here. The quality of the product is better. It doesn't feel like you are getting skimped on the size/amount, and it is always fresh. Did I mention that they are always friendly here? If you want Whataburger in Edmond, don't go to the I-35 Whataburger, go to this location on Broadway.

Tea Ahuva

They have really great customer service and they are never slow even when they’re busy! And the food is always good and fresh! 10 star!

Christopher C.

My friends this is supposed to be a chocolate malt this is more or less sour milk when I call Whataburger and inform them of what I was served I am told that shakes and malts are basically the same thing which if you have any education whatsoever you know that it's not same The manager would not let me get a word in edgewise to the point that I literally just hung up on him just because I wasn't going to listen to his ignorance any longer it's an outright shame I can't get a decent malt in my own town and it's sad you can't train your staff to know the difference between the two much less make one that isn't rancid or sour I gave it one star and I would give it less than that if it would allow me to

Ayden h.

Forgot my drinks, the wait is always awful and the line was long and I already paid for them so I wasn't going to wait in line again, the manager proceeded to cuss me out when I knocked on the door to get the drinks

Michael Fister

I was there twice in the last 3 days. 1st day I went through the drive-thru which took 22 minutes from the time I ordered until I received my food. 2nd time (today) I decided to go into the lobby. It took 13 minutes to get an order of fries, which I had to ask why it was taking so long. The employees are lazy kids and don't apparently know that they are on the clock in the kitchen on their phones and moving as slow as a turtle. The lobby area was extremely dirty as well. This place did not use to be like this, so to the management I would suggest retraining your employees to move with a purpose! I will never do business there again!!! 1 ⭐️

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